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WWI (World War 1) The Model 1917 U.S. Helmet During the fall of 1917 production was begun on the M-1917 helmets. By the end of November 1917, the first deliveries of large quantities of M-1917 helmets were being made to the United States Army. On 17 February 1918, approximately 700,000 M-1917 helmets had been produced. A THE M1 STEEL HELMET Adopted shortly before the United States entry into WWII, the first production M1 helmet shell was made of manganese steel coated in cork aggregate and dark olive drab paint. This combination gave the helmet a dark, coarse, appearance and texture

I have been wanting to make this video for awhile now. I hope both videos really help y'all out.https://www.patreon.com/JonBoy09https://www.instagram.com/jon.. The Model 1917 U.S. Helmet The United States entered into World War I in April 1917, at this time the United States Army did not have a helmet for its troops. The adoption of a helmet by the French, British and German armies convinced the United States Army that a helmet was needed as a standard piece of equipment The Brodie helmet is a steel combat helmet designed and patented in London in 1915 by John Leopold Brodie. A modified form of it became the Helmet, Steel, Mark I in Britain and the M1917 Helmet in the U.S. Colloquially, it was called the shrapnel helmet, battle bowler, Tommy helmet, tin hat, and in the United States the doughboy helmet

Next step will be to identify the manufacturer and size of the helmet shell. There were 5 different helmet manufacturing facilities. Immediately after the manufacturing code a 2 digit size will be stamped in the steel which will be the size of the shell in centimeters. These stamps are mostly found on the interior left side just above the rim After World War 1 the Reichswehr continued using them and when Hitler came to power in 1933 these helmets saw continued use up till 1945. I show 4 models here, the basic M16 and M18 and one Austrian made variant of the German M16 and one M18 earcut specially made for cavalry units. Click on the photos to enlarge C031482 U.S. 6TH INFANTRY DIVISION WWI COMBAT HELMET. C019881 U.S. 91ST INFANTRY DIVISION THE PINE TREE DIVISION WWI M-1917 COMBAT HELMET. C052781 U.S.GI ARTWORK WWI M-1917 COMBAT HELMET. C053372 U.S. WWI M-1917 COMBAT HELMET. USA WW2. To see our complete inventory of American WW2 items Click Here.. WW1 American Stencils: Full instructions for applying your stencil can be found here. Many of the WW2 American Helmet Stencils can also be adapted and used on WW1 helmets. You can view these here. We can make up pretty much any stencil you want, just email us and ask

Generally, on privately purchased helmets, spikes tend to be taller and of better quality. The chart below indicates which units had which type of spike, spike base, and front visor after 1867. I have not included a separate column for Artillery, as it is assumed that all Artillery units utilized a ball top rather than a spike. The only. WW1 U.S. Army Painted FOLK ART Helmet Named Sgt Maj Cheak. $1,025.00. 51 bids. $22.00 shipping. Ending Jun 7 at 2:17PM PDT. 6d 21h WW1: Combat helmet technology - the Brodie steel helmet. An iconic symbol of war, the Brodie was the first combat helmet to be specifically designed and engineered for Western Front battlefield conditions - and its legacy extends to the composite material military hard hats worn by today's fighting forces. One of the many chilling facts. WW1 & WW2 Helmets Of All Nations Bought & Sold. US M1 Helmets & Liners British Mk2 Brodies British 'Turtleshell' Mk3/4/5 German WW1 & WW2 Helmets. M16 , M17 & M18. M35, M40, M42 I Am Interested In Purchasing Any Old Helmets. Click to open image! Click to open image! Click to open image! Click to open image! Click to open image! Click to open image Head Gear — POOR MANS MILITARIA. WWII US M-1 101st AIRBORNE 506st PIR HELMET ALL ORIGINAL. HEAT STAMP 626A. A-125-2 ID IN SHELL (HG-43) WWII GERMAN SS M-42 HELMET IN ORIGINAL SHIPPING CRATE. SHIPPED TO MRS. C DeSIMONE IN MARCUS HOOK PENNA FROM HER HUSBAND PFC JOE DeSIMONE HELMET IDENTIFIED TO SOLDIER SHULTZ WRITTEN INSIDE.

