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  1. Plegium Combo Pepper Spray with Built-in Alarm & Strobe Lights, Magnetic Keychain, 4-yr Battery Life, 10-Foot Range Visit the Plegium Store 4.5 out of 5 stars 111 rating
  2. 120dB Personal Alarm Key Chain Alarm: Activate and deactivate alarm with a single push button. Draw attention with the screeching loud 120dB alarm. Sleek, compact design (dimensions 3 x 1.5 x .5) Wear or carry TWO different ways with belt clip or keychain. Integrated LED flashlight - find a key slot with ease in the dark
  3. For added self defense we have inlcuded Powerful Keychain Pepper Spray that include hradcase for durability. Streetwise Black Lipstick Alarm Features: ⦁ Scare Off an Attacker and Summon Help: The 100dB alarm is loud enough to be heard by anyone nearby. ⦁ Easy to Operate: Simply lift the top to sound the alarm
  4. Pepper Sprays; Pepper Spray Holsters; Personal Alarms; Respiratory Masks; Home Security & Crime Deterrence. Door Alarms; Fire Safety & Prevention. Fire Fighting; Fire Prevention; Exclusive offers. Anti Mosquito Repellent Patches; Fire Safety Packages; Pepper Spray with 3-in-1 LED Keychain Flashlight Packages; Pepper Spray with Holster Package
  5. BUILT-IN KEYCHAIN CLIP - The Kuros! Personal Alarm has a built-in keychain clip making it ideal for when you're on-the-go. Clip it to your belt, bag or backpack & you're ready. Pair this alarm with your Mace Pepper Spray for maximum safety. MACE BRAND - Mace is Pepper Spray, but not all pepper spray is Mace Brand
  6. When seconds count, the quick release key chain provides immediate access to your pepper spray even when attached to keys in the ignition or door. The SABRE Key Chain Personal Alarm sounds an ear piercing 120db siren that can scare off and help deter an attacker by calling for the attention of people nearby

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  1. KUROS Pepper Spray. Housed in a durable case, this pepper spray and alarm combo attaches to your keychain so you can leave home with strong self defense by your side. • Features a molded, durable case. • Flip & grip trigger prevents accidental discharge. • Built-in keychain clip for fast and easy access. • OC pepper spray causes.
  2. BEST SELF DEFENSE WEAPONS FOR WOMEN OR MEN: The Key Chain Pepper Spray And Personal Alarm Safety Bundle Is A Great Combination for Safety, Alertness And Self-Defense. The Compact Personal Siren Alarm Flashlight Combo Fits On A Keychain Or Clips On A Strap. The Loud 120dB Siren Alerts others You Are In Need Of Help
  3. It can easily attach to your keychain or safely stashed away in your backpack, purse or pocket. A flip-top safety cap prevents accidents or misfires when stored in your pocket or bag. Image courtesy of Amazon. Buy: Mace Brand Self-Defense Pepper Spray $17.29. buy it. 7. Vigilant 130dB Personal Alarm
  4. Keychain Alarm Bulk with LED Flashlight Keychain, Keychain accessories CraftsGiftsMe 5 out of 5 stars (266) $ 5.00. Add to Favorites Faux Fur Wristlet Keychains / Faux Fur / Keychains / Pepper Spray Holder / Free Gift Wrapping GnometasticDesigns 5 out of 5 stars (12) $ 14.
  5. d! If your key is already in the car ignition, use the quick release to separate the spray from the keyring. It has a 10-foot range, so you can protect yourself at a distance, without having to leave the safety of your car. That is how the quick release keyring works
  6. The Keychain Alarm That I Trust Way More Than My Pepper Spray July 24, 2017 by Nicole Yi Just two weeks after moving to San Francisco, I was mugged in broad daylight down the street from my office.
  7. i spraying agent used in self-defense when feeling in danger Personal Alarm- Alerts your surroundings with a loud alarm and also includes a built in flashlight! Window breakers- a small hand tool designed to aid in the emergency extrication of occupants from a vehicle Puff bal

