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  1. Key Prayer Point: Every wicked landlord or landlady that want my destiny to suffer, crawl, and expire in my environment, you are a liar, be destroyed by fire, in the name of Jesus. SECTION 1. Father, I receive the extra ordinary power to fight against witchcraft powers, in Jesus name. I plead the blood of Jesus over this environment, in the name of Jesus
  2. 22. Blood of Jesus, block the flying route of witchcraft powers, targeted at me. 23. Every witchcraft curse, break and be destroyed, in Jesus' name. 24. Every covenant of witchcraft, melt by the blood of Jesus. 25. I withdraw every organ of my body from any witchcraft altar, in the name of Jesus. 26
  3. Greetings in the wonderful name of our Lord Jesus Christ.My name is Christina from South Africa.I thank God for this prayer points exactly my situation.My family is dealing with witchcraft attack.We are three sisters all of us theres a pattern of divorce we are back to our parents house.We experience failure at the edge of breakthrough

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  1. O Lord, let the weapons of witchcraft powers turn against them, in the name of Jesus. 12. I withdraw my blessings from every bank or strongroom of the enemy, in the name of Jesus. 13. O altar of witchcraft, break, in the name of Jesus. 14. Every witchcraft padlock, fashioned against me, break by fire, in Jesus' name
  2. 3. We reject every involvement of the flesh and satan in our prayer lives, in the Name of YAHUSHUA1 4. O YHWH GOD ARISE! Rend the heavens in your anger and come down into this territory, in the Name of YAHUSHUA! 5. Father YHWH, let all witchcraft covens melt away like wax before Your Holy Fire, in the Name of YAHUSHUA! 6. O YHWH GOD ARISE
  3. PRAYER TO RENOUNCE ALL VOWS AND BREAK CURSES AND WITCHCRAFT. In the Name of Jesus Christ, I declare broken and destroyed all spells, hexes, vexes, curses, voodoo practices, witchcraft, occult, masonic and satanic rituals, masonic and satanic blood covenants, masonic and satanic blood sacrifices, demonic activities, evil wishes, coven rituals, al
  4. Prayer of Release from Witchcraft. Posted on 15 Sep 2015 by Truth in Reality. Heavenly Father, in the name of your son Jesus, I bind and break all witchcraft, curses, spells, and all powers associated with it. Through the blood of the lamb, I destroy the works of every witch, warlock, wizard, sorcerer, and all other powers of darkness
  5. Prayers for protection against witchcraft. These are very powerful prayers against witchcraft, if you do them during fasting they become even more potent. These prayers will keep witches and Satanists away forever. You can use them as protection against enemies, since these prayers basically repel bad energy, returning its evil energies towards.
  6. We had our Bibles and our Kim Walker/Jesus Culture playing. We had eager hearts and great expectancy. But we were still operating as witches. You may be very confused right now. You may be wondering how three sweet little girls who love Jesus and have frequent prayer meetings could possibly be construed as witches. Very easily

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  1. DANGEROUS PRAYERS AGAINST WITCHCRAFT POWERS. Exodus 22: 18. Thou shalt not suffer a witch to live. Numbers 23:23: 23 Surely there is no enchantment against Jacob, neither is there any divination against Israel: according to this time it shall be said of Jacob and of Israel, What hath God wrought
  2. 5. Every witchcraft coven having my picture or image be consumed by fire in the name of Jesus. 6. I command my body, soul and spirit to jump out of every witchcraft coven in the name of Jesus. 7. Every areas of my life caged by witchcraft coven be released now by fire in the name of Jesus. 13
  3. g fire of God, to destroy every witchcraft coven working against my progress in Jesus name. I break every witch craft pot over my life in Jesus.
  4. ation against you; therefore, all those who practice witchcraft are an abo
  5. DESTROYING THE COVENS OF WITCHCRAFT. *O Lord, let Your thunder and fire locate all covens of witches and wizards established against me for total destruction. *As the wax is melted by fire, let all witchcraft covens. caging my life or destiny evaporate by fire, in Jesus. name
  6. 120 PRAYERS TO CRUSH WITCHCRAFT CRUSH THEM BEFORE THEY CRASH YOU CONFESSION: Nahum 3:1-4 Woe to the bloody city! it is all full of lies and robbery; the prey departeth not; 2 The noise of a whip, and the noise of the rattling of the wheels, and of the pransing horses, and of the jumping chariots. 3 The horseman lifteth up both the bright sword and the glittering spear: and there is a multitude.

