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Aulonocara or Peacocks are a genus of Cichlid found in Lake Malawi. They are known best for their striking colors, making them perhaps the most popular group of Cichlids for hobbyists. Peacocks exhibit sexual dimorphism, where males display brilliant colors while females are nearly colorless. They are more peacefu Aulonocara Stuartgranti - Blue Neon, Hai Reef. $19.95. Showing items 1-4 of 4 GeneralAulonocara lwanda is a mouthbrooding cichlid from Lake Malawi in Africa. Aulonocara species, also known as Peacocks, are colorful, active fish. Occasionally, this fish is sold as Aulonocara Red Dorsal and I have seen this fish..

Albino Turkis Peacock (Aulonocara sp.) from $13.99. Sale. Quick View. Swallowtail Peacock (Aulonocara sp.) from $8.99. Quick View. Albino Dragon Blood Peacock Cichlid (Aulonocara sp.) from $13.99 Aulonocara is a genus of haplochromine cichlids endemic to Lake Malawi in East Africa. All Aulonocara species are maternal mouth brooders. Particularly in the aquarium hobby, Aulonocara species are also known as peacock cichlids, aulonocaras or simply peacocks Remarks: This hybrid was initially created by crossing a Peacock with an OB Mbuna.No two OB are the same! Colors and pattern can vary greatly from fish to fish. Scientific Name: Aulonocara sp.. Common Name: OB. Max Size: 6. pH: 7.5-8.4. Hardness: Hard. Temperature: 74-82°. Aggressiveness: Aggressive. Region of Origin: Lake Malawi, Africa. Captive Bred or Wild: Captive Bre Premium Quality Peacock Cichlid for Sale : These fish are all in the genus named Aulonocara. This page lists the types of Peacock Cichlid from Lake Malawi in East Africa that are for sale in our facility.. Click here for the complete details about how to buy from us.: Shown above, a mature 4 long male Malawi Firefish Peacock Cichlid for sale in our online store. species

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  1. Compatibility: The dragonblood peacock cichlid is typically compatible with peaceful Mbuna cichlids such as the electric yellow cichlid (Labidochromis caeruleus) along with other Aulonocara and Haplochromis cichlids of similar size. Additionally Synodontis catfish are typically compatible with fish from the Rift Valley region
  2. Malawi Cichlids For Sale - Updated 8th July. Aulonocara & Haplochromis. Aristochromis christyi. £36.00ea W. NEW. Aulonocara baenschi Benga. 5-6cm £12.50ea T Aulonocara jacobfreibergi Cape McClear. 5-7cm £15.00ea T Aulonocara jacobfreibergi Mamelela. 5-6cm £12.50ea T
  3. e cichlids endemic to Lake Malawi in East Africa.All Aulonocara species are maternal mouth brooders.Particularly in the aquarium hobby, Aulonocara species are also known as peacock cichlids, aulonocaras or simply peacocks.This genus is strongly sexually dichromic, even by haplochro

Labidochromis caeruleus Lions Cove (yellow Lab) - 1.25 -2.25 inches. $11.98. Compare Compare Item Beantown Lastest Arrivals. Here at Beantown Aquatics, we love our African Cichlids. We have an ever changing inventory that changes weekly, and we accept special orders also for your favorite cichlid EVEN WILD CAUGHT! Please check out out lastest arrivals picture will be available soon. YouTube. Beantown Aquatics. 1.48K subscribers We have experienced aquarium fish breeders with the main focus on African Cichlids, particularly Lake Malawi Cichlids. While this is the bread and butter of our business we have expanded to the breeding of all types of Cichlids including Victorian and Tanganyikan Cichlids. Josh Davis President of Live Fish Direct

Aulonocara sp. German Red. Description. Specification. Reviews (0) Line bred in Germany, this fish closely resembles the Ruby Red. Males have a little more blue in their face than Ruby Reds and may or may not show a more reddish-orange rather than orange body Ruby Reds. This is not a redfish despite the name. They are really bright orange fish Some of the most beautiful African Cichlids you can find. Aulonocara - Peacocks Dragon Blood. On sale from $26 Sale View... OB Peacock. Sold Out Sale View... German Red. On sale from $14 Sale View... Benga Sunshine. Sold Out Sale View... Lemon Jake. On sale from $12. Males are showing just a hint of color, but will grow to be one of the most beautiful peacock cichlids you'll ever see in the Aulonocara genus! Wild caught males at 3.5 from Hai Reef are the best! Aulonocara sp. Red Top Lwanda peacock cichlid. The Red top lwanda peacocks we sell come in various sizes and are bred locally in Las Vegas, NV