Made in the USA, the Sabre Red Key Pepper Spray offers police strength protection while preventing accidental discharge thanks to its maximum stopping power and finger grip technology to enhance aim and product retention. Image courtesy of Amazon. Buy: Sabre Red Key Case Pepper Spray $9.99. buy it. 2 These alarm keychains are easy to use and provide an excellent deterrent for would-be bad actors. Read full article Best Overall. Personal Alarm for Women, 10 Pack 140DB Emergency Self-Defense Security Alarm Keychain with LED Light for Women Kids and Elders. pepper spray keychain accessorie Attach your personal safety alarm to keys or a bag using the keychain for protection on-the-go. Family owned and operated for more than 45 years, SABRE is the #1 brand trusted by consumers worldwide for pepper spray and is a leader in developing safety programs and safety videos to maximize end users' safety

Product Overview. With the SABRE Mini Personal Keychain Alarm with Led Light, big sounds comes in small packages, giving you the ability to call for help in an emergency using one of the smallest personal alarms in the industry. Pulling the keychain out of the device activates a 120 dB alarm that is audible up to 1,240 feet (378 meters. About Keychain Pepper Spray. All of these Pepper Spray models include key case with handy built-in key ring.Low price guarantee! We offer the best price and largest selection of quality Pepper Spray including Fox Labs, Mace, Pepper Shot, Wildfire and new super hot Streetwise 17% Pepper Spray

Crochet Pepper Keychain, Italian Good Luck Gifts, Red Chilli Pepper Keyring, Hot Chili Pepper Charm, Cool Key Chain Decorations. Etilinki. 5 out of 5 stars. (223) $18.00 FREE shipping. Add to Favorites. Pepper spray first. Ask questions later. Keychain The Keychain Alarm with Light combines the two best deterrents against attacka 130db alarm and a flashing light. The alarm is activated when the pin attached to the keychain is pulled. Or by pressing the alarm button on the top of the unit. Can be used as a flashlight without activating the alarm to provide additional night time safety Personal Safety Alarms are easy to use and legal in all 50 states. These safety alarm keychains operate with just a simple push of a button and quickly alert all those around you of your need for assistance. Mace Brand Personal alarms are equipped with a built-in back up whistle. Batteries are included. Showing 1 - 16 of 16 products Personal Safety Kit Pepper Spray with Key Ring and Personal Alarm - Black Flip Top Pepper Gel is ideal for today's Flip Top Pepper Gel is ideal for today's active lifestyle. SABRE Red's pepper gel formula is safer than traditional pepper spray as it does not atomize in the air, o­ffering greater containment of the spray which means only the target or what it directly contacts will experience.

Pepper sprays might not be a handy device to be used in case of emergency because not every situation leaves time to hold the pepper spray and use it. And this is where the SLFORCE' safe personal alarm can emerge as a better, portable, and effective tool. It's carried as a key chain so it can be ready to use without wasting any precious time in. Personal alarms are an affordable, effective self defense product that, unlike pepper spray, is legal to carry and use in all 50 U.S. states. Personal safety alerts can be carried by men, women, teenagers, college students, children, senior citizens and just about anyone wanting to bring attention to an attack, emergency or other safety hazard.

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Check the price on Amazon. 6. SABRE Pepper Spray Key Ring. SABRE is the #1 trusted pepper spray brand that is used by law enforcement agencies and consumers worldwide, which makes it a must-have self-defense keychain for women. The bright pink durable plastic case is compact and has a comfortable molded finger grip Shop Pepper Spray, Stun Guns & More From DICK'S Sporting Goods. Protect yourself wherever you go with self-defense gear from DICK'S. Choose from a great selection of concealable pepper sprays, stun guns and personal alarms to keep you safe. More About Pepper Spray. Pepper spray is an aerosol substance used for self-defense The beauty of a personal alarm system. Say hello to SABRE personal alarms — another powerful safety option from the #1 brand of pepper spray worldwide. At SABRE, we're proud to say our alarms are the best personal alarms for women, children, and others available on the market today. Thanks to their compact size, high functionality and. The alarm is easily activated by the button on the front, while a different button on the back silences it. - Emits a powerful 130 dB alarm. - Built-in keychain clip makes it easy to carry. - Backup whistle built into the base of the alarm. View more