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Webs of satanic and witchcraft agents against my life and business and the lives and businesses of my family members, burn to ashes, in the name of Jesus, AMEN (Isa 59: 4-8). 91. Any place on earth where my glory and the glories of my family members is harbored, be shaken by the earthquake and the seaquake and release what is ours, in the name. 2 Corinthians 10:3-4 For though we walk in the flesh, we do not war according to the flesh, for the weapons of our warfare are not of the flesh, but divinely powerful for the destruction of fortresses.. Praying against every spirit of blockage and barriers. Father, I pray against every spirit of blockage and barriers. Break any barrier that blocks me from being close to You

60 Aggressive Prayer Against Witches And Wizards. Every witch or wizard assigned to manipulate my destiny, be destroyed in Jesus name. I take authority over every witchcraft dark prayer working against my destiny, in the name of Jesus. Any witchcraft power flying to arrest my progress, fall down and die, in Jesus name I set ablaze every evil family altar of struggle and poverty prospering in our lives, in the name of Jesus. Anyone that set up witchcraft idols, shrine, covens for our sake, I set it ablaze, in the name of Jesus. Prayers Against Evil Altars 2 Kings 1:9-10, Then the king sent unto him a captain of fifty with his fifty.. 5. Every witchcraft coven having my picture or image be consumed by fire in the name of Jesus. 6. I command my body, soul and spirit to jump out of every witchcraft coven in the name of Jesus. 7. Every areas of my life caged by witchcraft coven be released now by fire in the name of Jesus. (M) Brethren, This is a 7-day MIDNIGHT PRAYERS against satanic altars. It is a fasting and prayers programme that start from the hours of 6am - 6pm. These following prayers should be taken during the day and night. For the midnight prayers, it starts from 12am - 2am. Destroying evil altars is not a joke. It is not a prayer you do while you go. Please pray against witchcraft and words spoken against her. 3 . Reply Report comment. Sylvia says: March 18, 2020 at 11:21 PM. Break and pray AGANIST all generational curses of witchcraft. The occult off of her break the chains that bind in the name that is above every name pray over her put your hands over her head and bind those spirits with.

Consequently, we need to destroy the stronghold Satan has formed in our lives through his distortions of the truth. In order to overcome their influence and to claim a more abundant life, we need to demolish arguments and every pretension (everything) that sets itself up against the knowledge of God Prayer Line: Call # 712-432-0075 - Pin 835555# Everyday. 11pm - 12.30am US CST. 12am - 1.30am US EST. 9pm - 10.30pm US PST. POWER AGAINST MARINE WITCHRAFT. PSALM 8:4-8, Isa.27. To be used when seeking deliverance from a bondage of water spirit. Marine witchcraft is one of the most destructive evil powers

Pray Also Powerful Prayer for Breaking Curses and Against Evil. Psalm 1:1 Blessed is the man who walks not in the counsel of the wicked, nor stands in the way of sinners, nor sits in the seat of scoffers;. 2 Kings 21:6 - And he made his son pass through the fire, and observed times, and used enchantments, and dealt with familiar spirits and wizards.He wrought much wickedness in the sight of. The weapons of our warfare are not carnal but are spiritual. (II Cor. 10:4) The following is a model prayer as a suggestion to stop witchcraft. TAKING AUTHORITY OVER WITCHCRAFT PRAYERS: In the authority of our Lord Jesus Christ, and from my position in the 3 rd heaven seated at the right hand of the Father in Jesus Christ. (Eph. 2:6) far above.