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Aquarium Fish Depot houses a huge collection of Lake Malawi Cichlids, including Red Peacock Cichlids and Electric Blue Ahli. Order to ship anywhere in USA. Aulonocara Gertrudae Orange Collar Lupingu Male. Regular price $58.99 View. Aulonocara Kandeensis Blue Orchid Male. Regular price $52.99. The Sunshine Peacock is native to Lake Malawi, Africa, and is a member of the Peacock Cichlid family. They are known for their bright yellow coloring with blue accents along the body and mouth area. Like other Peacocks they have a semi-aggressive temperament and are better placed with other Peacocks or Haps African Cichlid. Peacock Sunburst African Cichlids (Aulonocara nyassae) $ 19.99 $ 14.99 Add to cart. African Cichlid. Ice Blue Tangerine Peacock African Cichlid (2-3 Inches) $ 15.99 Add to cart. -20%. African Cichlid Scientific Name: Aulonocara sp. stuartgranti maleri Place of Origin: Lake Malawi Adult Size: 6.5 inches Temperament: Peaceful, conspecific mildly aggressive Description: As the name eludes, the Sunshine Peacock has some dazzling, warm, yellow coloring that contrasts well with intermittent light blues. The lower portion of their faces remain blue as well Aulonocara Haplochromis Mbuna's South American Shop All South American Angels Mixed African cichlids- small: 1 -1.25 inches. $9.98. Compare Compare Items. Quick View Add to Cart. MIXED FANCY ANGEL - regular. $9.98. Compare Compare Items

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High quality aquarium fish at the lowest prices online and shipped right to your door. Wide selection of species and sizes available for all types of freshwater aquariums. Overnight shipping on all orders. Check out our SPECIALS on Discus and Cichlids! Visit us online today at The iFISH Store Aulonocara sp. Size: up to 6″ pH:7.8 to 8.5 KH: 10 to 15o Temp:72-82oF Origin: Lake Malawi, Africa. Be one of the few to own a colony of these beautiful bright cichlids. These are not very common cichlids to see in this trade. Yes, they really get this red, the photo has not been enhanced

Description. Aulonocara baenschi, Baensch's Peacock, Benga Peacock, New Yellow Regal Peacock, Nkhomo-Benga Sunshine Peacock Aulonocara. Originating from the Southern part of Lake Malawi, the Benga Sunshine Peacock is a semi-aggressive omnivore. At about 5″ full-grown, they are relatively small Peacock fish. You can pick out the females. Scientific Name: Aulonocara Common Name(s): Origin: Line Bred Strain Diet: Carnivore Breeding: Maternal Mouthbrooder Temperament: Peaceful Conspecific Temperament: Mildly Aggressive Maximum Size: 7 pH: 7.2-8.6 Water Hardness: Hard Difficulty: 2 Family: Peacoc Peacock cichlids are very beautiful fish. They are a regular fixture in home aquariums, although not many users are still aware of the wide variety of peacock cichlids. We've taken a look at the 7 best peacock cichlids, which every fish tank owner and cichlid lover should know about

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CCA Members. Malawi Haps & peacocks for sale, pm me or text for pricing, it's $5 an inch and fully colored 4-4.5' males are $25. I am located at Woodstock, MD for local pickup, can meet in Laurel. Aulonocara Stuartgranti Usisya Flavescent F1 (German Line) - Starting from 2 to 4 fully colored males, Breeding grp avl for sale Aulonocara stuartgranti Ngara flametail 13 cm: In Stock Labidochromis sp. Hongi Labidochromis sp. Hongi : 15 cm: In Stock Albino zebras: Metriaclima cyaneorhabdos Albino 15 cm: In Stock Rusty Cichlid: Iodotropheus sprengerae : 10 cm: In Stock Blue Dolphin: Cyrtocara moorii : 20 cm: In Stock Tangerine peacocks: Aulonocara sp. tangerine : 13 c These rare Cichlids will require a large aquarium, and it is suggested that you keep them in a pair. Aulonocara Aulonocara, Lethrinops and Tramitichromis The three species included in the parentheses are part of the Aulonocara genus, and they are considered rare peacock cichlids