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  1. Self Defense Keychain Wristlet Pepper Spray Alarm New. $31.50 + shipping + shipping + shipping. Teddybear letter keychain, knuckle charm & puff ball. $12.00 + $2.00 shipping + $2.00 shipping + $2.00 shipping. BUY 1, GET 1 AT 20% OFF (add 2 to cart) See all eligible items and terms. Picture Information
  2. A self-defense keychain is one of the most important non-lethal weapons you can everyday carry (EDC). Stay protected with defensive keychain sets like cat shaped weapons, kubotan sticks, monkey fists, key fob disguised stun guns, personal panic alarms, keychain pepper sprays, and multi-tools
  3. Self Defense Keychain. Pretty & Practical! Paint Swirl Multi Pom. - .50oz Pepper Spray With Twist Lock Lid. - Alarm/Light Combo. - Kubaton/Window Breaker. - No Touch Door Opener/Bottle Opener/Stylus

The Original ~ Wild Kats & Dogs - HARD POLYMER - Self Defense Key-Chains ~ 22 Colors to Choose. $2.73 - $3.34. -. Quantity. +. Maximum quantity is 5. Select options View in Cart. ADD TO FAVORITES. - 9 % Secondly, having your children carry a keychain alarm is the surest way to get to them if they miss their way during camping vacation whenever they wander far into the bush. 4. Pepper Spray. Pepper spray as a nonlethal self-defense weapon has proven in recent times to be effective in keeping rapists at bay. This weapon is a must-buy if you have.

Manufacturers of Pepper Spray Alarm Systems. For all your home and business security needs call us now on 082 447 9544 or email sales@skunk.co.za. Pepper spray, also called OC spray or OC gas, is one the most popular self-defensive tools, and for good reason, it is effective in stopping hijackers, intruders and muggers Scares Off an Attacker with their Worst Enemy - Attention. Although rape alarms can not actually disable an attacker, if used in conjunction with a stun gun or pepper spray, you will greatly increase your chances of escape.. Personal safety and keychain alarms are small, lightweight, easy to carry and perfect for women, men, the elderly and children

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Self defense keychain includes: Wristlet Sanitizer holder, with reusable bottle Kubaton (self defense tool/ window breaker) Safety alarm/ LED light Pepper spray Pompom Shipping only available to the USA, excluding: AK, DC, HI, MA & NY. Read our FAQ, located in the footer, before purchasing How to turn off personal alarm keychain is easy- you can put the pin back in to reset it when testing or when you want to use it again. Most personal alarms come with a keyring attachment. You can use it to add the alarm to your purse or wallet, attach it inside your bag, or attach it to a bag strap This personal pepper spray fits on your keychain so you will always take it with you. It is a 1/2 ounce (15 grams) pepper spray with a Quick Key Release key chain and locking actuator. Effective up to 8 feet. Contains 5 one-second bursts. Keychain Pepper Spray. Pepper Shot Pepper Spray is made with 1.2% Major Capsaicinoids Pepper spray is a safe, non-lethal, effective and simple to use self defense weapon and is the gold standard for law enforcement and general self-defense experts. It works by releasing it's active ingredient known as capsaicin (also known as Oleoresin Capsicum, or OC for short), which swells the target's eyes shut for 30-45min, causes.

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Flipo Dual Switch Personal Palm Sized Alarm. Your Price: $12.95. Usually Ships Within 2 Business Days. Assure Alert Wireless Security Warning System. Your Price: $49.95. Now Available! Pepper Shot .5 oz Pepper Spray with Leatherette Rhinestone Holder - Available In Black & Pink Here are a few features to look for when shopping our inventory of pepper spray: Pepper spray keychains that attach to your purse, handbag or keys so it's always with you. Wide spray ranges of 8 to 10 feet for maximum effectiveness. Protective covers with finger grip dispensers for easy aiming The Mace Brands KUROS Pepper Spray and Personal Alarm Combo Kit contains safe, easy-to-use personal defense tools. With your alarm or pepper spray at hand, you can confidently move through your day. Plus, your purchase gives free pepper spray and training to at-risk women in developing countries. KUROS Pepper Spray is ready if and when you need it. Simply put your thumb under the safety cap.

