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Step 2: Make Pattern. Using an old pillowcase as a guide, measure out the amount of fabric that you'll need, making sure to leave an extra 1 inch around the edges for the seams. Measure and cut out fabric. Ask Question Jul 24, 2018 - How to make a pillow case in 5 easy steps, Sew a pillow case, Make a pillow case. Sew a simple pillow case. Pillow case pattern and tutorial. Pinterest. Today. Explore. When autocomplete results are available use up and down arrows to review and enter to select. Touch device users, explore by touch or with swipe gestures

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Feb 20, 2019 - How to make a pillow case in 5 easy steps, Sew a pillow case, Make a pillow case. Sew a simple pillow case. Pillow case pattern and tutorial. Pinterest. Today. Explore. When autocomplete results are available use up and down arrows to review and enter to select. Touch device users, explore by touch or with swipe gestures To make a standard pillowcase, use a scissors or a rotary cutter to cut out a piece that is 45 x 36. If you're using a patterned fabric, take care to cut it so that the pattern is straight. 3. Fold the fabric in half. Fold it length-wise with the finished sides, or right sides, of the fabric together

5. Unfold your fabric and this is what it will look like. You will have a seam where the fabrics meet and a nice folded over edge on the end of your smaller fabric. At this point I like to iron the fabric again, making sure to iron at the seam so it is flat when you finish sewing the pillowcase How to Make a Pillowcase. Quick note: The measurements below are for a standard size pillowcase. If you want to make a queen or king size pillowcase instead, the measurement will vary slightly, but the adjustments will be minor. See below measurement suggestions in step one for different pillowcase sizes. 1. Cutting your fabric

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Fold the top of the bag in on itself approx 2.5 cm (1) and place the end of one strap where you want it to be. Then fold the bag end AND the strap over another 2.5 cm (1) and pin into place. Repeat for all 4 strap ends: Then machine stitch around the bag opening at both the top and bottom length of your fold In making the pillow pocket, repeat the process of sewing the blanket, but with no batting. Use the smaller squares for your pillow pocket. Make sure that the quilt's edges are lined up together before you start stitching. Step #4. Assemble the quillow. Start by laying the larger blanket on a flat surface and Pin the pillow pocket to the. Step 5 ~ Sew the Sides of the Pillow. You are on the last step to making your zippered pillow, the easiest one. Be sure that your zipper is OPEN! If you don't and you sew the remaining sides closed, it's really hard to get the zipper open. Trust me on this. With RIGHT sides together, pin the remaining 3 sides together and sew in a regular.

Step One: Begin by folding the 11″ wide pillowcase band in half lengthwise. Press. Pin the 40″ side to the right side of the 40″ side of the pillowcase. Finish this seam. I like to use a serger. If you don't have a serger just use a wide zig zag stitch on your sewing machine Giving sick kids a reason to smile...one pillowcase at a time. We made these instructional videos for ConKerr Cancer, a group that makes pillowcases for c..

So, are you ready to learn how to make a flannel shirt pillow cover in just 5 easy steps? You are going to love this one! 1. First, cut off the sleeves of the shirt along the seams. 2. Next, position your pillow inside of the shirt to determine the the placement of the pockets. You want the pockets centered on the front of your pillow 8. Trap the Raw Edges. Turn the pillowcase wrong side out; gently poke the corners. Press. Sew a ⅜ seam (or ½ if you prefer) on the same two sides you sewed in step 7. This will trap the raw edges inside and make a crisp finished edge. 9. Turn and Press. Flip the pillowcase right side out; gently poke the corners