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All Pictures are of our fish, to show potential (Actual Fish In Stock may vary Slightly) To place an order select the fish and then use the drop down menus to specify size and sex and add them to your cart. at checkout you will then choose your shipping method Aulonocara maulana Bicolor 500. Aulonocara Benga Sunshine. 4-5 $44.0 Choosing aulonocara peacock cichlid species for a mixed tank aulonocara rubenscens red peacock cichlid male and female. If you would like to enjoy the multiple colours and differing behaviours of peacock cichlids in a mixed species tank, you will have to choose species that can get along together

STOCKLIST | Cunningham Cichlids. Updated 07/11/2021. I have the following fish for sale and can ship. Let me know what you are interested in and I can get you a shipping quote. Malawi Peacocks: Aulonocara jacobfreibergi lemon jake - 4.5 males - $50 ea (9 avail) Aulonocara jacobfreibergi swallowtail - 4.5 males - $50 (8 avail Sunshine (Aulonocara sp. Stuartgranti Maleri ) In the aquarium environment, this cichlid species is best kept with other docile cichlids. Mbuna are too rambunctious for this slow-moving and peaceful peacock. Other peacocks and many of the Haps work well as tank mates. Native Range: Lake Malawi Max. Length: 6.5 inches Temperament: Mildly.

The Cichlidae family contains over 1,200 species of fish, the majority of which are found in the Tanganyika and Malawi Lakes of central Africa.Looking for New World Cichlids? Please Note: The small (2 or less) African Cichlids are in their juvenile coloration and the sex of these fish cannot be determined. NEW! WYSIWYG Freshwater Fish now available in the Diver's Den® Malawi & Tanganyikan Cichlids ALL CICHLIDS BUY 5 AND GET ONE EXTRA FREE OF CHARGE! (Cheapest cichlid will be free of charge, please purchase 6 cichlids or more, the cost of the free cichlid will be deducted from the total when we process your order, before any charge is made to your credit/debit card Aulonocara walteri is a moutbrooding, Malawian cichlid first typed by Konings in 1990. Technically, this fish does not have full nomenclature yet, so I probably should call it Aulonocara sp. walteri. Aulonocara walteri is typical of other Malawian peacocks. Brightly colored males with a lot of blue and drab, barred females Korneliae Blue Gold Peacock Aulonocara Cichlid, Guaranteed. $10.99 to $55.99. $37.95 shipping I caught them doing the deed again! Only this time it's my second generation of blue neons getting busy, on blue neon island!Today's video looks at our breed..

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5476 West Mission Ave. #104 Fresno CA. 93722. 559-696-2287 - call or text Joe@CaliforniaCichlids.com. hours: 7 days a week 10 am - 6 p Our goal is to maintain the highest standards in Cichlid care. All Cichlids are observed on a daily basis and all imported Cichlids are quarantined for a period of 12 -14 days, are feeding and in excellent condition before sale. Incoming water is filtered, buffered, and heated before entering the tanks during water changes Malawi Cichlids and Victoria Cichlids. Below is a list of the cichlids we have for sale originating from Lake Malawi, Lake Victoria and the surrounding area - however, due to our quick stock turnover, we still recommend phoning/emailing first if you will be travelling to visit us for a certain species! Current Stock for sale, updated 1st July 2021 Blue Tiger Peacock Cichlid Live Aquarium Fish Aulonocara African Cichlids. $64.99 to $109.99. Buy It Now. Free shipping. M S X R U H W p 2 o n s 7 C o r 3 e I d (6) 1 Benga Sunshine Peacock (Aulonocara baenschi) F1 Malawi African Cichlid. $999.99. Buy It Now +$29.99 shipping. S p F o Q n O A G 4 9 s 8 0 T R o r e d