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If you were to go out and individually buy pepper spray, an alarm and a strobe, you would easily spend over $40 and have to activate each separately. With the Plegium Genie Combo Pepper Spray , you activate all three functions with the press of a button and the cost is under $25 The Nap Alarm is not only designed for drivers, it is also perfect for people who need to be fully alert while on duty, for example, security guards, machine operators and even students while studying or where concentration is required. Makes a perfect gift. Uses three AG13 alkaline button cell batteries (included). Weight. 0.06 lbs

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Custom Emergency window breaker safety Key knife Ring Caliber defence Alarms Shell pepper spray keychain self defense keychain Ready to Ship $0.98-$5.50 / Piec Contact us. CoolCat Spy Gadgets ; 2055 E. Tropicana Ave #10 Las Vegas, NV 89119 Powered by ewebjelly.com Tel (702) 262-9313 ; Email coolcatspygadgets@yahoo.co 1. Police Preferred Personal Attack Alarm - Attack Safety Alarm Keyring Siren with Torch. 9.7. 9.2. 9.8. 2. Safehaus Personal Protection Spray and Anti Dog Theft Spray. 9.4

Perfect for non-keychain users desiring compact protection, this Compact Pepper Spray with Clip is designed for easy access. This extremely discreet model contains 35 bursts for protection against multiple threats. It provides protection at a safe distance with its impressive 10 ft. range in a powerful stream delivery to reduce wind blow back For the best in personal protection devices, shop J & L Defense Products. We are here to help you protect yourself with our self defense equipment Pepper spray causes a burning sensation in the eyes, nose, mouth, throat and skin. This can last up to 45 minutes or more. The eyes will likely swell shut for at least 15 minutes. Throat swelling causes a deep cough and can last from 3 to 15 minutes. Stream, forced cone, fogger, and foam are the four types of pepper spray This exclusive technology hides any visible prongs within the outer layer of the flashlight, completely concealing the stun gun and allowing the user to utilize their flashlight for daily use, with the ultimate element of surprise. Protected 4 Life Pepper spray replacement. In the event of use, we will replace your Guard Dog pepper spray with a. Two Finger Knuckle Self Defense Black Skull Keychain. The indestructible poly-resin body makes it light weight and easy to carry around with you as a key chain. Length: 3.23 inch Width: 2.6 inch. $0.96. 120. In Stock. 67540. Add To Cart. Add To Cart Add To Cart

The Mace Personal Alarm + Pocket Model Pepper Spray Combo includes the Mace Pocket Model Pepper Spray that can expel up to 20 bursts and has a 12 foot range, and the Mace Personal Alarm Keychain that emits a 130 dB shriek to draw attention to yourself in an emergency. The Mace Brand Pocket Pepper Spray model sprays in a stream pattern, has up. U Back Off's mission is to provide the best self defense pepper spray for you, your family, friends and loved ones at a competitive price. Our products range from pocket pepper sprays and keychain pepper sprays to dog repellents and are the hottest police strength pepper sprays on the market!. A Review offered by Officer JB, Nevada Bryan was very kind and understanding regarding my. Keychain pepper spray is the most popular style because this line is small, compact and enables you to carry it with you all the time. Wide variety of colors, sizes and different brands Find wholesale self defense & personal security products like pepper spray, flashlight stun gun, kubaton keychain, handcuffs, gun pouch and tonfa at DMA Inc. $150 MINIMUM IS REQUIRED FOR ALL WHOLESALE ORDERS, $250 FOR FIRST TIME ORDERS

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Some pepper spray canisters fit on a key chain or can be held in the user's closed hand while walking or jogging. A larger canister of pepper spray can be carried in a holster or hooked to a belt. Pepper spray for self-defense is derived from the same peppers you eat. A typical jalapeno pepper can have a rating of 2,500 to 8,000 Scoville. SABRE 3-IN-1 Pepper Spray: Check the current price. 11. Pepper spray keychain for absent-minded persons — SABRE Red Kuros! Pepper Spray - Police Strength - with Durable Aqua Key Case, Finger Grip, Quick Release Key Ring, 25 Bursts (Up to 5x Other Brands) & 10-Foot (3M) Range. The very same spray from the same manufacturer, but hidden in a.