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Method 1: No-Frills Pillowcase. This is by far the easiest and most straightforward method of sewing a pillowcase. All in all, it will take you about 5 minutes. Ten if you give yourself a couple text breaks in the process. Start with a yard of regular old 45 cotton quilting fabric. View in gallery Creating a new pillowcase is a fun and easy way to update your pillows. If you are new to sewing or have never sewn before making pillowcases is a great first project. Follow this step by step guide to start creating your new pillowcases Step 5: Sew both pieces of your Pillow Case Dress fabric together (i) Pin in place. Make sure you align the border/ main fabric seams - if these don't align, it will be most noticeable discrepancy on the dress. You can adjust any border unalignment in the next step. (ii) Sew. Step 6: Sew a hem on to your Pillow Case Dres Fold the pillowcase vertically in half (Figure 3) Cut armholes into the pillowcase. (Figure 4) By folding the case in half, you have now created two identical armholes. (Figure 5) The shape of the armholes should be like a J. For a smaller child, make the armholes 1.5in wide and 3in deep Stuffing like, for example, polyester fiberfill, fabric waste, pillow form, buckwheat hulls, and kapok. Sewing machine; Thread and needle; Board/paper Step #2. Preparing a pattern for your pillow. You will make a 30x35cm pillow, start by making a pattern. Make a circle using a glass to trace the bottom; you can also use any object to make a.

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  1. Watch our step by step video! Make 1, 2 or 6 of these to have extras in stock for birthday gifts! A new pillow with pillowcase has become my go-to gift for birthday parties. This year I made a bunch to send to nieces and nephews for Christmas! Go ahead and get a yard of fleece for each one. There will be a little left over
  2. How To Make A Pillow Cover - Pillows are an integral part of any bedroom. They are a perfect resting place for your head and provide vital pops of color. Pillows also make appearances in living rooms, dens, patios and any parts of the house that could use a little comfort and decor
  3. Steps: 1. I like to make pillow covers that can be removed for washing. Since virtually any type of fabric can be used to make a pillow cover, check the cleaning instructions on the end of the bolt of fabric before buying. If you intend to wash the pillow cover, you must preshrink the fabric and any trims. Many fabrics can be preshrunk using.
  4. Step 1: Cut Out Fabric Pieces. Step 2: Understanding the Process. Step 3: Assembling the Pieces. Step 4: Why It's Called a Burrito. Step 5: Side and Bottom Seams. Step 6: Finishing the Pillowcase. >>>Click the red button, and download the FREE PDF instructions <<<

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Step #5. Inserting the pillow form. For the last step, unbutton a button or two. Please grab the button placket, then reach through it. Position the cover right side out. Make sure the corners of the cover are in shape by poking them. Fix any wrinkles there are; you can do so by pressing it. Now, you can unbutton the remaining buttons Pillow Case Nightie Tutorial . 1) Fold the pillowcase in half lengthwise. 2) Start cutting 2 inches down from the top edge on the fold and cut an arch up to the corners of the pillowcase. Then measure down 5 inches from the corners and cut arm holes. You don't need a pattern, just cut two arches out Overlap the second short edge, wrong side facing out. Pin the long (unfinished) edges in place. Stitch along both sides, 1/2″ from the edge. Back stitch at the places where the short edges meet to add a little reinforcement. 5. Turn the cover. A throw pillow cover like an envelope is easy to put on and take off

Supplies to Make a Zippered Pillow Case. To make your own pillow case with a zipper, you'll need the following: Fabric: (You can buy amazing fabric online.Here are my 5 favorite online fabric sources.)It's best to use a home decor fabric because it is a bit thicker and holds its shape nicely How to Sew a Chenille Pillow: 5 Easy Steps. Here's a fun infographic we put together to help you create your own OOAK chenille pillow. Love the idea of a cozy chenille pillow for your special space, but don't have the desire (or time!) to create one yourself? Browse our selection of handcrafted chenille pillows and shams, or contact us for. The easiest and quickest way ever to make a pillow cover in just a few minutes! Learn how to sew an envelope pillow cover using one piece of fabric. Course Sewing. Keyword diy Pillow cover, envelope pillow cover, pillow cover. Prep Time 5 minutes. Cook Time 5 minutes. Total Time 10 minutes inches. This is for an 18 inch pillow form. If you are making a 16 inch pillow then cut a piece that is 19 inches X 43 inches. If you are making a 20 inch pillow then cut a piece of fabric that is 23 inches X 47 inches. 2. We are going to start by hemming both of the short sides (the ones that are 21 inches long). Lay the piece of fabric with. Then, when you exhale, breathe out for eight seconds. Make sure to squeeze your abdominal muscles near the end, so you exhale all the air. Breathe this way for five cycles. Start Today to Increase Lung Capacity. The best time to make a positive change is now, so after talking with your doctor, give these 5 easy tips a try