The richness of German military tradition, the myriad of helmet styles, added to the availability of helmets in the marketplace, has helped increase the number of spiked helmet collectors. The helmets of the pre-war period and those used during WWI remain the most popular among collectors today. Helmet Identification Posted April 24, 2018. The asbestos is a white, thick-paper-looking disk adhered to the top of the helmet. I presume it was there to possibly insulate the top of the head from the heat of the helmet. I don't think the same style helmets from WWII had this asbestos bit in them as the suspension was different WWI WW1 German Camouflage Paint Steel Helmet Stahlhelm Shell Stamped ET64. $999.99. $12.40 shipping. or Best Offer Militaria: WWI Helmets from French Troops. The WWI helmets used by the French had a distinctive shape and influenced European armies for years after the war. Thick metal helmets were used since ancient times to offer protection to their wearers in combat and are among the earliest forms of armor. Various armies of the Classical Age can easily.

The Pickelhaube (plural Pickelhauben; from the German Pickel, point or pickaxe, and Haube, bonnet, a general word for headgear), also Pickelhelm, is a spiked helmet worn in the 19th and 20th centuries by Prussian and German military, firefighters and police.Although typically associated with the Prussian Army, which adopted it in 1842-43, the helmet was widely imitated by other. Original German M40 WWII Type Steel Helmet- Finnish M40/55 Contract - Scratch & Dent. $49.95 $39.95. VIEW DETAILS. SALE! German WWII M35 Steel Helmet- Stahlhelm 35 WW2 M1935. $84.95 $69.95. VIEW DETAILS. Original British Post WWII Synthetic Fiber Helmet Net. $9.95 The helmets were used from the 1917 up to the early days of WWII. So they would have been in service for a long time. I would expect the helmet color to be darker if the paint was of WWI vintage, but that could also depend on storage conditions. Could also be a tribute helmet, painted years afterwards

Helmet identification? Display your banner here. Page 1 of 2 1 2 Last. Jump to page: WWI US Army 91st Division Painted Helmet 91st Infantry Wild West (also Pine Tree) Division. . In September 1918, the division's first operation was in the St. Mihiel Offensive in France. Serving under the U.S. Army's V Corps, the division fought in the. WWI helmet ID? Remember Me The basic WW1 German Stahlhelm, one of the most enduring designs of steel helmet. The Germans had of course studied the Allied steel helmets and tested them extensively in 1915, at the same time as assessing the new Schwerd product. After field trials by an Assault Battalion, a batch of 30,000 were ordered, but it was not the start of 1916 that.


1 gas mask and helmet (for all officers and enlisted men to whom they were issued overseas.) 1 set toilet articles; this includes 1 hairbrush, 1 comb, 1 toothbrush, 1 shaving brush, 1 razor, U.S.ARMY RANK AND INSIGNIA IDENTIFICATION WW1 10/4/10 7:29 P The helmet is dated 1915 and unit marked GKR on the left side under the chinscale post. Ersatz Model 1915 Preußen (Hannover) felt Infantry Mannschaften (Other Ranks) Pickelhaube with a view of the X Army Korps BA X marking which is visible on the top of the skull interior. Model 1915 Preußen Mannschaften (Other Ranks) Busby for Husaren.

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Here, on a table set up outside a steel helmet factory in Lubeck, Germany, a display is set up, showing the varying stages of the helmet-making process for Stahlhelms for the Imperial German Army. At the beginning of World War I, none of the combatants were issued with any form of protection for the head other than cloth and leather caps. Antique and Vintage Military Helmets. The need to protect the head in battle has inspired a range of solutions over the last 2,000 years, some wildly impractical, others elegantly utilitarian. Metal helmets were a part of traditional European armor as early as 400 BC, when Roman.. 2. British Brodie Helmet. Developed by John L. Brodie, the Model 1915 Brodie helmet, also known as the Tommy helmet, was the first steel helmet introduced to British soldiers during WW1. The helmet was manufactured in just one stamping procedure. First issued in 1915, The M-15's distinct shape and effectiveness on the battlefield. RPPC PRE-WWI 1914 OF COLORED ID'D 10TH CAVALRY SOLDIER IN UNIFORM: Nice early dress uniform with marksman bar (or sword) with the 10th cav insignia on cap and ID'd on the back troop D 10th Cav in Arizona. A scarce Image of a soldoer from this unit early

9 S. 9th Street #98 Clarkdale, AZ 86324: https://stewartsmilitaryantiques.com PHONE: 928-641-4313 EMAIL: orders@stewartsmilitaryantiques.co Original WWI German M1917 helmet unit marked 2. Machine Gun Kompanie. The helmet is manufactured by Gebruder Gnüchtel, with faint smelting lot number. Field grey paint with a slightly glossy finish correct for this maker, never cleaned or polished. The helmet is complete with original M1917 liner and chinstrap