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Aulonocara is a genus of Haplochromine cichlids endemic to lake Malawi in east Africa. They are all maternal mouth brooders known as peacock cichlids, Aulonocaras or simply peacocks. This genus is strongly sexually dichromic, even by Haplochromine standards. Aulonocara Albino. Aulonocara Auditor. Aulonocara Baenschi. Aulonocara Baenschi Maleri Tanks 4 Sale /African Cichlids $0 (Union City ) hide this posting restore restore this posting. $5. favorite this post Jul 1 corydoras venezuelanus - South American Catfish Aulonocara Stuartgranti Blue Neon Peacock Cichlid $0 (nyc > Queens) pic hide this posting restore restore this posting. $75 I have the following fish for sale. Malawi: Aulonocara jacobfreibergi lemon jake - 4 male - $60 ea (1 avail) Aulonocara korneliae - 4 male - $60 ea (1 avail) Aulonocara maylandi - 4 males - $60 ea (2 avail) Aulonocara stuartgranti (cobue) - 4 males - $60 ea (2 avail Sale starts at Midnight MST, feel free to window shop until then!#cichlids #snakerivercichlids #blackfriday #cybermonday 27/11/2020 To answer everyones questions - BF/CM will drop at 12am tonight! 30 of our fish will be on sale, all sizes African Cichlids shipped directly to your door at the lowest prices & highest quality online. Free shipping over $149! Call 1-877-367-4377 to order

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Cichlids for sale, Buy 5 African Cichlids Get 1 African Cichlid Free. African cichlids originating from Lake Malawi, Lake Tanganyika, and Lake Victoria. These gorgeous cichlids would be a great addition to any freshwater african cichlid aquarium at home Peacock Cichlids is the name for the genus of fish called Aulonocara. It includes many species and sub-species. According to the website Fishbase, there are 22 recognized species of the genus Aulonocara MDOKA WHITE LIPS. Size: Qty: (1-9) (10-19) (20+) Hi everyone from May 21st 2020 our fish will be available for sale exclusively through Specialty Aquarium. For pricing / freight and stock info please view the website in the following link or contact the shop via Facebook. We have made this decision so we can more effectively serve our customers. Severum cichlid for sale live cichlids fish $25 (nyc > Cedarhurst) pic hide this posting restore restore this posting. $75. favorite this post Jul 12 AULONOCARA AFRICAN CICHLID RED TOP LWANDA PEACOCK $75 (nyc > Queens) pic hide this posting restore restore this posting. $30. favorite this post Jul 1 Available here http://www.discountfish.co.uk/TROPICAL-FISH-ONLINE.html#Live-Tropical-Freshwater-Cichlids-Africa

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Tony's African Cichlids. Tonys African Cichlids. UK Specialist Malawi Breeders. 244584 East Riding of Yorkshire council licence to sell pets. Welcome - We have over 40 years experience between us when it comes to keeping, breeding and rearing Malawi Cichlids. Do you want vibrant, healthy, robust fish to complete or be the entirety of your aquarium Buy Aulonocara Cichlids and get the best deals at the lowest prices on eBay! Great Savings & Free Delivery / Collection on many items Aulonocara Cichlids for sale | eBa The Aulonocara Fort Maguire is a moderate sized Peacock cichlid. It will grow to an average of about 6 inches (15 cm) in length. It can have a life span of about 6 to 10 years with proper care. Like many of the Peacock cichlids, this species has a variety of different natural colorations Peacock Cichlids are some of the most colorful fish in the world.They are native to Lake Malawi and are one of the most friendly and peaceful members of the Cichlids. The Peacock Cichlid is a stunning species of fish native to Lake Malawi; it belongs to the Astatotilapia genus. There are at least 23 different specie The Nkhomo Benga Peacock Aulonocara baenschi is a relatively small Peacock cichlid that grows to an average length of about 4 - 5 inches (13 cm). It is a real eye catcher with its bright yellows accented throughout the body and head with vibrant blues. It is known by a number of common names including Benga Peacock, New Yellow Regal Peacock, Yellow Peacock, Baensch's Peacock, Sunshine Peacock.

Articles for sale Beautifully formatted and wonderfully illustrated PDF articles about all matters relative to cichlids.. Books for sale Cichlid books and DVDs for sale at the Cichlid Room Companion.. E-books for sale PDF copies of popular cichlid books offered for sale at the best price.. Trade section The master list of cichlid offers ordered by area and species name African Cichlid Peacocks - Aulonocara German Red. -. $5. (Carlisle) I have unsexed African Peacock Cichlids from Lake Malawi. These are the German Red variety. They range from 1 inch to 2 inch. $5 each or $45 for 10. Above 3 inch for $10. Select mature males for $15 The Aulonocara SP. OB Peacock is a very popular species of peacock cichlid that is not native to the waters of Lake Malawi, but is a hybrid species of cichlid. It was bred by crossing a male species of Aulonocara with an OB female Mbuna. Since first being bred, several variants of the OB peacock have been introduced into the hobby

