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  1. anchor epiphyseal plate to the epiphyses of bone. Zone of proliferating cartilage. chondrocytes arranged like stacks of coins. undergo interstitial growth as they divide and secrete extraceullar matrix. divide to replace those that die at the daphyseal side. Zone of hypertrophic cartilage
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  3. Function of epiphyseal plates Older chondrocytes Found deeper in the epiphyseal plate enlarge and signal surounding matrix to calcify (hypertrophic zone) then die and disappear leaving long trabeculae (spicules) on the diaphysis side (calcification zone
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  6. Proliferation of cells in the epiphyseal plate promotes this type of bone growth. epiphyseal plate. a layer of hyaline cartilage that allows the diaphysis of the bone to grow in length. Other Quizlet sets. Ch.2 Life Skills. 14 terms. Mskristinayoung. Exam 3 Quizzes. 67 terms. nataliechristine1 PLUS. ADPR Test 3. 42 terms. telzuiq123user.

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Quizlet Chapter 6. Course:BS BIOLOGY (BSBIO) 1. 1. How does t h e. skele t on su ppor t t h e. body? W h at is t he. fu n ct ion of a lig amen t? S uppo rts th e body bot h insi de. and out si de. Li gamen ts ho l d. The Epiphyseal plate cont ains. cartilage used fo r pr oducing. bon e The epiphyseal plate is comprised of cartilage that reproduces rapidly to lengthen the bone, with the rate of new bone production outstripping the rate of bone destruction. This tendency for bone to grow quickly in children explains why they often heal more quickly from fractures than adults do The Epiphyseal Plate and Growth in Length of a Bone The power to increase the length of a bone is concentrated in the cartilaginous epiphyseal plates located near each end of the bone. These plates are situated between the shaft of the bone and the secondary ossification centers within the epiphyses

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This stretch of cartilage is called the epiphyseal plate. In the figure to the left one of the two plates is magnified. This plate is the region where the endochondral ossification process continues through the growth period of an individual, leading to the lengthwise growth of the long bone The epiphyseal plate (or epiphysial plate, physis, or growth plate) is a hyaline cartilage plate in the metaphysis at each end of a long bone.It is the part of a long bone where new bone growth takes place; that is, the whole bone is alive, with maintenance remodeling throughout its existing bone tissue, but the growth plate is the place where the long bone grows longer (adds length) An epiphyseal plate is an example of which type of joint: a. gomphosis b. symphysis c. synchondrosis d. fibrous. Types of Joints: Structurally, joints can be classified into three different types. What would be the physical sign that a bone Cannot continue longitudinal growth quizlet? What would be the physical sign that a bone CANNOT continue longitudinal growth? When the cartilage is replaced with bone and the plate closes, the bone has reached its maximum length. This is called the epiphyseal line

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The epiphyseal plate is also known as the growth plate and is the site for bone lengthening. Answer and Explanation: 1 Become a Study.com member to unlock this answer The epiphyseal plate is the region of growing hyaline cartilage that unites the diaphysis (shaft) of the bone to the epiphysis (end of the bone). Bone lengthening involves growth of the epiphyseal plate cartilage and its replacement by bone, which adds to the diaphysis. For many years during childhood growth, the rates of cartilage growth and.

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