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Jack steps off the elevator on the second floor and walks in the direction of room 217. He can see that the door is slightly ajar, and the skeleton key hangs from the door knob. Jack is suddenly irritated. He specifically told Danny to stay out of the guest rooms—all of them—and Jack will definitely be having a talk with him when things settle down Shining, The Easter Egg - Room 217. The page where Danny actually enters room 217 for the first time (King builds to this moment for a long time, its one of the more frightening passages in the book), is precisely on page 217. Scared the crap out of me the first time I read it. User Rating: 7.1. 7.1 /10 with 446 votes The Shining Jack Torrance Speech And A Night In Room 217 Of The Stanley Hotel. The Shining has so many memorable and dramatic monologues. There are probably more than a few frustrated writers that could relate to Jack Torrance played by the intense Jack Nicholson as he delivered a foul-mouthed, annoyed reaction to wife Wendy (Shelley Duvall.

Room 217 is the fifteenth song on the The Shining OST. For information on the room in the Overlook Hotel, please see Room 237 stanley hotel Stanley Hotel Shining Inspiration. In Stephen king's infamous horror book 'The Shining', the Stanley hotel room 237 is actually room 217.. He altered the room no's in his book as the hotel staff feared that no one would take room no. 217 if everyone would find about the room's being a breeding ground of paranormal events.. Though the book represented the events based on. The Notorious Room 217. The Stanley Hotel's most famous and requested room is without a doubt Room 217. It gained notoriety after famed horror writer, Stephen King, spent the night with his wife at the Stanley Hotel back in 1974. This night would forever change the image of the Hotel. Spending the night inside the Stanley Hotel's Room 217 About Press Copyright Contact us Creators Advertise Developers Terms Privacy Policy & Safety How YouTube works Test new features Press Copyright Contact us Creators.

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This video compares Stephen King's book The Shining and Stanley Kubrick's The Shining film using the lady in the bathtub sequence as the backdrop.I've chosen.. Mrs. Massey dies in Room 217 during the 1975 season, so she's the hotel's freshest death at the time the Torrances move in. She's the wife of a prominent New York lawyer, but is at the Overlook with a much younger man who is obviously in it for the money. When the young man abandons her one evening, she commits suicide in the bathroom of 217 I've been fascinated by the story of Stephen King's failure, which led him to a frightening night in room 217, which then led to the novel that put him on the map, The Shining. It's a beautiful and redemptive reminder to me that failure is a necessary part of the creative process

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Room 237, not to be confused with the documentary of the same name, was a room in the Overlook Hotel in The Shining. In the book it was called 217. 1 History 2 Reasons for Change 3 See also 4 Videos The room was inhabited in the past, by a Lorraine Massey who would usually seduce young bellboys who would visit her room. One time Danny Torrance visited this room after a ball strangely rolled. The room number 217 has been changed to 237. Timberline Lodge , located on Mount Hood in Oregon , was used for the exterior shots of the fictional Overlook Hotel. The Lodge requested that Kubrick not depict Room 217 (featured in the book) in The Shining , because future guests at the Lodge might be afraid to stay there, and a nonexistent room.

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The new film from Mike Flanagan (The Haunting of Hill House) is a canonical sequel to Stanley Kubrick's horror classic The Shining but also strives to remain as [] Room 217 or Room 237 The room number 217 has been changed to 237. Timberline Lodge , located on Mt. Hood in Oregon , was used for the exterior shots of the fictional Overlook Hotel. The Lodge requested that Kubrick not depict Room 217 (featured in the book) in The Shining, because future guests at the Lodge might be afraid to stay there, and a nonexistent room. One of them inhabits Room 217. The Shining's infamy has prompted a run of ghost sightings and perpetrated three myths about The Stanley, Page says. One, the hotel is open year-round, not just in.