• How to make a Faux-Foliage Rug. Anatomy of a box pillow A box pillow is a simple design, whatever its shape: a top and bottom layer of fabric separated by a band, or boxing. The pillow's closure is housed in the boxing, and after you've decided on the type of closure, it's the first element to be constructed. To make the closure 1. With pillowcase still wrong side out, turn the hem under 1/4. Press. Turn hem under 3.5. Press and pin. Use a ruler to make sure the hem is an even 3.5 all the way around. The photo on the right features a different pillowcase, with the hem pressed and under. Notice that I lined up the hem side seam with the side seam of the pillowcase How To Make A Quilt - Easy Navigation. Step 1. Quilting Supplies You Will Need Step 2. Learning How To Quilt Starts With Planning Step 3. Buying Your Quilt Fabric Step 4. Prewashing Your Quilt Fabric Step 5. Cutting Your Quilt Blocks Step 6. Piecing Your Quilt Step 7. Quilt Backing Fabric and Quilt Batting Step 8. How To Baste A Quilt Step 9

If you use a pillowcase, keep the already sewn sides of the pillowcase as the sides of your dress and the open end of the pillowcase as the hem of the dress. Cut the top of the pillowcase and use it to construct the top of the dress as indicated in the below tutorial. If you are using regular fabric, follow all the steps in the below tutorial Tip: This pillowcase will fit a standard 20'' x 25'' pillow. You can easily adjust this tutorial to fit any size pillow. Simply cut pillowcase rectangles that are 1'' larger than the pillow you have on both sides (for example, if your pillow is 20'' x 30'', cut pillowcase rectangles that are 21'' x 31''

Step 5: Repeating steps. Repeat steps 1-4 to make as many tassels as you need for your pillow. Here we used a 16×16″ pillow case. We created 12 tassels (each spaced approximately 5″ apart). Step 6: Threading. Attach each tassel by threading a large needle with thread (here we used pearl thread), in a coordinating color, through the the. Step 4 Clip your corners, turn right side out and press. Step 5 Insert your pillow form and button it up! This is an easy way to make decorative pillows, too. If you go to Goodwill on 99 cent day, this becomes a really affordable project. Plus, they organize their clothes by color, which makes it easy to find shirts that match your fabric Step 7. Begin making the casing for your ribbon by folding the top (neck) edge of the pillowcase down by 1/4 inch. Iron to secure the crease. Fold each side of the fabric downward a second time, ensuring the fold is the width of your ribbon plus 1/4 inch, and then iron the second crease as well. Advertisement I'm 33 years old and I just purchased my own sewing machine. Not knowing how to use it, thread it, or anything for that matter, I had one thing in mind. I want to make a gazillion pillowcase dresses for my little girl, Eden, who just turned two. So after two hours of trying to put a bobbin in, I managed to make a simple pillowcase for my son How to make an envelope pillow cover without a pattern Cutting out the pieces of your pillow case. You don't need an envelope pillow cover pattern! It's all based on the size of the pillow you're covering, making this a super easy way to cover a pillow. Step 1: Cut the front side of your pillow cover the size of your pillow insert

Pillowcase Dress sewing step 3. 6. Take one more biastape with 1.5 width hardly at sew it on 1 inch away from the bottom biastape. we are doing this for fanciness. Pillowcase Dress sewing step 4. 7. Bottom part is complete here now, Match the one sideline and map them on each other. Pillowcase Dress sewing step 5. 8 Step-4. Make small notches along the curved edges and trim the straight edges to reduce the bulk at the seam. Turn the bib inside-out through the opening in the lower edge and press, tucking in the raw edges. Step-5. Topstitch around the neckline and around the edges of the bib to make it neat and crisp WATCH HOW TO MAKE JOLLOF RICE HERE! Delicious Nigerian Jollof Rice made in 5 Easy steps! Blend your tomatoes, red pepper, scotch bonnet peppers in a food processor or blender for about 45 seconds, make sure that everything is blended well. In a medium sized pot, heat your oil on medium-high heat Make your own apron in 5 steps and 15 minutes Tweet. My daughter needed a new apron for cooking. She'd grown out of her last one - and since both my girls seem to be growing fast I wanted to make something basic and simple, because no doubt they will grow again soon! So here's how to make a basic apron in just 5 steps and 15 minutes. You will need