SABRE Red Pepper Spray Key Chain - National Breast Cancer Foundation. $11.99. SABRE Campus Safety Defense Pepper Gel. $11.99. SABRE Red Pepper Spray Gel. $11.99. Mace Brand KeyGuard Pepper Spray. $9.99. Mace Brand Hot Pink Mini Pepper Spray. $14.99. SABRE NBCF Personal Safety Alarm Keychain. $9.99. Mace Brand Hot Pink Pocket Pepper Spray. $12. Home-Pepper Spray Pepper Spray Guard Dog Security offers a wide selection of pepper sprays. From pepper spray keychain options to our patented design Accufire, there is a solution available for all preferences.All products listed contain a maximum strength OC spray formula

3. Protec TIW FARB gel self defence spray with genuine belt pouch. By protec. 9.3. View Product. 9.3. 4. Personal Alarm, SLB 3 Pack Security Alarms Keychain with LED Flashlight, Police Approved. Sorry, we have detected unusual traffic from your network. Please slide to verify help hel We carry the best pepper spray brands at the lowest prices, including Mace, Guard Dog, Sabre, WildFire, StreetWise and Pepper Shot; all shipped within 24 hours! Free Shipping on orders over $45, and only a $3 Flat Fee Shipping charge on orders under $45 Pepper Spray Wholesale 1867 Caravan Trail Ste 105 Jacksonville, FL 32216. Call us toll free: (800) 859-556 The Sabre Red Pepper Gel spray (around $20) costs twice as much as Sabre's cheaper sprays, but it's still one of the most popular pepper sprays on the market. Part of its success comes down to a recent innovation in self-defense sprays: gel. Gel-based sprays are a liquid-based option that's heavier than traditional aerosol sprays

Its unique two-switch system allows the user to activate the safety alarm in the hope of scaring off an attacker, or to activate the safety alarm while spraying the attacker with pepper spray. Safe & Sound Spray™ is the added layer of protection that every college student needs to feel safe and be safe on campus. $25 per device Defense Divas® Pepper Shot 10% OC Rhinestone Bling Pepper Spray Self Defense. Sale price. $14.95. Quick view. Defense Divas® Streetwise 23% OC Super Strength Safari Fashion Model Pepper Sprays. Sale price. $16.95. Quick view Pepper spray is a more risky self-defense mechanism, but when used properly it can be incredibly effective. SABRE Red Pepper Spray offers free instructional videos to ensure proper use and boasts an effective range of up to 10 feet, all in a compact keychain. Users should be aware that pepper spray doesn't work on everyone, and a 10-foot. ARMADILLO DEFENSE Pepper Spray and Personal Alarm Key Chain Bundle (2 Pack)... Buy on Amazon: Best Pepper Gas Spray Reviews in 2021. Sale Bestseller No. 1. SABRE Defense Spray With Attachment Clip, 3-In-1 Formula Contains CS... PERSONAL PROTECTION YOU CAN TRUST: SABRE is the #1 pepper spray brand trusted by police. SABRE's professional OC Spray.

OUR PEPPER SPRAYS ARE FINALLY HERE!!! The perfect sized Keychain pepper spray that you can always keep on you in case of an emergency. -20ML. -Active range of spray approx 3m. -Hitting the attacker's face causes intensively sore eyes and coughing. The attacker is disoriented for approx. 30 minutes. Share Keychain pepper spray and panic alarm for on-the-go protection and door stop alarm for at home! % Streetwise™ 18 Keychain Pepper Spray & Stun Gun Bundle Pack $17.99 | / Burning pepper spray and powerful mini stun gun with keyrings for carrying in a purse or pocket!. Pepper spray effectively repels would-be attackers, non-lethal and easy to use. Key-chain pepper sprays attach to your house and or car keys assuring you always have personal protection with you whenever away from home. The options do vary including hard-case, soft case, the new Halo case with colors, sizes to meet anyone's needs. Filter Same stong formulas, in a tiny package. As an added bonus, these pepper spray key chains make it easy to find your keys! Why buy pepper spray from us? Lowest Prices, and a LIFETIME REPLACEMENT PROGRAM! Quick View. Pepper Spray. Pepper Spray with Quick Release Keychain. Rated 5.00 out of 5. $ 11.85 About Keychain Pepper Spray in Hard Shell. All of these Pepper Spray models include heavy-duty hard plastic key case with handy built-in key ring.Low price guarantee! We offer the best price and largest selection of quality Pepper Spray including Fox Labs, Mace, Pepper Shot, Wildfire and Sreetwise 17% Pepper Spray