2. As the wax is melted by fire, let all witchcraft covens caging my life or destiny evaporate by fire, in Jesus name. 3. All witchcraft banks and strong room harboring my blessings and treasures be pulled down by fire, in the name of Jesus. 4. Every witchcraft coven calling my name for evil be destroyed by fire in the name of Jesus. 5 1. I break every witchcraft pot over my life, in the name of Jesus. 2. Let every evil pot hunt their owners, in the name of Jesus. 3. Every wicked pot cooking my affairs, be roasted, in the name of Jesus. 4. Every witchcraft pot working against me, I bring the judgment of God against you, in Jesus name. 5 I bind and smash all witch and warlock covens, witchcraft control and activity- all chants, spells, curses, hexes, vexes, divination, white or black magic, incantations, incarnations of demonic entities, meditation or any type of magic in any form, and I cancel all witchcraft assignments, especially those projected against me and mine (59) Let the thunderbolts of God locate and destroy every witchcraft power covens where deliberations and decisions ever fashioned against me, in Jesus name. (60) Any water spirit from my village, in the place of my birth, practicing witchcraft against me and my family, be amputated by the word of God, in Jesus name

Every environmental witches against my prayers, receive fire, in Jesus name ; O Lord, let my midnight prayers carry fire and anger against all enemies of my progress, in the name of Jesus. Every arrow of witchcraft sent into my life while I was asleep, tonight, I challenge, you in the name of Jesus, go back and destroy your sender in Jesus nam SCRIPTURES Romans 8: 14- 21, Numbers 23: 1- 30, Lam. 5: 7, Exodus 32: 19, Gen. 49:5-7 CONFESSION I was born to manifest God's goodness in my generation. EXHORTATION Everything in creation is eagerly awaiting your manifestation as a child of God. The resident power of God in you to manifest glory is about [

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INSTRUCTION: Embark on 7 days midnight prayers from 12:00 midnight to 2:00 am. Pray in the spirit and pray in tongues. Mark 16:17. Take an anointing oil and use it to break every yoke of the family holding you down. PRAYER POINTS. 1. Every curse of backwardness working against my family glory, break by fire, in Jesus name 2 See the Series Hillary Clintons Witchcraft. This is just more proof she is indeed a practicing Witch! Women welcome Hillary as 'newest member of our coven' On Tuesday night, April 3, 2018, Hillary Clinton visited The Wing, an elite women's club in Manhattan, New York (see The Wing's enthralled tweet). On its website, The Wing

Destroying the Altars of Witchcraft: 1. Altars that are working against me, let the heavens send judgment against you now, in the name of Jesus. 2. Evil altars, the day of your judgment has come by fire, in the name of Jesus. 3. Let every altar of witchcraft and familiar spirit, be broken in the name of Jesus. 4. We... Continue Reading ↠Prayers That Scatters Witchcraft Covens - Dr Dk Olukoya ???? Subscribe Visit MFM Website - for more info #drdkolukoya #drdkolukoya2021 #drolukoyamidnightprayers #officialgospeltv #drdkolukoyaprayers #drdkolukoyasermon #youtubesermon God Bless You all For Tuning in. Please Make Sure to Subscribe & hit the Like Button. About Dr. D. K. Olukoy www.repentancerevival.com UGENT CALL TO PRAYER SAINTS: CORPORATE PRAYER AND FASTING AGAINST ALL SATANIC AND WITCHCRAFT ATTACKS UPON THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA The purpose of this call to pray is to pray specifically for the United States of America due to the Luciferian March for a One World Government that will be held in at least 9 U.S. cities this Sunday June 21 during a solar eclipse Download and stream Prayers That Scatters Witchcraft Covens - Dr Dk Olukoya in 3GP MP4 HD FLV MP3 available in 240p, 360p, 720p, 1080p video formats in HDluc Watch And Download and Streaming Prayers That Scatters Witchcraft Covens - Dr Dk Olukoya on your Mobile Phone or PC/Desktop. Download Prayers That Scatters Witchcraft Covens - Dr Dk Olukoya, Download Prayers That Scatters Witchcraft. Our lives were in sheer torment for more than five long years (click As a result, the poor individual or family being harassed and attacked by covens of witches, satanists, witch doctors or shamans feel trapped, cut off and isolated. Prayers Against Witchcraft.pdf; Prayers for Release from Reiki, Energy and Alternative Healing.pdf.