So I would probably cut my fabric at 12.5″ by 16.5″ - with a half inch seam all the way around you should end up with a envelope pillow that is slightly smaller then your insert/pillow form - making for a nice full looking pillow. Make sure to allow enough overlap at the back - probably 4-5″ for a pillow that size Insert pillow form and pin the bottom edge of the pillow cover closed. Hand sew the pillow closed using the ladder stitch. My How To Hand-Sew A Pillow Closed post gives step-by-step instructions for how to do this step. I hope you've enjoyed my how to make a hand-sewn pillow tutorial today! If you have any questions, please let me know How to make a bug hotel in 5 easy steps. Create a haven for insects and bugs. By Lisa Walden. Jan 27, 2020 fotomem How to make a pillow fort. How to plant up a succulent trough Sep 1, 2015 - Learn how to make a flannel shirt pillow cover in just 5 easy steps at Sparkles of Sunshine. Grab a pillow and old flannel shirt and let's get started! Pinterest. Today. Explore. When autocomplete results are available use up and down arrows to review and enter to select. Touch device users, explore by touch or with swipe gestures

To make one, you would cut off the two top corners of the pillowcase, create a casing at the neckline for a ribbon, and that's it—an easy summer dress. Pillowcase dresses are designed to be a one size fits all dress since you can easily adjust the sizing by tightening or loosening the ribbon at the neckline Five Pain Free Ways to Make Buying a T-Shirt Quilt Easy. Sorority T-Shirt Quilt in 5 Easy Steps. Making a T-Shirt Pillow - Fast, Easy, & Fun. 4 Different Ways to Make a T-Shirt Quilt. Make Baby Onesie Quilt in 5 Easy Steps. How to Make Pillows in 3 Easy Steps. Best Grad Gifts under $100. Best Fabrics and Shirt Types for your t-shirt quil Learn how to sew a cozy pillow bed with this quick and easy sewing tutorial - a great beginner sewing project. Perfect for reading, lounging, sleepovers, and camping! Just an observation I made: in steps 5 and 6 you refer to the finished open edge as a seam. This is actually called the hem

How to Make an Easy DIY Pillow Cover. 1. Decide on the Size. I first decided what size to make my pillows. I had Euro inserts, which are 26 x 26 inches. And I wanted the pillows to be somewhat plump. So, I decided to cut the fabric at 26 x 26, so that after I sewed it all up, it would be a little smaller and the insert would fill it up. Make sure the iron is on the proper setting for the type of fabric. You won't see the longer ends when the pillow is finished, but you will see the shorter ends. So to make it look nice and professional, turn down the two shorter ends another 1/2 and iron flat Measure and cut out your fabric. When cutting your fabric, be sure the print/pattern is facing the way you'd like it to on the finished pillow. I did not add any extra fabric in my measurement for seam allowances. I made my pillow to be a finished 18 square. This will make the pillow extra fluffy, rather than having extra wiggle room inside With right sides together, sew right and left strips to the patchwork square. Press right seam to the right and left seam to the left. Repeat steps 2 to 7 for the other side of the pillow using the remaining squares and strips. With right sides together, sew front and back of pillow all around but leave a 3 opening in the bottom for turning