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  1. A Stephen King Shining inspired bookmark. Stay in Room 217 if you dare. Sometimes human places, create inhuman monsters. ― Stephen King, The Shining Size 14.8 cm x 5.2 cm Printed on a 400gsm cream card Printed design on both sides UK -Shipping to the UK is free. However, this is not a signe
  2. Stephen and Tabitha King stayed in room 217 in 1974. Years later, after King's novel, The Shining, and its subsequent adaptation by director Stanley Kubrick, the hotel and their room, in particular, became very, very popular. Today, hotel staff report that room 217 must be booked months in advance
  3. Room 217 - where Stephen King dreamt up The Shining. King and his wife visited the property in 1974 and found themselves to be the only guests at the hotel prior to its winter closure. Perhaps it was the isolation or the haunting tales of the accident that spooked King, but after spending only one night in room 217 and having vivid nightmares.
  4. The room the Kings stayed in was 217 — which, of course, is the infamous room number he wrote into The Shining. Darren Leis / BuzzFeed The room was changed to 237 for the Kubrick movie, however
  5. The room he stayed in was Room 217, which is, to this day, the hotel's most-requested room. The Shining, was inspired by these events and the overall experience of being secluded in the grand resort hotel alone
  6. Stanley Hotel features a variety of rooms with high paranormal activity including the famous Stephen King Suite 217, the Ghost Hunters' favorite room 401, as well as 407, and 428. These are among our most-requested rooms, availability is limited
  7. ent in the novel, remains the Stanley's most requested accommodation. I can assure you, there is no woman in the bathtub, but that doesn't mean that the room isn't haunted

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Room 217 is the actual number of the suite where King and his wife Tabitha stayed on a visit to the Stanley in September of 1974. The couple were the only guests that night, as the following day. And if you want a little more of a Shining experience while you're there, Room 217 from the novel is the hotel's most requested room for guests. Timberline Lodge on Nov. 3, 2017 ( KATU News photo The success of The Shining sparked new interest in the hotel, and guests soon started flocking to Estes Park, all trying to check into room 217. Even now, that room is booked solid, and it's basically impossible to find it available on Halloween In 1974, famous horror writer Stephen King stayed the night in room 217. Interestingly, his stay at the Stanley had inspired him to write his famous horror novel The Shining. It is also the room where many guests report unexplained events believed to be caused by the spirit of a former Stanley Hotel housekeeper named Elizabeth Wilson

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However, the room from Stephen King's book depicts room 217 as the haunted room throughout the storyline. During the filming, Timberline Lodge asked Mr. Kubrik to use a fictitious room number so guests would not be too scared to stay in the actual room 217. You can reserve room 217 at the Timberline Lodge Can you stay in Room 217 at The Stanley Hotel? Stanley Hotel features a variety of rooms with high paranormal activity including the famous Stephen King Suite 217, the Ghost Hunters' favorite room 401, as well as 407, and 428. These are among our most-requested rooms, availability is limited. Is the maze in The Shining real

Stanley Hotel Outside Room 217, Estes Park, CO. The Stanley Hotel's Room 217 is one of the most popular rooms in the hotel, after all, the ghost of Mrs. Wilson will keep your clothes nice and tidy. Four presidents and Stephen King were among the many prominent guests who stayed in that room King wandered the maze-like hallways, drank at the bar and stayed in room 217 (Kubrick changed the room number to 237 for the film). The bar at the Stanley has the largest whiskey selection in. What King experienced that night was so vividly unsettling, that he had outlined the entirety of The Shining by morning. Here is a quick look at the most terrifying details of the place we'll explore tonight: [*] While filming Dumb and Dumber, Jim Carrey requested room 217 but checked out after just three hours. He refuses to talk about what. The 217 Room Number SHINING inspired keytag (Buy by 12/20 get it by Christmas) Go to cart. Red with gold printed THE SHINING inspired OVERLOOK '237' Hotel Keytag $ 6.99. White Gold 'gothic style' THE SHINING inspired Overlook Hotel Keytag // Ships 1/4/18 $ 4.99. On Sale!. What room in the Shining Cannot be entered? In the Stephen King novel on which Kubrick's film is based, the mysterious room is actually 217. Lore has it that Kubrick changed it so that people wouldn't be afraid to stay in the real room 217 at the Timberline Lodge in Oregon, which was used for hotel exteriors in the film