2: How Witchcraft is Invading Our Society Today. 3: Types of Witchcraft. 4: How to Know if You Are Under a Witchcraft Attack. 5: How to Pray to Destroy the Power of Witchcraft and Release Your Blessings. 6: Over 100 Powerful Prayers to Destroy Witchcraft Attacks Against Your Life and Release Your Blessings. 7: And lots mor Satanists, witches, warlocks, covens, divination, sorcery, and various occult practices like New Age religions are all rooted in the spirit of witchcraft. But you don't have to belong to or practice any of these to operate in a witchcraft spirit

60 Prayers Against The Arrow Of Backwardness. Deuteronomy 1:6-8,. The LORD our God spake unto us in Horeb, saying, Ye have dwelt long enough in this mount: Turn you, and take your journey, and go to the mount of the Amorites, and unto all [the places] nigh thereunto, in the plain, in the hills, and in the vale, and in the south, and by the sea side, to the land of the Canaanites, and unto. A Prayer Against Spiritual Warfare. Dear God, today we put on the full armor to guard our lives against attack. We put on the belt of truth to protect against lies and deception

Prayer Points Enough Is EnoughENOUGH IS ENOUGH (I chronicles 4vs9-10 Genesis 32) Many lives have been programmed to fail. Many think they have lives, but they don't. Physically they have lives, but spiritually their lives are gone. Physically, they walk about, but spiritually they are not going anywhere. You have stayed too long in that [ Wizardfest, haunted houses, trick or treat and all covens or pacts with satan have to leave in Jesus name. Let those who purposely get ready for these events to bring curses and darkness be removed in the name of Jesus. The event organized against our President Donald John Trump May it fall to the ground and the enemies be scattered SPIRITUAL WARFARE PRAYER: Please pray at least once. PRAY IT OUT LOUD! - Heavenly Father, I ask that you forgive me of all sins I have committed against you and against those made in your image. Lord I ask that Your angels surround myself and my family members and protect us according to your word in Psalm 34:7 Ephesians 6:12 says For our struggle is not against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the authorities, against the powers of this dark world and against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly realms. It's aim is to steal, kill, and destroy our lives (John 10:10)

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DAY # 9 - PRAYERS AGAINST WITCHCRAFT MANIPULATION . Before you pray these prayers, confess any sin in your life before God and ask Him to wash you in the precious blood of Jesus. Ask the Holy Spirit to cover you and make you invisible to the powers of darkness, right . now. CONFESSIONS We destroy legal holds and legal grounds that demons have to work in our lives. We do this in The Name Of Jesus Christ: Lord, Master and Savior. PSYCHIC PRAYERS. A psychic prayer is any prayer that does not line up with the Word of God. If you pray contrary to the Bible, then you are not praying to God but to Satan 8. I pray against the records of darkness stored against us in the moon, the eclipses and the seasons in Jesus name. Amen. 9. I command the earth to vomit out every blessing and inheritance buried in the shadow of the earth during the seasons of the moon phases. 10. Use Psalm 91 to declare that the Lord is our shadow MFM Ministries is a full gospel ministry devoted to the Revival of Apostolic Signs, Holy Ghost fireworks and the unlimited demonstration of the power of God.

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Every witchcraft coven harboring my destiny receive the fire of God in Jesus name. I pray that You, will help us to believe our unbelief's and let salvation be a part of our lives in Jesus. When we moved here where we live, we had no idea that it was a region heavy with witchcraft activity. When we launched our community evangelism program, and began leading people to Christ, we gained the attention of local covens quickly enough. The result in our lives was like stepping on a land mine Our outer community is known as The Sojo Tribe, where we welcome all current students, graduates of the program in good standing, affiliated covens within the tradition, and select friends and family. The Sojo Circle Coven. Initiates from this program formed a coven of independent witches in 2016 Prayers Against Witchcraft Over Lambs The Kitty Max Prayer Warrior Show. 00:00. 54:54. Info. They are causing stroke in our lives. I command this arrows I command arrows of witchcraft back to the sender. Back to the sender in the name of Jesus. As I pray for your people, Jehovah God, I am commanding. I command all the demonic forces against our marriage demonic powers against our business. Every demonic power my father and my god