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  1. e your Budget. A bit of personal backstory here. Several years back I went to a store and purchased a mattress priced at $2500 which was not even the most expensive one there. During the first year or so it was perfect, and I felt rejuvenated, and I slept like a baby during that time
  2. Pillowcase dresses are fast and simple to make and originally were a great way to recycle a set of pretty pillowcases when one of the sets was lost. You can easily make this dress with an old pillowcase, but the trend now is to make the pillowcase style dresses with bright pretty fabrics
  3. Turn pillowcase right side up, and make sure the tinfoil is securely underneath your lettering. Using a little bit of fabric paint and a sponge brush, carefully dab paint onto pillow where the lettering used to be in the middle of the freezer paper
  4. Roman Toga Costume, Step 1: Make Toga. Invert pillowcase. Cut lines where shown. Seal cut edges of fabric to avoid fraying. To do so, melt edges over a flame. Do not put fabric in flame. Simply bring it close and watch it melt the edge. Edge will become slightly hardened and will not fray
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Slowly push the eggs from one side to the other, making sure all the uncooked eggs touch the skillet. The heat. Start over medium heat to melt the butter until foamy, then once you add in the eggs, reduce the heat to medium-low. If your pan is too hot, the eggs cook too fast, can brown, and dry out Step 1. Lay out your fabric on a work surface with the wrong side -- the side that will be on the inside of the pillow cover when it is finished -- facing down. With a tape measure, measure and mark with a fabric marker the following pieces: 1 square, 17 inches on each side; 2 rectangles, each 17-by-10 1/2-inches high

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  1. To make the envelope part, follow this simple formula: Take your pillow form dimensions and add 1″ to the length and 5″ to the width. Cut out a piece of fabric that is 19″ x 23″ (because the pillow form is 18″ x 18″ and 18 + 5 = 23). Cut the 19″ x 23″ Pillow Back in half so there are two pieces that are 19 x 11.5
  2. To make these pillows you can use the printable instructions found in HERE. It will give you step by step all the measurements and cutting instructions. Just follow them but stop after you get to step #2 and follow these next steps to create your sunflower then return to step #3 and finish up your pillow cover. How to Make your Sunflower: #1
  3. Steps: To start making the burrito, stack the fabrics in front of you as follows: Place the 9″ coordinating fabric right side up. Next, stack the 27″ (queen) or 33 (king) main fabric right side up, aligning the top raw edges. On top of that, place the folded accent strip, so that the raw edges are aligned with the top raw edges of.
  4. Find free patterns, tutorials, how-to videos, weekly sales, and more at ShopMartingale.com. More Pillowcase Patterns from Martingale Four-Patch Pillowcase from Four Patch Frolic Just Leaves Shams from Make Your Bed Pie in the Sky pillowcase from Simple Graces Best Friends Pillow Sham ePattern from Cool Girls Quil
  5. seam allowance toward the bias. Figure 5. 11. Understitch through all layers close to the seamline to make it easy to turn and press the casing. Turn in the excess at each end and press. Stitch 1/4 from the short folded ends and trim excess bias close to the stitching. Figure 6. 7. Fold the tube in half lengthwise with the upper raw edges.

Layer the scarf on top with the right side down. Stitch the pieces together around the outside edges to make a pillow cover with a hemmed opening in the back. Turn cover right side out and insert pillow form through opening in back. To add a flange, topstitch 2-1/2 inches from the outer edges. 18 of 18 Making a 10 Minute DIY Pillow Cover. I started out by cutting out just one single piece of fabric per pillow and quickly ironing it in these few key places. These were the measurements to make a 16″ pillow. Add a few inches accordingly for larger pillows Claire-Louise, renowned West End costumier who runs The ThriftyStitcher has kindly shared her 5 simple steps to making your own cushion. She's also giving 10% discount on all her classes (see end of blog for details). The following steps will make a 33 cm square cushion cover. You can adjust the pattern to any size you require STEP 2 On each side of the pillowcase, at the cut edge, draw armscyes (that is the dressmaker term for armhole). The shape is like a letter J with the top of the J at the cut edge of the pillowcase. For a small child, it should be about 3″ deep, for a larger child make it 4″ deep. STEP 3 Fold the two top edges 1/4″ to the inside and. Pillow: 11 1/2″w x 7 1/2″t. Pillowcase: 14 1/2″w x 9 1/2″t. Materials needed: 1/2 yard for main fabric. 1 fat quarter for accent fabric. 1 fat quarter of white fabric for pillow. poly-fil to stuff pillow. This pattern includes all of the instructions to make the pillow & case. The steps are illustrated with photos