Outside Stephen King's Room - Room 217, Stanley Hotel - Estes Park, CO After their dinner, Tabitha returned to their room and King wandered the hallways of the empty hotel. The endless hallway, where Stephen King roamed and was inspired to write The Shining When Jack goes to investigate Room 217, Danny tells Wendy the Overlook can't hurt Jack because Jack doesn't have power. Danny's phrasing reveals he knows his own shine puts him in danger—a lesson he learns when the woman in 217 attacks him. Wendy doesn't accept Danny's assurances, responding, No, I don't believe that

Room 217 at the Stanley Hotel. All of these are fascinating tales. However, it was one specific event that may have opened the way for the numerous paranormal experiences that followed. It happened in Room 217 Stephen King's constant readers will remember that in The Shining book - and the 1997 TV miniseries adaptation that King penned himself - the Overlook's water-logged ghost actually inhabited Room 217. However, this was changed for Kubrick's film at the request of The Timberline Lodge in Oregon, which was used for exterior shots of the Overlook Hotel The room he stayed in was Room 217, which is, to this day, the hotel's most-requested room. The Shining was inspired by these events and the overall experience of being secluded in the grand resort hotel alone The Timberline Lodge, which was used for the exterior shots, requested that they not use the room 217, as it is in the book, fearing that nobody would want to stay there. Kubrick changed the.

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Danny is wearing an Apollo 11 sweater during key scenes. Also, Kubrick changed the room number from the book. It was 217. He changed it to 237. After seeing Room 237, The Shining seems less. the shining what happened in room 217. June 14, 2021 | No Comments.

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Jack's dream—which includes the body in Room 217, George, Danny, and Mark Torrance's cane—blends all the love and hate in Jack's past into a terrifying cocktail. He harbors resentment against George even now, and the dream can be read as a warning to Jack She survived with broken ankles, but to this day takes special care of room 217's guests, possibly even King, who stayed there just days before the near-deserted Stanley closed for the winter. King is said to have encountered a young child during his stay, though there were no children visiting at that time

Why Stephen King Is Utterly Wrong About 'Room 237'. For a great writer, Stephen King can be kind of an idiot. One of the subjects on which he is most frequently an idiot is Stanley Kubrick 's. When Stephen King wrote the original novel for The Shining —which was reworked by Kubrick for his screenplay adaptation—he based the haunted Overlook Hotel on the 140-room Stanley Hotel in. Room 217, for example, books up years in advance for Halloween weekend, when the hotel's annual costumed Shining Ball takes place, says Daniel Swanson, spokesman for Grand Heritage Hotel Group.

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After Danny goes into room 217 alone and is chased by the bloated corpse of Mrs. Massey, who died in that room, Danny is reduced to a catatonic state. Wendy and Jack grow increasingly worried about Danny's mental health and take him to see Dr. Edmond , a doctor in the nearby town of Sidewinder, before the snow closes in Sometimes you had to see. This was something he had found out at the Overlook, in a room on the second floor. Reaching with an arm that seemed too long, too stretchy, too boneless, he turned the knob and opened the door. The woman from Room 217 was there, as he had known she would be They have The Lodge, The Stanley Hotel, Aspire, and Residences at The Stanley. If you want one of the more haunted rooms, you'll want to look for the Spirited rooms, but plan to spend more on those. That will be room 217, 401, 407, and 428. You can book rooms here

King, it turned out, wasn't the only famous guest to stay in the room. The hotel, Andy explained, was used as a setting for Dumb and Dumber, and during filming, Jim Carrey stayed in 217. Fans of Stephen's King's novel, The Shining, or the movie of the same name starring Jack Nicholson will remember the Overlook Hotel where the action took place. The hotel which inspired King's novel and eventually became the location where the TV miniseries' hotel scenes were shot is the real Stanley Hotel in Estes Park, Colorado, and it popped up this week with a recent ghost. Kubrick Changed the Mysterious Room from 217 to 237 -- to Indicate Kubrick's Moon Landing Confession In the Stephen King novel on which Kubrick's film is based, the mysterious room is actually 217

On one night in 1973, Stephen King checked into room 217 of the Stanley Hotel in Estes Park, Colorado. Sixty-two years before he arrived, a housekeeper in the hotel was struck by lightning in the. Doctor Sleep, the sequel to The Shining, got its first trailer yesterday but what's so significant about the word Redrum. Yesterday we finally got our first glimpse of the movie Doctor Sleep.

