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In order to do this, chinchilla owners can use dust or sand and provide a sand or dust bath for their pet. Chinchilla dust can be purchased from any good pet store It is an essential part of the upkeep of a chinchilla. However, chinchilla dust is very fine and is unfortunately bad for the respiratory system of a hamster Is chinchilla dust harmful to hamsters? Is a sand bath better? - Answered by a verified Pet Specialist. We use cookies to give you the best possible experience on our website. wondering if there was a safe way to dye your hamsters fur Using chinchilla dust isn't safe for them because it is bad for a hamster's respiratory system but chinchilla sand is perfectly fine. I answered a similar question about different types of sand and how to give a proper sand bath and toilet here

Also, never use chinchilla bath dust for hamsters. While dust baths are safe for chinchillas, which in their natural habitat take frequent dust baths to better absorb skin oils and keep their coats clean and healthy, these are not good for hamsters. However, there are products that can be used if you want to give your hamster a relaxing bath The two types of cat litter that are safe for your hamster are wood pellet cat litters and paper based cat litters. Toys that are glued together. Hamster toys are often glued to hold them together. Chinchilla dust. When giving your hamster a sand bath you have two options

Is this Kaytee chinchilla bath sand, safe for hamsters? I know dust is not safe but this says sand. Double checking before I buy! Close. 0. Posted by 1 year ago. Archived. Is this Kaytee chinchilla bath sand, safe for hamsters? I know dust is not safe but this says sand. Double checking before I buy Through industry, we've also created various other kinds of safe dust that don't cause this damage. It therefore makes sense to use these instead, even if blue cloud is the most 'natural'—the most similar to what wild chinchillas use. Other Kinds of Chinchilla Dust. Not all chinchilla dusts have silica in them Hamsters can also take a sand or dust bath, which might be an unfamiliar concept to some pet parents but is well known by chinchilla owners. A regular bath in special sand or dust made especially for chinchillas is essential, as rolling around in the sand or dust absorbs oil and dirt from the chinchilla's fur and will help keep it healthy

Is chinchilla dust harmful to hamsters? Is a sand bath better

One final option is chinchilla bath sand (Amazon, #CommissionsEarned). This is completely different from chinchilla dust and the two should not be confused. Chinchilla bath sand tends to be a bit more expensive and some brands of chinchilla bath sand can be quite dusty so be sure to check it out before you give it to your hamster A chinchilla will outlive a hamster by many years. While hamsters live up to 2 years, chinchillas can live up to 20 years. Their diets also differ. Hamsters need a protein-rich diet with fruits and vegetables. On the other hand, a chinchilla's diet should be high in roughage, but you can also give them fruits and vegetables moderately ALL NATURAL SAND - THE IMPORTANCE OF A SAND BATH Bathing sand is essential for some small animals are a nice treat for others,most effective bathing dust for cleaning & protecting the fur and skin of our chinchilla, hamster, gerbil, or degus. Chinchillas, hamsters and degus should have a regular sand bath Hamsters love digging into sand and even getting their nose in the sand, and inhaling these dangerous substances could harm their delicate respiratory systems. Supreme Tiny Friends Sand (it used to be safe but the formula was changed making it unsafe) Chinchilla dust; Colored reptile sand; Reptile sand with added calciu In this article, you'll discover how to care for your Gerbils, and whether or not it's safe to use Chinchilla's dust? How often should I give my Gerbil a dust bath? If you are in the process of buying a pet for your home or at your local animal shelter, you need to ask the question how often should I give my gerbil a dust bath