Poster board. Needle and thread. Pen/pencil. Scissors. Hot glue gun, glue. Step 1: Draw a cactus onto the poster board. We are going to cut this out to use as our pattern to trace onto the fabric. *Keep in mind, that when the fabric is being sewn together, the sides of the cactus are going to be taken in a little bit Measure the fabric. Measure 10.5″ x 10.5″ plus a 1″ allowance, making the measurements 11.5″ x 11.5″ before marking it. 4. Fold, then cut the fabric. Fold the fabric using your markings as your guide, forming a triangular shape, then cut it. 5. Sew it. Fold all the four sides of your seam and make a straight stitch. That's it 5-step guide to delicious THC-infused coffee. 1. Break weed down into small pieces. 2. Heat three cups of water over medium heat on hob. Add butter or coconut oil when water is boiling 3. Sprinkle the crushed up cannabis and leave for 35 to 40 minutes. 4. Strain the mixture through a small hole sieve. 5 Step 2. Fixing the front and side panels to the top panel. Starting with the front panel, position it - right sides together - over the top panel, with the bottom seams and corners lined up exactly. Pin the two pieces together along the bottom seam. Make a small mark 2cm from each end and, using your 2cm seam allowance, sew between these. This Crazy Life Youtuber Amanda Paige shares the easiest way to get old mothball smell out of your clothes, furniture, and closets with product recommendations and more. In The Home. The Dos And Don'ts Of Cleaning Your Hardwood Floors. Learn the best (and the worst) way to clean hardwood floors to keep them in tip-top for a very long time

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Steps to Making an Office Slip Cover. I made one cover for the back and one cover for the seat. Each can be made using one of the pillowcases. Making the Cover for the Back. First measure the length and width of the back of the chair. Slip your pillowcase over the back of the chair to make sure it will cover 2. Cut your arm holes. Fold your pillowcase in half so that the side seams meet and the top cut edge is lined up. On the side with the seams ( not the center fold ), measure down 4 from the top corner and over 2 from the top corner. My lines are a little hard to see but look there by the 12 on the left and at 2 on top 3. Fold bottom half over to create a pleat. 4. Ensure there is a zig-zag shape along the sides. 5. Slide the fabric into hair ties and position to complement the dimensions of your face. 6. Pin inner layers to secure the fabric. (Ensure that the pin does not show on the outer and inner-most layers.

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  1. Make sure the sewn seam of the two back pieces overlap in the middle of the pillow. 5. Sew around the outer seam with a ½ seam allowance. 6. Turn the pillow sham right side out then stuff with the pillow insert. 7. Throw your new pillow on your sofa, lay down your weary head, and give the pillows a test nap
  2. How to Make a Mockup in 5 Easy Steps Step 1. The first step in learning how to create mockups is to go to Placeit.net and navigate to the Mockups tab. Select the type of product you're interested in.. Step 2. Click Upload Screenshot and select the image you want to place on the product. I used this image.. Step 3. Resize and crop the image to fit the format that the product requires
  3. These step-by-step directions are designed to save you the expense of purchasing new pillows when you just need a new cover. The envelope design of these pillow covers makes easy removable slipcovers for your throw pillows, and no need to find or install a zipper

A few months ago, I found a tutorial on Pinterest to make a pillowcase mattress. I just *had* to make one for Little Miss. It was a good tutorial, though I still managed to flub it up a bit. But I loved the end result so much, I knew these would make for perfect gifts Sew one stitch line the length of the piece of fabric, or as long as needed. Press to set the stitches. Trim the seam allowance down by several millimeters as dictated by your sewing pattern. Turn the fabric pieces inwards now, so that right sides are facing each other. Press along the stitched edge Sewing Instructions for the Tiered Pillowcase Dress Tutorial. Materials needed: Pattern (free pillowcase bodice pattern here) (add the pattern to your cart and check out <its free> and navigate back to this tutorial) *note, the bodice pattern goes up to size 16, but I have only provided the cut info for up to size 8 in the tiered version.Someday, I will figure out the dimensions needed and add. 6 Easy Steps for Making a Beautiful Bed It's probably cliche by now but making your bed first thing in the morning truly does get your day going in the right direction. I try to make mine as soon as I jump out of bed but if I'm rushing and unable to at that time, I always get it done before mid morning