Room 237 also provides a timely illustration of how far a story can stray from initial authorial intent.The Shining, the novel, is an exploration of the way alcoholism and rage can fracture a family.Kubrick spins it into a yarn that questions the effect on us of time and space. Viewers of the film extrapolate the story still further, until it serves their own intellectual pursuits, whether. The Shining Chapter 19. By Stephen King. Previous Next . Chapter 19. Outside 217. Danny is looking at the door of Room 217, remembering Halloran's warning. He thinks it looks like a totally normal door and is not impressed. He isn't quite sure why he's outside 217 In 1911, Room 217 was the Presidential Suite, said Jesse Freitas, the hotel's archivist: an L-shaped room that took up the space that now houses two rooms: 217 and 215. On the evening of June 25. The Shining: Directed by Stanley Kubrick. With Jack Nicholson, Shelley Duvall, Danny Lloyd, Scatman Crothers. A family heads to an isolated hotel for the winter where a sinister presence influences the father into violence, while his psychic son sees horrific forebodings from both past and future A night in the most terrifying hotel on Earth. It begins innocently enough: a frustrated writer takes his wife and son to an isolated hotel, looking for inspiration. Then things get very strange, very quickly. This, of course, is the premise of The Shining - the masterful horror film starring Jack Nicholson, released 35 years ago this month

This is new. Email to friends Share on Facebook - opens in a new window or tab Share on Twitter - opens in a new window or tab Share on Pinterest - opens in a new window or ta In the Timberline Lodge, where they filmed the exterior shots of the hotel, there was a room 217. The hotel managers were afraid that if they used 217 in the film, guests would be too afraid to stay in that room in the future. There was no Room 23..

That scene has always struck me as a bit weird. There's no denying Jack experienced what he did in room 237. And he most certainly was scared to death himself of what he experienced. But he flat out denies seeing anything in that room. It would al.. Room 217, the one in which King himself stayed and the one that is haunted in the novel (changed to 237 in Stanley Kubrick's film adaptation), remains extremely popular with guests who want The Shining hotel experience and is usually booked months in advance Room 217 Door Key Ring. 14.00. Room 217 is where Stephan King & his wife stayed when he was inspired to write the Shining. Quantity: Add To Cart The luxurious interior of Room 217, the most requested room within the hotel. It was Room 217 that Stephen King spent a terrifying, nightmare filled night that allowed him to conceive the outline for his best-selling horror story, The Shining. However, this particular room has more to its history that lends weight to its haunted reputation 10 Elizabeth Wilson Resides In Room #217 This is the most famous room in the entire hotel and for good reason. There was a maid named Elizabeth Wilson who was lighting the gas lamps in the rooms many years back, but room 217 had a gas leak that blew the room apart and flung her body a story down

[Room 237 in Kubrick's The Shining — changed from room 217 in Stephen King's novel — is thought to be a reference to the Holocaust by some theorists, since multiplying 2 x 3 x 7 equals 42. This, along with other 42s in the movie, is said to represent 1942, the year the Nazis carried out the Final Solution. It wasn't just a room number (217 in the novel becoming 237 in the film) that Stanley Kubrick altered, he changed almost every number mentioned in Stephen King's novel and added quite a few of his own - for no apparent reason. I saw The Shining in it's first theatrical run in 1980 and I've loved it ever since Supposedly King wrote most of THE SHINING in room 217. Unlike The Overlook which had been past its prime (although still had seasonal guests), the Stanley is a thriving hotel, made even more famous by its reputation for ghosts which while not the chilling variety of the Overlook still intrigue guests The first place I had to check out was, of course, the infamous Room 217 — the room Stephen King himself stayed in. Crystal Ro / BuzzFeed The backstory: Back in 1974, King and his wife Tabitha.