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Italian Paratrooper Helmet M41-42 Post-War. Italian M39 Elmo Galea or Elmetto Galeanico helmet replica. This is a replica of the shell of a helmet from the M.V.S.N Legion. They were seen in old photos, used in parades or as guards of the palace in Rome. It would use the same liner as the M33 helmet. Regia Marina Talker Helmet M33 Every army involved in WWI and WWII used helmets to protect their combat troops. We offer a large variety of reproduction helmets that will meet the needs of Re-enactors as well as collectors. From the iconic M-1 US combat helmet to the German stahlhelm with its distinctive appearance, each helmet is made from quality materials

H-1772 WWI 30TH Division Helmet. Very good condition overall. Break to chin strap, but should not be seen as it is under the liner. $200: H-1770 WW1 5TH Division helmet. Exc condition overall. Full liner and chin strap. $225: H-1769 WWI US Army Helmet. Good condition overall. chinstrap has a break under the liner near the rivet. $12 1914-1918 Front-Fighter of the World War Decoration (Frontkämpfer des Weltkrieges Ehrenzeichen). An oval silver medal; the obverse depicting a steel helmet and a set of crossed swords superimposed on a German eagle, circumscribed Frontkämpfer des Weltkrieges 1914-1918, all within a laurel wreath; the reverse plain, with a vertical pinback, marked DRGM and Ges Additionally this pre-World War II illustration breaks down the various types of turban styles that were worn by the Indian Army: A shamla provided additional identification for the unit. In both World War I and World War II it was common for these soldiers to forego wearing a steel helmet as a result The helmet is formed from sheet steel between 1.1 and 1.2 mm thick. At no point is the thickness less than 0.95 mm. It is seamlessly stamped and the entire rim is crimped inwardly to a width of about 5 mm. The size of the helmet is so measured that the entire inside surface stands away 20 mm from the wearer's head Although many WWI model helmets (M1916 - M1918) were refurbished and used in WWII, the focus of this section will be on the four most common German combat helmets worn during WWII. In researching a German WWII helmet, collectors examine all aspects of the helmet--even using a jewelers loupe or a microscope

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  1. 001895. WW2 German M34 Civil Service Helmet. WW2 German M34 Civil Service/Police, Luftschutz, etc Helmet. No decals. Size 53 liner. Liner is in nice condition, and while complete with the chin strap it is broken and needs simple repair. Very good condition overall. $165.00. 001892. WW1 Grey Metal Trim Enlisted Prussian Pickelhauben / Spike Helmet
  2. 300 Petaluma Blvd North Petaluma, CA 94952: https://militaryantiquesmuseum.com PHONE: 707-763-2220 EMAIL: warguys@sonic.ne
  3. Leather Helmets WW1 German Prussian Pickelhaube leather Helmet replica. C $172.86. Free shipping. or Best Offer. WWI US Helmet 33rd. Div. C $125.38. or Best Offer

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WWII M35 Q64 German Army Double Decal Helmet. Item H622: Exterior displays light to moderate wear with approx. 97% of the factory parade green paint remaining. Both authentic and factory applied decals commensurate with the overall wear. This helmet bears the very desirable Bigfoot Heer adler decal which rates approx. 98% whereas the National tri-color rates approx. 96% WWI US M1917 Helmet 3rd Infantry Division Marked Civil Defense Use. Posted on April 8, 2020 November 11, 2020 by adminaxis. $ 229.99. This is a very nice all original US WWI era doughboy helmet that was painted with the 3rd Infantry Division logo. Somewhere along its life, it was again painted to denote Civil Defense Auxiliary Police use

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Item # 069 Title: PRE-WW1 TO WW1 USMC OFFICER'S DRESS HAT EGA 10K AND SILVER NS MEYER Description: The exact date of this officer's dress hat EGA is unknown, however it is known to pre-date WW1.It is depicted in the 1918 dated NS Meyer catalog. Fred Bruier's book covers this one on page 88. This is a quality constructed piece and the rear of the eagle is back marked STERLING with the NS. German helmet (Stahlhelm) M16, M17, M18. Model M16, as its marking says, started being produced in the 3 rd Reich in 1916 and was actively used by the Germans in WW1. M16 was made of a solid steel sheet with a forged method. M16 has a recognizable form - it has a large peak and a neck- flap, also there were so called horns on the side of. German WW1 M1918 M18 STAHLHELM Helmet 18 Gauge Steel Construction. 5.0 out of 5 stars. 2. $74.99. $74

