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To move WhatsApp to new iPhone: Step 1. Open WhatsApp on the old iPhone and go to Settings > Chat. Step 2 How to Transfer WhatsApp Messages Using iCloud The first method involves using iCloud to transfer your messages from one iPhone to another. First, you'll backup your WhatsApp on iCloud using your old iPhone and then restore them on your new iPhone. Here's how to do it Now is time to transfer WhatsApp messages to your new iPhone. Grab your new iPhone and let's get started: Ensure that your new iPhone is signed in to iCloud and that WhatsApp has permissions (as above). Install WhatsApp, from the App Store, on your new iPhone

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  1. With Dr.Fone - WhatsApp Transfer, you can backup and transfer iPhone WhatsApp messages and WhatsApp message attachments, export them to the computer or any other iPhone and restore the backup to the device. Dr.Fone - WhatsApp Transfer Transfer WhatsApp Messages from iPhone to Android/iPhone
  2. Step 1 Launch WhatsApp app on your iPhone and navigate to Settings at WhatsApp from your old device, click Chat settings, then click Email chat from the showing list. Step 2 Choose the WhatsApp history that you want to transfer. A window will pop out says that Attaching Media will generate a larger email message
  3. Step 1. Go to the WhatsApp on your iPhone. Step 2. Tap the individual or group that contains the messages you want to transfer
  4. Step 1. Open WhatsApp on iPhone, and go to Settings > Chat Settings > (Chat History) > Email Chat. Step 2. Choose the WhatsApp chats you intend to move from iPhone to Android phone
  5. By simply backing up the WhatsApp messages on your Android device [go to Settings > Chats > Chat Backup to do this], you can always restore the backup to your iPhone using a secure third-party WhatsApp transfer tool. With that said, the 3 effective ways you can restore your WhatsApp chat history to your new iPhone are
  6. you can also transfer WhatsApp from iPhone to iPhone with AnyTrans easily´╝Ü Step 1. Connect your two iPhones > Click Social Messages Manager > Choose WhatsApp to Device > Click Transfer Now. Choose WhatsApp to Devic

Click Start Transfer button to start transferring WhatsApp chats between two devices. Withinn just a few clicks, you can handily transfer all your WhatsApp data like chats, messages, images, and more to new Android phone. Part 3. FAQs of How to Transfer WhatsApp to New Android Phon If you have bought a new iOS device and wish to transfer your WhatsApp data to the new device then there are two steps to this procedure. Storing your data to the cloud and then retrieving it to the new device. If you have already backed up your data, you can skip straight ahead to the 'Restore backed up data' section Here's how to transfer WhatsApp from iPhone to new iPhone with one click: Step 1. Get AppTrans installed on your computer > Go to App Transfer > Choose Transfer to Phone. Choose Transfer to Phon 1. Open WhatsApp on your Android. This is a free method that WhatsApp considers as the official method to transferring your data from Android to iPhone. With this method, you'll only be able to transfer the last 40,000 messages (10,000 if there are media files). You'll also have to do this one chat at a time

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Open the old Android phone on your computer, and locate the WhatsApp or the database where the backup files are located. Copy the files from your computer and transfer it to the databases or WhatsApp of your new Android system. Run WhatsApp on your new Android phone. Ensure that they are the same phone number Firstly, launch the MobileTrans on your PC and select the WhatsApp Transfer feature from its home. Also, connect your Android and iOS device to the computer. Now, from the sidebar, select the WhatsApp feature and choose to Transfer WhatsApp Messages from the provided options Once you do the backup, make sure to uninstall WhatsApp from your Samsung device. Next, download WhatsApp on your iPhone and log into it; you should see a popup window message that asks you if you want to load all your backups on the new device. If you confirm on this step, all your data will be updated on the iPhone