This is a very popular color variant of the Aulonocara sp. Stuartgranti Maleri (Chipoka). The German Red Peacock cichlid is not native to the waters of Lake Malawi, neither is it a hybrid like the OB Peacock cichlid.The German Red peacock has been line breed in Germany to get it's red color Scientific Name: Aulonocara sp. Mamelela Lemon Jake Diet: Pellet or Flake Breeding: Maternal Mouthbrooder Temperament: Peaceful Conspecific Temperament: Aggressive Maximum Size: 6 Temperature: 78-82°F pH: 7.8-8.6 Compatibility: Lake Malawi Haplochromine (Haps) , Peacocks, and Synodontis catfish Peacock Cichlids are ovophile mouthbrooders that form a matriarch family. The pair should be conditioned separately on mosquito larvae, bloodworms, and crustaceans. The water should have a pH from 8.0-8.2, a water hardness 10-18 dH, and a warmer temperature of 79-84F . The female spawns a small number of eggs on the rocky bottom Scientific name: Aulonocara species from Lake Malawi. Click where there are more Tropical Fish that we supply for sale such as African Cichlids, Angelfish, Oscars, Livebearers including Fancy Guppies, and many other. I have a breeding group of Aulonocara maylandi (Sulphur head peacock) for sale. This species is on the CARES list for being endangered in the wild. Group is 2 males and 6 females, asking $200. Can ship air cargo. Picture of dominant male below

The Dragon Blood Peacock is a stunningly beautiful bright red bodied and red headed specimen in the Peacock family. Peacock Cichlids come in a wide variety of colours and patterns (there are 23 Aulonocara species.) They make great additions for a cichlid setup for their bright colours and minimal aggression in the aquarium AULONOCARA jacobfreibergi OTTER 2'' to 3'' sale 3.99 Aulonocara Eureka supper Red 21/2 to 3'' sale 5.99 Aulonocara Albino Eureka Red lg bright red 5'' 32.99 Aulonocara Albino Eureka supper Red 2'' + 6.99 Aulonocara Red Shoulder 5'' show males sale 24.99 Aulonocara sp fire fish 4'' male bright color 29.9

Aulonocara Firefish Select Grade Pink African CichlidRed Empress (Protomelas taeniolatus) Haplochromide AfricanFile:Aulonocara jacobfreibergi eureka redBlue Dragon Blood Peacock (Aulonocara spPeacocks -Amazing AmazonAfrican Cichlid | Ice Blue Zebra - Cichlids For Sale | TheAulonocara Rubescens Ruby Red Peacock Cichlid - YouTube

All Malawi cichlids, Tanganyika cichlids, Victoria cichlids and other cichlid species are for sale. I sell to pet stores and pet wholesalers. Orders could be placed by email and a date of delivery or collection could then be confirmed. Of course orders would have a minimum limit and would it not be a viable amount, you would be referred to a source that could deal with your sufficient needs in. Aulonocara Bicolor (sex unknown) 2 9.00: SOON: Aulonocara Dragon Blood OB (males) 5+ 45.00 SOON: 1: Aulonocara Dragon Blood Albino (males) 3.5 29.00: few: Aulonocara Eureka (males) 4+ 35.00: 50: Aulonocara Eureka Super Red (These are selectively bred in europe for color and finage. sex unknown) 1 12.00: 18: Aulonocara German Red. Protomelas taeniolatus Red (Fire Hap) (Super Red Empress) One 5 Male Regular $48.00 Sale $42.50, Two 4.5-inch ¾ color male Regular $39.00 each, Sale $35.00 each, Two 4.5-inch ¾ color males Regular $38.00 each, Sale $33.00 each, One 4-inch ¾ color male Regular $36.00, Sale $30.0 Many tanganyika cichlids are unique in both body shape and in habitat. It originated when a male aulonocara was crossed with a female mbuna. Stock your freshwater aquarium with live frontosa calvus leleupi peacocks haplochromis and mbuna delivered alive guaranteed. Sale 10 pack 1 2 unsexed juvenile malari sunshine peacock african cichlids