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STEP 5: If you have excess fabric on the sides of your design, cut some of it away (but leave at least a 1″-1 1/2″ margin for where you will sew your pillow closed) Satin Heart Clip (with video) A sweetheart of a project it is very similar process t the satin flower clip. Get the free pattern and video tutorial here. Free Christmas Sewing Patterns. Santa Hat (with video) This festive holiday hat is simple to make and fun to wear. Comes in sizes baby to adult The fabric will overlap an inch or so. Make sure the raw edge is in the center of the pillow so it will be hidden when it's tied. Fold both ends of the fabric as shown in the picture. Some have had a hard time making this look neat. Think of wrapping a package and make the folds crisp to have a professional looking end result

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Almost finished! You'll need to make a fabric tie to feed through the casing. I don't have photos of this step but it's really simple! Cut a strip of fabric about 64 long and 2.5 wide. Fold in 1/4 along all four edges of the strip and press. Fold the fabric in half, wrong sides touching, and press. Sew along all 4 edges of the tie Take your cannabis and put it on your pillow case. do not stuff it inside the pillow case like you would a pillow, you want to lay it flat, pile the weed on there and make it into a bowl. Step 2: Hold your filled pillowcase over the 5 gallon bucket and pour the isopropyl into the pillowcase. **do not let the pillowcase sit in the isopropyl that.

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The mixture of colors on this custom wooden tablet stand makes it look better. As simple as this DIY tablet stand looks, the making process is quite time-consuming. Also, you would need woods like cherry, maple, and purple heart to make it. 5. Moveable DIY Tablet Stand A Handibag From A Pillowcase. Learn how to make a tote bag perfect for running errands in just 5 easy steps! Turn a simple pillow case with into a DIY tote bag with See more Continue reading: A Handibag From A Pillowcase

This diy envelope pillowcase (Easy To Sew + BEAUTIFUL!!) Back to our placemats. This pattern for placemat is super simple, in fact these diy placemats are probably the easiest home sewing project you could ever do (in addition to this pillow cover). I know I say that a lot these days, but really, trust me on this one. Super simple Thank you so much for this tutorial. My daughter-in-law asked me to make a dress from a precious old pillowcase that belonged to her grandmother. I wanted to make sure I could do it before I made the dress. Needless to say I will practice on an old pillowcase first. You made it look very easy to make. with your step-by-step tutorial Trim the excess from the corners and turn the pillow cover right side out. Press the edges well. Pin the hole closed, you will sew it shut in the next step, or when you sew the pillow to the quilt. Topstitch along the top (wide) edge of the pillow cover, 1/8″ or so from the edge Step 5: Add on throw pillows. For the best-looking bed, add additional throw pillows or shams. Feel free to mix and match here - this final step is all about appearance and preference

How to Make a Flannel Shirt Pillow in 5 Easy Steps6 Trendy DIY Pillows You Will Want to Make • Passion ShakeEasy Sewing Pattern Girls dress Pillowcase dress Beginner17 Clever and Useful Tips To Properly Fold Your Things AndHow To Make A Faux Quilted Pumpkin - Running With SistersEASY PEASANT BLOUSE PATTERN | FREE PATTERNS

Welcome to step 4 of our guide to making curtains. For those of you who have been following, please read on. On the other hand, if you have managed to land here from afar, you may want to check out Steps 1-3 to find out what we did first! Step 4: Cutting your fabric to the correct length. First, unfold your fabric on to a flat surface For example - if you have a 18x18 inch pillow form, cut your fabric 20x20 inches to account for the seam allowance. Having plaid fabric is a benefit in this project, since the lines on the fabric make getting your cuts straight pretty darn easy. Step 4 - Cut. It. Out (In my best Joey Gladstone from Full House impression Step 4: Spread Out the Duvet. Ralph Lauren bedding, Bedding, bedroom. Depending on your personal preference, you'll finish making your bed with a comforter, duvet, quilt, or other top bed covering. Spread out the duvet. Starting at the top of the bed, fold down the duvet into thirds across the end of the bed To sew the first two wedges together, make a little fabric sandwich with a piece of muslin, the first wedge right-side up, the next wedge right-side down, and another piece of muslin. Pin all four layers together along one side. 5. Sew the Wedges. Beginning at the wide end of the wedge shape, sew the layers together using a ¼ seam allowance