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Top Pots US WWII Army M1 Infantry, M1C and M2 Paratrooper Helmets, Liners and Uniforms Sales. The ONLY business in the world dedicated to M1 Helmet PRESERVATION not just restoration. Now using webbing made from our three original WWII era shuttle looms on every M1 helmet sold An original WWI German W66 helmet. The helmet is size/maker stamped W66. The leather liner is gone but all 3 original pins are still present. The helmet has a little splattering of red paint - see pictures. There is a name written in the skirt in pencil. The helmet is in good condition for its age, with no cracks, dents, holes or pitting 178IMPH3 - WWI Prusian enlisted Feldmutzen field hat. Interior stamped size 57. Un-issued. $250. Likewise the lineal cord used for the attachment to a top button should the the helmet detach while the officer was riding. The exterior leather shell displays normal but light age cracking. The oficer's chin scales are original to the piece as.

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  1. Imperial German WWI Navy Pilot Badge - Museum Quality Replica. Price: $170.00. Product ID : 0107-287-003
  2. Original WWI WW1 USMC 6th Marines EGA M1917 Painted Helmet W/ Strap Stamp ZC223. C $678.45. 28 bids. Calculate Shipping. 1d left (Friday, 18:31) From United States. Customs services and international tracking provided. WW-1 U.S. ARMY DOUGHBOY HELMET
  3. G-2065 Set of 7 WWI German Battle Maps for some major combat areas. Each map is approx. 14 x 19 inches. $85. G-2064 Set of 7 WWI German Battle Maps for some major combat areas. Each map is approx. 14 x 19 inches. $85. G-2046 WWI German Garde du Korps enlisted helmet. Model 1894 Tombak helmet and chinstraps
  4. The Transitional Helmet. Transitional Helmet is the name given to any WW-1 Helmet that was refitted with the new 1931 model liner system. These helmets were issued in the pre-war build up period and began to give way to the new helmet in 1935, although to varying degrees WW-1 shells were reconditioned and issued until the end of the war
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  1. Many of the helmets were equipped with a WWI chin strap. This particular sample has a non-opening strap made of the same type of canvis as the WWI chin strap. The chin strap would attach to a fixed D-bail which was welded to the body of the experimental helmet. This is a closer look at the spring suspension built into the helmet
  2. M16 Helmet with Rare Frontal Plate Armor . Sold $ 1,000.00. Lot 064 Original Camo Painted WW1 Helmet . Sold $ 1,150.00. Lot 013 NSKK Motorcycle Helmet, Type 2, by ErEl . Sold $ 700.00. Lot 074 Bavarian Infantry Reserve Officer Model 1897 . Sold $ 1,375.00. Lot 075 Saxon Infantry Reserve Officer Model 1897 . Sold.
  3. For anyone getting into WW1 living history finding a good serviceable helmet with a well preserved liner can be a difficult task. At one time prices were reasonable, but, in my short time in the hobby I have watched as the price of a helmet has gone up; a year ago you could get a good helmet with liner for about $60 to $80 while I have seen current prices run as high as $150 to $180
  4. SHOP THROUGH OUR COLLECTION OF AUTHENTIC WWI AND WWII ERA STEEL HELMETS, BACKED BY OUR LIFETIME GUARANTEE FOR ORIGINALITY! Filter by. Sort by. US Army Air Corp WWII M-3 Flak Helmet. $ 395 View. US WWI Doughboy Helmet. $ 225 View. German WWII One Piece Luftschutz Helmet.
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Griffin Militaria. My name is Daniel Griffin, and I have been a collector and dealer in original military antiques and collectibles for over 40 years. I am a life member of the Forks of the Delaware Arms Association as well as a life member of the Ohio Valley Military Society. Moderator on Wehrmacht-Awards Forum , US Militaria Forum and the. Helmets. Miners wearing safety hats and Edison lamps preparing to enter mine. Harwick, PA, 1953. Prior to the 1920s, miners wore a soft cap made of cloth or canvas with a leather brim and lamp bracket to hold their light. But in 1919, Edward D. Bullard of San Francisco, California developed the first hard hat, basing it on the Doughboy helmet. Canadian Helmets. The Mk.II helmet was the standard Canadian Infantry helmet, as used throughout World War II being a modification of the Mk.I helmet what was introduced in April 1916 and used during the First World War. Production of the Mk.II began in 1938 and the first units were delivered to the armed forces in 1939