Each pepper spray keychain is equipped with a safety lock to prevent misfires, provide immediate and easy access, and provide a long range stream that stops wind blowback. Our pepper sprays easily clip on and off of keychains and purses and were designed with women in mind. Though our pepper spray keychains are legal in all states to buy, own. The cute and stylish bling it on pepper spray is a must have in your self defense collection!It comes as a keychain for easy access and a glow in the dark twist cap for activation. Bling Design Exclusive design features rhinestone jewels to give your pepper spray the most stylish look Distance Defense Stay protected f Help call for attention and scare off attackers with this mini alarm. Activate instantly by pulling pin. ATTENTION-GRABBING: 110 dB alarm helps call for assistance in an emergency and helps deter attacker, audible up to 500 feet (150 m) away VERSATILE AND USER-FRIENDLY: This sleek, compact modern design keychain attaches to backpack, purse, or keys for convenient, instant access, plus greater. How to turn off personal alarm keychain is easy- you can put the pin back in to reset it when testing or when you want to use it again. Most personal alarms come with a keyring attachment. You can use it to add the alarm to your purse or wallet, attach it inside your bag, or attach it to a bag strap Find many great new & used options and get the best deals for Safety Keychain Wristlet Set W/ Personal Alarm, Pepper Spray & More at the best online prices at eBay! Free shipping for many products

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Pepper Spray & Personal Safety Alarms for EVERYDAY PROTECTION. KEYCHAIN COLLECTION Everyday Use - Keychain With Lanyard Comes In 10 different stylish designs. Pepper spray for your keychain, purse, belt, or visor. Comes with a quick release clasp and leather matching lanyard. LEARN MORE & SHOP This keychain could potentially save your life or one of your loved ones. INCLUDES: Wristlet + matching hand-sanitizer holder. Pepper Spray. 3-in-1 tool Seatbelt Cutter. LED light + safe sound personal alarm. Window Breaker (Kubotan) Whistle. Bottle Opener POM pepper spray is manufactured with their proprietary formula, POM Clear, which is a natural water-based formula refined to remove residual color and impurities with 10% OC and 2 million SHU. The result is one of the strongest and safest OC formulations on the market with 1.40% major capsaicinoids, and legal for civilian use in all 50 states 1/2 ounce pepper spray W/ Quick Key Release keychain 1/2 ounce (15 grams) pepper spray with Quick Key Release keychain and locking actuator. A good self-defense product for your personal security

#1 RATED PEPPER SPRAY KEYCHAIN FOR WOMEN FOR SELF DEFENSE. Personal Saver is a compact pepper spray, key chain holder made of soft, durable neoprene. The holder comes in stealth black or fashion pink for women. The Personal Saver includes an LED light that can be stored in the front pocket or on the key ring for a quick safety light source PepperShot Pepper Spray Keychain - 1/2oz. Pepper Shot is a 1.2% MC pepper spray rated at 2 million scoville heat units and made with a very fine grain that is more effective than the coarser grains of most other pepper sprays. In addition to causing an attacker pain, Pepper Shot swells the mucous membranes, which makes breathing difficult, and swells the veins in the eyes, causing the eyes. SABRE Pepper Spray 3-IN-1: Check the current price. 2. A Keychain Pepper Spray for Drivers — SABRE Red Kuros! - Police Strength - with Durable Aqua Key Case, Finger Grip, Quick Release Key Ring, 25 Bursts (Up to 5x Other Brands) & 10-Foot (3M) Range. This is the same spray made by the same manufacturer, but this product resembles a keychain

TASER® X26E Police Stun Gun w/ Targeting Laser & ExtendedPersonal Alarm with Key Ring | Keychain Alarm | SABREWholesale ARMADILLO DEFENSE Pepper Spray and Personal