Want to transfer whatsapp chats from Android to iPhone? //bit.ly/2ILuMx5Watch... Want to transfer whatsapp chats from Android to iPhone? We explore 2 free methods for you in this video. To transfer your WhatsApp to the new iPhone without erasing the existing data, choose the Custom restore option from the main menu. To choose the backup you just did, click on the pencil icon. Select the backup that contains the WhatsApp messages and click Next. Stand by while the program prepares the backup. Now it's WhatsApp time For iPhone users, WhatsApp offers a build-in chat history migration method, Apple's iCloud. But it's not a direct WhatsApp messages transfer, you need to backup the chat history to iCloud, then restore it from iCloud to your new device

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how to transfer whatsapp on a different device backing up all chats and not losing a single messagehow to transfer whatsapp messages| move whatsapp to new ph.. Luckily, it's not hard to transfer messages to a new iPhone, if you know what to do. The instructions in this article apply only to Apple's Messages texting app that comes pre-installed on the iPhone. It does not cover third-party texting apps, such as WhatsApp. You must be running iOS 11.4 and newer,. The software will show you all your WhatsApp chat messages, with media attachments. Step 3 Transfer WhatsApp Messages and Media from Android to iPhone X/8/7 . Select the first device (source) from the devices list on the left, then on the toolbar click on Transfer Messages from iPhone to iPhone button First of all, go to your device's Settings in WhatsApp from your iPhone, tap on Chat Settings, then hit Email chat from the list. Select the WhatsApp history that you would like to transfer. A window will pop up saying Attaching Media will generate a larger email message

#2: Transfer WhatsApp Using Email. Here, you will find the way to switch WhatsApp from Android to iPhone by exporting the entire chat history of the contacts in Email.. Follow the steps below to shift WhatsApp data using Email: Open WhatsApp on your Android device.; Click on the three vertical dots located on the top right corner of the screen.; Select the Settings option from the menu Transfer WA Business Messages, Photo, Contacts, Attachment Between iOS & Android. Backup & Restore WA Business Chats from iOS/Android to PC/Mac. Support 6000+ Device Step 3. Tap Email Conversation on the chat settings. A pop-up will ask if you want to attach media. Enter the sender's email address and start to transfer WhatsApp messages to new iPhone. Tap Done to send the conversation. When you log into the email account on new iPhone, you can get the transferred WhatsApp data WhatsApp is the most commonly used instant messaging service in various parts of the world, including India. If you are upgrading from an old iPhone to a new iPhone, you can effortlessly transfer all the data, including apps, call logs, messages, images, and videos using our easy-to-follow data transfer guide.However, WhatsApp messages, images, and videos don't get backed up automatically WhatsApp does not store messages and files transferred on its servers, this means that your conversation history is only stored in the memory of your phone and, if you have it configured, in the backups.Therefore, if you change your phone and do not make a transfer of your chats history when you open your WhatsApp session with your number on the new device you can only see the groups in which.

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When upgrading or switching to a new iPhone, data transfer could be a risky, time- and bandwidth-consuming task. But there is a neat and secure solution to the issue. PhoneTrans could quickly transfer everything, including WhatsApp messages & contacts, from an old phone to the new iPhone in a click Transfer WhatsApp Backup from Google Drive to iCloud; Delete WhatsApp on Android Phone; Restore WhatsApp on iPhone Using the Backup File; If you are switching from Android to iPhone with a New Phone Number, the first step is to change your WhatsApp Phone Number On Android Phone and then follow the steps to transfer WhatsApp Messages from. Transfer Whatsapp Messages Between Phones - iPhone/Android One of the best ways to transfer WhatsApp data between devices is to use a third-party WhatsApp transfer tool. While there are many in the market to choose from, only one guarantees that you safely and easily move all types of data including WhatsApp data between devices regardless of. You'll now see that your old message conversations are accessible within the Messages app on your new iPhone! Transfer messages to a new iPhone using iTunes or Finder. If you prefer to use iTunes, or you are unable to make use of a Wi-Fi connection, you can transfer your messages from iPhone to iPhone using an iTunes backup instead Here's how to transfer WhatsApp data from one iPhone to another: Extract WhatsApp data from the source device: Download and install iMazing. Launch the app, and connect your device to your Mac or PC.; Select your device in iMazing's sidebar, then click Manage Apps.; Click on the Device tab to see the apps installed on this device. Scroll to find WhatsApp, select it and click the Back Up button