Welcome to World War Supply, your exclusive military accessory dealer! We are a veteran owned and operated company who takes pride in historically accurate and quality reproduction militaria. We have been collecting and dealing for over 20 years, and have become an industry leader in providing well priced and quality accessories The later model, the M1935, saw a production run of 2 million and was the helmet worn by Wehrmacht and SS troops into the first years of the Second World War. A black, white and red shield as well as a Third Reich helmet decal were added to either side of the stahlhelm, with specialized decals denoting the wearer as navy, air force or SS. These. WW1 US Model 1917 helmet with liner and chin strap. No painting and just as issued to the doughboys in 1917 and 1918. Getting hard to find like this for the 100th Anniversary of the Great War. Nice liner and intact legible tag in Crown. $195.0 91) WW2 British Army Tropical Issue Anti Mosquito Helmet Face Net 1944. No rating. To fit over the steel helmet & protect face and neck. £ 45.00. Add to cart. 1. 2. 3. Next Here we have 2 Honor Crosses of the World War 1914/1918 (Das Ehrenkreuz des Weltkriegs 1914/1918). One with Swords, (for combattants) and the other without, (Non-combattants). The cross was awarded to all veterans who where participants of WWI. The last one was awarded in 1944

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Helmet Authentication Forum. A forum for new and old members alike to post helmets and helmet related components like liners and chinstraps that they would like the forum members' opinions on authenticity. Note, photo requirements are the same as any other forum, 800x800 minimum size, left and right profiles of helmet, interior, closeups, lot. Op 't Eynde and Cameron Dale Bass, an associate research professor of biomedical engineering at Duke, tested a number of World War I helmets - the U.K./U.S. Brodie helmet, the French. Price of breeches is US$ 53 ( UK Pounds 40, Euro 49) including custom tailoring and door delivery anywhere in the world, WW1 US Uniforms. ww1 (world war 1, wwi) US Army Model 1918 Service wool Coat or Tunic: This is wool uniform coat also known as the Pershing Type tunic of the ww1 (world war 1, wwi) US Army Restored WW1 Helmets Helmet size 68 (liner size 61-62) $575.00 SOLD OUT. M18 helmets sizes available _____ M18s are occasionally available and when/if they are, they will be listed individually below . This is a typical example of the M16 helmets which I have stripped and repainted.. Original German WWII / WWI Transitional DD Heer Helmet. 1,150.00. Original German WWII M35 DD Heer Splotched Camouflaged Helmet. 2,875.00. Original German WWII Named M40 Luftwaffe 2 Tone Camouflaged Helmet. 2,500.00. Original German WWII Woodchip Camo M35 DD Heer Helmet - Battle Damaged. 1,950.00

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Please find below our selection of WW1 German Steel Helmets. Starting with the M16, these Helmets were introduced to offer significantly more protection than the spiked Pickelhaubes, as was required for 20th Century combat. We have a selection of M16 Stahlhelms in different camo designs, as well as M17 and M18 replica helmets for sale. 13 Items WWI IMPERIAL GERMAN AIRCRAFT 33 x 31 FABRIC SECTION WITH IRON CROSS #4 (FA-9) FOR SALE $2199 SOLD SOLD !!! WWII 26 X 32 ENAMEL METAL SIGN FOR MEETING SCHEDULE OF GERMAN NSDAP, SA, SS, NSKK, AND DAF ORGANIZATIONS. SIGN WOULD HAVE BEEN POSTED ON GOVERNMENT BUILDING (WWII-15) FOR SALE $799

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WW1 Austrian Uniform and Helmet colors . 7. 31 Oct 2016 10:17 a.m. PST. WWI British Armored Car Camouflage. 7. 24 Oct 2016 7:35 p Painting Gas Mask Lenses. 4. 07 Sep 2016 9:27 a.m. PST. Color of World War I Turkish Uniforms. 4. 05 Sep 2016 10:34 a.m. PST. Square bashing WW1 Russians painting guide. 3. 06 Aug 2016 10:28 a.m. PST. Early War. Ft De La Pompelle Reims. This site was a French fort during the course of WW1 and was briefly taken by the Germans in 1914. It was shortly reoccupied by the French and was a crucial fort to hold the area of Reims. It was attacked many times again by the Germans during the course of WW1 but was never retaken by the Germans WWI Imperial German M1915 Field Artillery Hauptmann Field Gray Tunic with Medals. $ 2,950.00. Item Number: 52077 WW1 helmets. Dec 4, 2016 - WWI Reference table The military doctrines of the early 1900s advocated a movement war where infantry would had assaulted, accompanied by mod... WW1 helmets