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Keychain Pepper Sprays Pepper spray key chains continue to be one of the most popular self defense items that our customers buy over and over again. OC defense spray key chain products are small in size making them easier to carry in a pocket or purse and attach conveniently to any set of keys Curious about how to use a pepper spray? BlingSting pepper spray comes with a PRACTICE CANISTER for free. Check out BlingSting's tutorial, using our own prod.. Has a UV identifying dye to help aid in the identification of an attacker. Wildfire 1/2 oz. Pepper Spray has a range of 6-8 feet and comes with a leatherette holster. Each unit provides 6-10 one-second bursts and comes with a quick key release keychain, and safety lock. 4 ¼ x 1 ½ One of our most popular brands of pepper spray comes in this 1/2 ounce size with a leather holster and includes a keychain attachment. Available in 4 colors: black, blue, red, pink. Wildfire Pepper Spray for your Keychain. WILDFIRE® PEPPER SPRAY is hot! Lab tests have shown this is the hottest self defense spray on the market today Personal safety is something we all should take seriously. Whether it's walking down a dark street at night or fighting off grizzly bears on the trail, peppe..

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This pepper spray measures 180,000 Scoville Heat Units with a guaranteed heat rating, so you can use it to stop almost any assailant in their tracks. This item cannot be shipped 1-Day or 2-Day Service College Bundle: Pepper Shot 1/2 Oz 10% Blue Hard Case Pepper Spray and Key Chain Personal Alarm with Light - Lot of 2 as Shown. Pepper Spray Etc. Our belief is it takes more than one self defense product to keep you safe item 2 Mace Brand 80738 Personal Alarm Keychain (Black) 2 - Mace Brand 80738 Personal Alarm Keychain (Black) $33.38. Free shipping. POLICE MAGNUM 2 pepper spray 1/2oz keychain Holsters BLACK Self Defense Safety . $11.99. Trending at $13.99. 3 PACK Police Magnum pepper spray 3/4oz Safety Lock Defense Security Protection Here is a 3-in-1 self-defense device that helps you get out of dangerous situations. The U-Guard Mini Stun Gun, Pepper Spray Keychain delivers 20+m volts to get the job done. It also has a flashlight. It includes OC pepper spray and UV identifying dye

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2-in-1 Pepper Spray, Harm and Hammer, with Auto Glass Breaker, Pink Guard Dog Security, the worlds most innovative Guard Dog Security, the worlds most innovative personal security brand, presents the first and only self-defense and emergency survival tool in a keychain ready design, the Harm and Hammer. Packing a powerful duel combo punch, the Harm and Hammer utilizes red pepper spray with the. Wholesale Keychain Pepper Spray - Select 2021 high quality Wholesale Keychain Pepper Spray products in best price from certified Chinese Black Pepper Spray manufacturers, Pepper Spray Gun suppliers, wholesalers and factory on Made-in-China.co Product Title SABRE Safety Kit with Pepper Spray and Key Chain Personal Alarm, Black Average Rating: ( 4.7 ) out of 5 stars 38 ratings , based on 38 reviews Current Price $14.76 $ 14 . 76 List Price $17.87 $ 17 . 8 Mace Triple Action Pepper Spray. $17.99. SABRE Short Stun Gun + Flashlight Combo. $19.99. SABRE Red Mother Daughter Pepper Spray Combo. $19.99. SABRE 3-in-1 Stun Gun Safety Tool. $24.99. SABRE Red Safe Escape 3-in-1 Automotive Tool

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Bulk Pepper Spray - Case of 12 with Display WildFire 1.4% MC 1/2 oz Halo Holster and quick release keychain WildFire is the hottest on the market at 1.4% Major Capsaicinoids 10% OC (Oleoresin Capsicum) formula is non-toxic and non-flammable Contains up to 10 one-second shots Effective range up to 10 feet Canister is f Feel safer walking to your car, home, or another destination. This keychain could potentially save your life or one of your loved ones. INCLUDES: Wristlet + matching chapstick holder Pepper Spray LED light + safe sound personal alarm Window Breaker (Kubotan) Bottle Opener Whistle Fluffy pom pom *MUST BE 18+ TO PURCHAS Pepper spray is the go to choice for anyone, especially ladies who may not want to carry a gun. Nearly 66% of all burglaries are residential, and of those, 62% occur during the daytime. Most burglaries occur between 9 a.m. and 3 p.m., when no one is likely to be at home Bulk Discount Prices for Wholesale Pepper Spray Displays Searching on-line for bulk wholesale pepper spray options. Search no further as we offer competitive pricing that includes the largest selection of styles, colors, potency and our exclusive Return on Investment formulas