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He makes reference, for instance, to the Overlook's notorious Room 217, reclaiming those digits against Kubrick's petty, apparently randomized rebranding of Room 237. It's a futile. The Shining Bathroom.For educational purposes course on film techniques only. Kubricks bravura crossing of the line. 12242018 The bathtub in room 217 at The Stanley doesnt resemble that one in Kubricks bathroom but its a dead ringer for the claw-footed tub in both the TV miniseries and a well-reviewed opera made of Kubrick agreed to change the infamous room number from 217 to 237 (which does not exist) in the movie because the hotel was worried people would not want to stay in the room in the future. Ironically, room 217 is most often requested at Timberline Lodge, according to the hotel's website In 1974, master of horror Stephen King and his wife Tabitha spent just one night in Room 217 at the Stanley Hotel in Estes Park, Colo. By morning, his seminal 1977 novel The Shining was born Stanley Hotel, Estes Park, Colorado Inspiration for The Shining. This place is amazing in person. Next trip I will be going inside

Room 217 where Stephen King stayed. The famous Room 217 at the haunted Stanley Hotel in Estes Park, Colorado. The spirits aren't limited to adults. Tour guides say the ghost of a child with autism also roams the grounds and is known to play with the hair of guests Wendy goes to Danny's room to comfort the boy, as Jack, agitated, returns to his typewriter. Orchestral Interlude #4: Inside Room 217 (56:50) Danny returns to Room 217, this time with a key. He enters the room, where he finds a bathtub with a shower curtain The Stanley Hotel is, of course, best known as the inspiration for the Overlook Hotel in Stephen King's 1977 novel The Shining. and whatever the heck occupies room 217 of the Overlook.

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Fans of the novel may remember that some terrifying events are set in Room 217. However, at the request of the Timberline Lodge in Oregon (the exterior setting for the Overlook Hotel in the film. A peek into the famous Room 217 where King spent the night. King was generally disappointed with Kubrick's adaptation of his novel and in 1997, Stephen King wrote a teleplay and produced a three-part The Shining TV mini-series directed by Mick Garris, using the Stanley Hotel as a primary filming location. Today both the film and the mini-series are played on a loop on one channel at The. [Rooms 217 and 237 are probably room numbers mentioned directly from The Shining book and movie] However, the Mt. Washington Hotel is NOT the hotel featured in the movie, The Shining, (that is the Timberline Lodge at Mt. Hood in Oregon). The kitchen in this movie was based on The Stanley Hotel in Colorado (Stephen King's. Mark my words, Scully. Room 217 is haunted by a morally old fashioned ghost. I can feel it, Mulder told her, absolutely certain. He pushed open the lobby door, holding it open for his partner to walk through under his arm. Scully looked up at him, eyebrows raised in their signature 'you've got to be kidding me' fashion The door to Room 217 in The Stanley Hotel, Estes Park, Colorado. Stephen King stayed in this room the last day of the season, circa mid-1970s, and it inspired his haunted hotel novel, The Shining

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THE SHINING was the second Stephen King novel I ever read, Most of the scary scenes have been mentioned already and I agree that room 217 tops all but Danny getting stuck inside something outside under the snow (sorry, I don't have the book with me) was pretty damned scary and I also thought the moving topiary animal scenes were full of. More famously, the supernatural room in the book is room 217, but the Stanley Hotel, where the film was shot, asked that they use a non-existent room number so that future customers would be. The horror maestro, riding a wave of success with Carrie and Salem's Lot, came here end of season, snow clouds scudding across the sky as a nightmare waited for him in room 217.King dreamed of a. ABOUT TIMBERLINE LODGE. We provide exciting, family-friendly skiing, snowboarding and year-round recreation. We offer the best in historic lodging, fine dining, meaningful souvenirs and memorable experiences. We practice historic preservation and environmental stewardship. We provide a safe and warm family atmosphere One change from Stephen King's book that Kubrick saw fit to make was to change the number of the iconic room in the Overlook from Room 217 to Room 237. in The Shining. Weidner didn't stop. Kubrick said in interviews that the number change was purely because the Timberline Lodge Hotel, which the Overlook exteriors were based upon, has a room numbered 217 and they didn't want the film to scare future customers away from that room. Being that Timberline didn't have a room 237, Kubrick changed the 1 to a 3 and everybody was happy