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The helmet is an ET68 with a lot number that is difficult to make out. It could be in the 5000 range which would place it's likely manufacture period in early 1940. The exterior of the helmet was coated with shellac after the stenciled words were applied. The liner and chinstrap show use but are intact and sound with pliable leather The Basic Recruiter Identification Badge is a silver crest that incorporates an eagle with raised wings straddling a flaming torch surrounded by a green banner with the words U.S. Army Recruiter. This is a Floor Lamp made out of a SPANDAU GEW 98 1916 WW1 German Rifle with a spent shell casing and a WW1 German Helmet as a lamp shade. Item #30282. JWL-0040-CW WWII Era Japanese Meatball Flag. Our Price: $49.95. Item #30271. JWL-0039-WPN WWII Era Silk Japanese Meatball Flag. Our Price: $64.95. Item #30078. JWG-0021-WPN WWII Era Japanese Meiji Canteen and Carrier. Our Price: $129.95 This sight is for the collector of German WW1 and WW2 steelhelmet. I buy, sell, and trade military helmet from all countrys from 1914 to 1945. Fine Military helmets are sold at this sight In the above photo on the right are the RAF Mk VIII goggles. The Mk VIII's were very popular with fighter pilots, to say the least. The Flight helmet is the RAF 42 pattern C helmet. (F-11) Shown above left and right are the B-7 goggles topping off the AN-H-15 summer helmet. It is rare to find a bomber crew, B-17 or B-24, wearing this helmet

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World War II sweatband for helmet liner (B1557) Sold World War II swept bad, made for the M - 1 helmet liner. Price: $0.00. World War II T handle shovel (B1538) Sold T handle shovel stamped US with canvas cover dated 1942. Maker Marked. Price: $0.00. World War II USMC Khaki Uniform (B1526) Sold The book lists every helmet plate (wappen) worn by the Imperial German Army on the eve of WWI in 1914, the helmets on which they were worn, the units that wore them, and a text description of each piece of headgear. Prices are listed for all of the helmets and mitres, the various parade devices, cloth covers, and general officers' helmets WORLD WAR II... GUARANTEED REAL OR MONEY BACK!! WWII IDENTIFICATION BADGE FOR MEMBER OF THE 256TH ORDNANCE BATTALION: ORIGINAL CHIN CUP FOR THE SHERLING B5 FLIGHT HELMET AIR CORPS WWII: This is an original fantastic condition chin cup for the B5 flying helmets of WWII. This would have been for the Winter Sherling type due to the. Officer Model 17th Lancer British Czaa Hat . BMX59. $1,200.00. WW2 US American Red Cross Volunteer Pin . FLU3227. $30.00. US Army WW2 M1 Garand Cartridge Belt - Boyt 43 . FLU3234. On Hold (GM) -WW2 German K98 Combat Bayonet


101ST 506TH HELMET DECAL-SPADE. $ 8.95. MUSUEM GRADE REPRODUCTION WWII US 101ST AIRBORNE 506TH PARATROOPER SPADE AND TICK HELMET DECAL. MADE FAMOUNS BY EASY COMPANY. HOW TO APPLY DECALS: 1. Immerse the decal in water. 2. When the decal is just moveable on the paper, remove from the water. This will take a minute or WW2 German Army M35 Combat Helmet Q62 Named . HG1438. $ 1,400.00 Add to cart. WW2 German M42 Half-Basket Chickenwire Helmet . HG3001cxa. $ 2,850.00 Add to cart. WW2 German Army M40 helmet w/net-camo Q64 . HG1437. $ 1,200.00 Add to cart Mar 29, 2019 - Explore AndreaSilva60's photos on Flickr. AndreaSilva60 has uploaded 115 photos to Flickr History By George Germany: WWI Steel helmet shell $225.00. German WWI helmet shell with brownish green paint . No liner, but helmet is strong and could be relined if one wished