covens, witchcraft control and activity- all chants, spells, curses, hexes, vexes, divination, white or black magic, incantations, incarnations of demonic entities, meditation, or any type of magic in any form, and we cancel all witchcraft assignments, especially those projected against us and our loved ones. Break and be destroyed now There are marine witchcraft covens under the water where people are summoned, and evil decisions and judgments are made. Raise prayer altars against them. Bombarding prayers is required here. 6. Stubborn situation in our lives can only be broken through sincere fasting and Prayer, Daniel fasted and pray for 21 days before his prayer was. Remove every Jezebel spirit of rebellion, immorality, and subversion. Operating in our lives and the life of the church in the name of Jesus. I pray these things by faith. In Jesus name, I pray. Amen. No weapon that is fashioned against you shall succeed. You shall confute every tongue that rises up against you in judgement PRAYER POINTS OF REPENTANCE1. Heavenly Father, I come before You, through Your Son Jesus Christ who died for me on the cross.2. I thank You Lord that Jesus took away all of my sins and iniquities when He was crucified.3. Today, I acknowledge all the sins of idolatry, ancestral worship, divination, and witchcraft that we and our forefathers. My destiny, my glory and my star, jump out of witchcraft coven, in the name of Jesus. Strong man of marital delay, militating against our spinsters and bachelors, we bind and paralyse you, in the name of Jesus (Matthew 12:29). Holy Ghost, purify the channels of my life now, in the name of Jesus

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Witchcraft, then, is a relational issue. It expresses our failure to enter into a relationship with God, to make discoveries about the spiritual and the material worlds in partnership with him, and to fully trust him with our lives and futures. Witchcraft robs us of spiritual reality Let the eyes of the witches assigned against me be darkened in the name of Jesus. Let the coven of witchcraft assign against me become desolate in the name of Jesus. Let every witchcraft power flying against me crash-land in the name of Jesus (3 times). No witch or wizard shall prosper in my environment. Water spirit that is networking with. 46. O Lord stretch forth your hand from heaven and remove me from every evil witchcraft bus-stop militating against my life. 47.Add your own prayer point and say the Grace. Pastor Teddy Omozegbai Call +2348034051701. +2348085989393 WhatsApp & IMO: +2348034051701 Blog :deliverancefireministry.blogspot.co Spiritual Deliverance Prayers Against Witchcraft Curses. In the name of Jesus Christ, my Lord and Savior, I bind all principalities, powers of the air, wickedness in high places, thrones, dominions, world rulers, and strong men exerting influence over_____________ ( for all persons prayed for, also workplace, finances, home, etc.), and I forbid. This session is titled: Destroying Witchcraft Caldron: 1. I break every witchcraft pot over my life, in the name of Jesus. 2. Let every evil pot hunt their owners, in the name of Jesus. 3. Every wicked pot cooking my affairs, be roasted, in the name of Jesus

We bind and smash all witch and warlock covens, witchcraft control and activity- all chants, spells, curses, hexes, vexes, divination, white or black magic, incantations, incarnations of demonic entities, meditation, or any type of magic in any form, and we cancel all witchcraft assignments, especially those projected against us and our loved ones Are Christians Unwittingly Releasing Witchcraft-Type Prayers? 5:00PM EDT 10/19/2019 Kathy DeGraw. Have you kept a check on your prayers? ( Photo by Ben White on Unsplash) There is a spiritual realm that is alive and active. Angels and demons are literally waiting to ride upon our words. Our words have prophetic power and get prophetic results Prayer is the Christian's lifeline to God, and with it, lives are changed for eternity! Prayer is more than expressing our thoughts to God or presenting our list of needs to Him. Prayer demonstrates our total dependence on God for help, hope, guidance, and direction in our lives. These prayers will help victims of gang stalking tak These spirits want to control people's lives and destiny. However, the Lord Jesus came that we may have life in abundance. ( John 10:10). You can be delivered and set free from these demonic spirits and attacks. The spirits come to attack and affect people's lives in many forms Let all those that practice witchcraft and sorcery against others lose all power and effectiveness to carry out their plans, in Jesus name. Let the enemy and all adversaries be set upon themselves in confusion, so that they cannot communicate, form plans or strategize, in Jesus name, according to Genesis 11:7-9 , 1 Samuel 14:20 and Judges 7:22