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Method-2: Steps to Transfer WhatsApp Messages From Android to iPhone Using Email. One more way to transfer WhatsApp Messages from Android to iPhone is by using email. Furthermore, this method tedious procedure because you can share only one chat at a time. The steps for WhatsApp transferring from android to new phone by Email chat is given here How to transfer WhatsApp Data from iPhone to iPhone. When you buy a new iPhone and want to transfer WhatsApp messages and files from old iPhone to new iPhone, it is crucial that your previous and valuable WhatsApp data should be transferred safely without losing any content. Here are some of the tested solutions that you can try Part 1. Transfer WhatsApp Messages from iPhone to Android with 1 Click. WhatsApp Transfer is a professional software for transferring WhatsApp data between iOS and Android. With all-around functions for managing your social app data, you can also use it to backup WhatsApp messages to computer, restore WhatsApp backup to Android/iPhone, backup your LINE/Viber/Kik/Wechat chat history on iOS easily Step 1: As the first method to transfer WhatsApp from Huawei to iPhone, we should free download EelPhone WhatsApp Transfer on our computer firstly, and launch it in the first time installed the transfer tool.Click on WhatsApp on the right corner on EelPhone. Step 2: From the main page of WhatsApp transfer, click on Backup to backup Huawei WhatsApp chat history

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Tap over the ' Restore Social App ' tab afterwards. Step 2.Click 'WhatsApp'. From the left panel, press the 'WhatsApp' over the following window. Now, you got to click over the 'Transfer WhatsApp messages' tab on the application interface. Step 3.Connect Samsung Galaxy Note 10 and iPhone to Computer Part 3. Export or transfer WhatsApp messages from iPhone to Computer as Text, PDF, HTML or Word file . Step 1: Export complete WhatsApp chat history from iPhone to computer. On the other hand, if you want to export your iPhone WhatsApp messages to a Text, PDF, HTML or Word file instead of a database that is just as simple

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Method 2: Exporting WhatsApp Information Through A Third-Party App. Using a third-party app, such as MobileTrans or iTransor for WhatsApp, is a convenient and fast way to export WhatsApp data from Google Drive to an iPhone.. Get iTransor For WhatsApp. If you transfer your data using these apps, it will be readable by the WhatsApp application on your iPhone, and you can interact with the chats. Part 2: Restore WhatsApp Backup of Android to iOS Devices. Firstly, connect your new iOS device to which you wish to transfer your WhatsApp chats. Now, click on Restore to device to start the restoring process. In the backup list, select the recent WhatsApp backup file, select it and click Next WhatsApp does not offer a method to easily transfer data from one device to another unless both the devices use the mobile application form of the communication platform. Here is a guide on how you can transfer WhatsApp messages from your Android device to your iPhone Transfer WhatsApp Chat History from iPhone to Android Using Backup; Part 1: Transfer WhatsApp Messages with Data Transfer Tool iOS WhatsApp Transfer is a useful iPhone/iPad WhatsApp data manager. You can back up WhatsApp data from iPhone and restore all conversations to the Android device within four steps. The process is so simple that even a. If you are currently an iPhone user and have decided to switch to an Android phone, then you probably would want to transfer your WhatsApp messages as well. To do the same, you can follow the steps given below and continue with your previous chats on your new phone

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WhatsApp is one of the most popular communication tools on the planet. But if you get a new phone and transfer your WhatsApp account to it, your old messages don't automatically come with you. Thankfully we're here to help We are not going to connect to cloud or use local computer to transfer whatsApp messages to your new device. I propose method three. V360 Pro Smart Watch with Siri Waterproof Support Whatsapp for iPhone Android Phones. How to Transfer WhatsApp Messages via SD Card. A) Backup your chat history. The first step is to backup your chat messages With it, you can transfer WhatsApp data, including messages, photos, videos, audios and more, from iPhone to PC. Furthermore, it supports taking a selective backup or saving all data at once, and restoring the data back to device with ease. PanFone WhatsApp Transfer can: Transfer WhatsApp between iPhone/iPad To transfer old chats to your new phone, you need to open WhatsApp on your old phone and tap on the three dots on the top right corner of the screen. - Go to Settings and then click on 'Chats'. - Click on 'Chats backup' next. Here you can pick whether you want to backup your chats manually or automatically (weekly, monthly etc)

How to Transfer WhatsApp Messages (preferably media too) from Android to iPhone (iPhone 11 Pro Max)? Hey guys, so I just got the new iPhone 11 Pro Max and leaving my Samsung Galaxy android behind. I already copied my data with the 'move to ios app,' but there seems to be no way to transfer my WhatsApp messages from android to my new iPhone Method 1: Transfer WhatsApp messages to a new phone. Follow these simple steps to transfer your WhatsApp data to a newly purchased phone or tablet: Plug in your phones and click Transfer WhatsApp. WhatsApp & WhatsApp Data Transfer. The act of transferring files sounds really hectic. Although, it works absolutely fine. If you have bought a new iPhone, it is better to transfer WhatsApp messages from Android to iPhone directly. Here, you will learn about some of the best ways to perform this hectic task in an easier way

If you have purchased a new iOS device and want to transfer all photos, videos, music, Phone messenger and WhatsApp messages, and everything from your old iPhone to your new iPhone, then AnyTrans can sort it out in a jiffy. AnyTrans is not just limited to transferring photos and videos. It is also a great Social messages manager Open the WhatsApp app on your iPhone and swipe left on the chat that you wish to export. Tap on More in the menu that appears. Select the Export Chat option. From the Share menu, choose the Mail. How to transfer WhatsApp messages from iPhone to Android. And of course such transfer is not erasing the data on the new device either, it will simply merge the WhatsApp chats together Step 1: Download iCareFone for WhatsApp Transfer and install it first. Step 2: Now connect your android and iPhone. Step 3: After confirming some of the popups showing on the screen, remember to. The company behind WhatsApp knows that people do change phones frequently and so they have made it easier for WhatsApp users to transfer WhatsApp data from Android to Android by using Google Drive, and from iPhone to iPhone by using iCloud, but it is still a big headache to transfer WhatsApp messages between Android and iPhone

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I had the same question last year. I researched and tried a lot but nothing came to use. The problem is that ios and android takes backups in icloud and google drive respectively. Both are different platforms and have their own methods of backing. So, as you can see, when we have some messages here, now, we are gonna have to use the export chat history function to transfer these messages. It is an option to export your chat history as an Email attachment. This process is simple. And with a few minutes, you are able to transfer WhatsApp messages easily

Restoring from Backup in New iPhone. When you are ready with the latest backup follow the below instructions on your new iPhone. Ensure you have taken the SIM from old phone and inserted in your new iPhone. Download and install WhatsApp from App Store. Login to WhatsApp with the same mobile number Transfer your account: Keep the WhatsApp Business app open and your phone turned on until the account transfer process is complete. While the transfer happens automatically, you might be prompted to restore from your backup. Tap Continue or Restore. Then, tap Next if prompted. 6 After Buy the Product and Download the Program, please follow the steps below to selectively transfer WhatsApp messages between iOS devices and Android devices. Part 1. Transfer iOS WhatsApp Messages to iOS/Android Devices; Part 2. Backup iOS WhatsApp Messages; Part 3. Restore WhatsApp Backup to iOS Devices; Part 4. Restore WhatsApp Backup to.