Demonstrators participate in the Get Your Knee Off Our Necks Commitment March in Washington D.C. on Aug. 28. 2020. | The Christian Post A black conservative Christian podcast host has claimed that the Black Lives Matter movement engages in witchcraft and called on Christians who have allied themselves with the organization to rethink their decision Spiritual Warfare Prayers & THE WORD— rev. JAN.2021 Page 4 In the NAME of YAHUSHUA we destroy the authority of chaos and we are prepared for action! We bind the mind of YAHUSHUA to our minds to remove any enemy attack of doubt, demoni 40 LIFE-CHANGING PRAYER POINTS BY Dr. D.K Olukoya (GO MFM Worldwide) Text: Zachariah 3:1-3. 1. I shall not die another man's death in the name of Jesus. 2. Every rage of domestic witchcraft against my life, die in the name of Jesus. 3. Every spiritual robber, get away from my destiny in the name of Jesus. 4 Posted on February 19, 2020 February 17, 2020 by Lady Beltane Sage Posted in Daily Posts, Deities, Our History, The Goddesses Tagged Druid, Goddesses, Gods, Norse goddesses, Northern European Goddess, Online coven, Online Witchcraft School, Open Online Pagan Chatroom, Open Online Witchcraft Chatroom, Pagan, Paganism Neo-Paganism, Solitary. The following Deliverance Prayer is a very all encompassing and a powerful prayer against evil spirits. Learn the Deliverance Prayer from the experts--- to rid yourself from all demonic influences, curses and evil spirits. Say this prayer from the bottom of your heart and be delivered from the grasp of all evil

God has Ultimate Power over Negative reports - 62 v 11 - God has spoken ones. God makes those behind negative reports to bow to your God for help later ( Jephthah - Judges 11 v 1 - 6) NEGATIVE REPORT - Deut. 9 v 2 - Children of Anakims, whom thou knowth and has heard say Who can stand before the children of ANAK PRAYERS TO SCATTER EVIL WITCHCRAFT COVENS | MIDNIGHT BATTLE PRAYERS. PRAYERS TO SCATTER EVIL WITCHCRAFT COVENS | MIDNIGHT BATTLE PRAYERS. Prayers Against Serpentine & Serpent Spirits Prt 1. 120 Prayers To Crush Witchcraft. Put On The Whole Armor of God. Hot Midnight Prayers Against Enemies - Dr Olukoya Midnight. Satan gives us the knowledge to become independent and free. He directs us to be masters of our own lives and destinies. Satan and his Demons are always there to help us when there are things we cannot yet handle. Satan keeps his promises; he is consistent and loving with his own. Satan stands for freedom, strength, power, and justice Prayers That Scatters Witchcraft Covens - Dr Dk Olukoya from all bondages and fulfilling their God given destiny with the teachings of the Bible applied in all areas of their lives. As a Prophet, Evangelist, Teacher, Role model and Preacher of the Word, Dr D.K Olukoya continues to spread the message of God's power to restore, break yokes. Evil things that our Great Grand parents etc did, the Devil uses it to make a Case against us in the Court of Heaven. If there is an Allegation, Accusation or Condemnation against us, either directly or through our ancestors, then we become vulnerable to the attacks of the gates of Hell

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prayers for breaking witchcraft control and curses (see other prayers for breaking witchcraft control along with other curse breaking prayers under our resource button) Lord Jesus Christ, I forgive my ancestors and anyone else that has practiced any form of witchcraft that would affect me and my descendants Our Cause; powerful prayer to destroy witchcraft. Posted on February 19, 2021 by. A Prayer For Curse Removal. Heavenly Father I come to You in the Name of my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, I surrender all that I am and all that is in my life, to You, to do Your work and to do Your will! Lord Jesus I come and cast all my Earthly cares, burdens, and weights upon You and I receive of Your yoke and Your load for they are easy and. Every witchcraft coven having my picture or image be consumed by fire in the name of Jesus. I command my body, soul and spirit to jump out of every witchcraft coven in the name of Jesus. Every areas of my life caged by witchcraft coven be released now by fire in the name of Jesus. HOW TO BREAK CURSES BY DESTROYING THE HOLD OF MARINE WITCHCRAFT

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