Let's say you want to transfer WhatsApp to new iPhone. You chose Transfer WhatsApp Messages, to which the software recognizes the connected iPhone as the destination while the old Android phone will be the source. If the pop-up shows incorrect source and destination devices, simply click the 'Flip' option and the tool will correct itself. It's time to transfer that WhatsApp backup to PC! Browse for a location on your PC to place the exported messages (or create a new folder). I prefer saving messages on my desktop so that I could find them easily later. Once selected, click OK. When the backup is finished, open this folder, and tap on Messages. Select the latest backup folder One of the biggest hassles of moving from an iPhone to an Android phone is the fact that you can't move your WhatsApp messages easily. As per a report by 9to5 Google, Android phones will soon. Make sure you have the WhatsApp messenger on both your Android and IPhone. Tap the WhatsApp tab. Connect the Andriod phone on the computer and enable USB debugging. Once recognized connect your IPhone and trust this computer. Once both devices are detected, go ahead and hit the transfer button. Then click Proceed Besides, from transferring WhatsApp messages, it can back up the messages and files from your phone to PC and restore the backup to the previous phone or new phone (iPhone or Samsung, Moto, LG, Google Pixel, OnePlus, Huawei). Download Win Download Mac. Here's how you can use Forecovery to transfer your WhatsApp messages from iPhone to Android

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Cross-platform transfer of WhatsApp & WhatsApp Bussiness chats This is one of the most beneficial perks of the program, because you can easily transfer the whole WhatsApp chat message history. Mobile phone manufacturers are evolving by the day, especially when it comes to moving android contacts to iPhone, and now, it's even possible to transfer phone records and text messages. Unfortunately, no mobile phone manufacturer has been able to provide a solution for moving WhatsApp conversations from Android devices to iPhone 2. Software will take some time to recognize your device. When you see your WhatsApp chats on the software interface click 'backup messages' button to transfer all the messages from your iPhone to your computer. 3. Now, insert the SIM on your OnePlus device, download the WhatsApp and verify your phone number. 4

And then transfer everything from photos, videos, contacts, messages, Safari bookmarks, Calendar, FaceTime, WhatsApp, Kik messages, etc., to the new iPhone. You don't need to connect your iPhone to PC or Mac to back up your data with iCloud Tap Transfer from [Device] to begin transferring your data from your previous iPhone or iPad to your new device. If you're using the wired method, the transfer icon indicates that your devices are connected. You can also choose whether to transfer some settings, such as Apple Pay and Siri, from your previous device to your new iPhone or iPad As already mentioned by Terry Lambert, there is no native/official way to copy your WhatsApp conversations from iPhone to a Samsung galaxy android device. Samsung developed a tool called 'Smart Switch' to transfer data from iOS device to a Samsung.. Get dr.fone - WhatsApp Transfer. #1 - Launch the Dr.Fone program on your computer, and connect both iPhone or Android phone as well as the Samsung Galaxy S8 to your computer using the appropriate USB cables. #2 - On the main menu of the program, Select WhatsApp Transfer Option and then click on the Transfer WhatsApp messages. Steps to transfer WhatsApp chats using local storage. One of the few challenges that a user faces when he/she switches or upgrades to a new smartphone is transferring the data, chats from the previous phone. The Facebook-owned messaging app is a widely used one and considered an essential one to communicate with the contacts. Therefore, we have.

Transfer WhatsApp messages to Telegram on Android Open a chat in WhatsApp and then tap the three vertical dots on the top right corner. Tap Export Chat > select Telegram in the Share menu The WhatsApp transfer, backup & restore is a part of iOS Toolkit - Restore Social App, which can help you transfer WhatsApp messages from iPhone/iPad/Android to Huawei Mate 30/30 Pro directly, and backup WhatsApp messages, images, videos and audio to PC/Mac in 1 click, after creating a backup files, you can easily to restore WhatsApp backup to new iPhone or Android phone WhatsApp backup iPhone to android is similar to PC. Can I transfer WhatsApp messages from iPhone to android? So, the means are basic, however, note that the current information on your new iPhone will be overwritten? Here are the means to move WhatsApp from iPhone to iPhone utilizing iTunes

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