Dwarf hamsters tend to prefer finer and softer sands while Syrian hamsters aren't as specific. Reptile Sand and Chinchilla Sand are good options for the former. However, reptile sand sold under the name Zoo Med ReptiSand is the only one safe to use for hamsters Hamster Bathing Sand,Gerbil Powder Grooming Sand for Tiny Friends Farm Chinchilla Dust Bath Potty Litter Sand (2LB) (Hamster Sand) (Hamster Bath Sand Dust(B)) 4.3 out of 5 stars 176 $14.99 $ 14 . 99 $16.99 $16.9 Chinchilla Balls and Why You Should Not Allow A Chinchilla To Use Excercise Balls. Exercise balls (often referred to as hamster balls) pose a few unique dangers for your chinchilla that should always be avoided. A chinchilla is not a hamster so they do not need to be using hamster balls or balls intended for hamsters or other rodents While Chinchilla Sand is a good option for litter, CHINCHILLA DUST IS NOT. Neither is FINE HAMSTER BATH SAND. The dust is way too fine and will irritate the eyes, nose and respiratory tracts, causing severe infection that will require veterinary attention. Anything resembling powder or dust needs to be avoided My hamster loved it, so I ordered a second time... The second time I ordered the product, I received dust. The box and bags were all labelled as Chinchilla Bath Sand. I hadn't checked carefully before pouring it in my hamster's bath, and when he rolled around and popped out, he was a very dusty boy! (See photos--he is a brown Djungarian hamster.

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  2. g behaviors for chinchillas, hamsters, gerbils, and degus
  3. Hamster Dust Bath House, Plastic Sand Bathroom Container with Scoop Hamster Sandbox Protective Gloves for Small Animals Chinchilla Golden Bears Black Bear Hamsters Gerbil Mouse. 3.8 out of 5 stars 49 $12.99 $ 12 . 9

What Chinchilla DUST is SAFE? We pampered our chinnies just like you! Why take risk to use unknown dust that may cause health hazard to yourself and your chins. 1) Blue cloud DOES NOT contain NO arsenic, NO lime, or NO free silica. Blue Cloud is a by-product of mining down in Saugus (Southern California Discover why chinchillas need dust baths, the best dust to buy for a chinchilla dust bath, and special dust bath houses. In this article we'll take a look at what exactly a chinchilla dust bath is. Also why dust baths are necessary to keep your pet clean, healthy and happy

♦ MOST EFFECTIVE BATHING DUST for cleaning & protecting the fur and skin of your chinchilla, hamster, gerbil, or degus. That means a happier little pet and a healthier coat! ♦ MADE FROM THE PUREST NATURAL PUMICE on the planet. This is the only natural bathing dust sourced directly from the purest deposit of white pumice in Malad City, Idaho Our Bathing Sand is 100% natural sand and is totally dust free and free from bacteria. It is also naturally absorbent. They will thoroughly enjoy themselves and the sand will help keep their coats healthy by removing excess oils

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  1. ate it. Corncob bedding is not a good choice for a.
  2. 2. You Have to Give Them Dust Baths Fairly Regularly. Dust bathing, which is a type of maintenance animal behavior, may sound unappealing at first. However, chinchilla care includes regular dust baths (using specially formulated products) since that will keep its coat healthy and silky. A dust bath should also prevent the fur from getting too oily
  3. Hamsters use it as a potty too. Mouse loves digging around in the sand and would use that as a pee spot. Using her bath sand as a potty also means that Mouse's cage stays smelling fresher over longer periods of time, and less need to spot clean. However, remember there is a difference between bath sand and chinchilla bath dust

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An alternative to Chinchilla Dust is the superior option, Chinchilla Bath Sand. This is made from 100% natural volcanic mountain pumice. It's virtually dust free and easy to use. In addition to the sand or dust, chinchillas will need a bath house. This is a plastic or ceramic house that holds the dust or sand Our store is dedicated to providing safe supplies for your chinchilla. At TJs if we sell it, we use it. We have quality chinchilla food such as Mazuri, Manna Pro, and Purina Rabbit Show, chinchilla ledges, chinchilla hidey houses, chinchilla toys and toy parts, homemade chinchilla toys, safe chinchilla treats and safe chinchilla herbs, blue sparkle and blue cloud dust, bulk toy parts, lava. I have a hamster water bottle hung up in her cage. Water can help when your chinchilla is too hot. You should never have the temperature hotter than 70. If it is I would suggest giving them some ice cubes to munch on. For my chinchillas dust bath , I use Oxbow ( the same product that my chinchillas hay and food comes from.

Your hamster may use the sand bath as a litter tray, which is perfectly fine - and all you need to do is sift out the soiled bits so you can re-use the sand several times over. Unsafe with risks of respiratory illnesses: x Scented sand x Chinchilla dust / dusty sand x Baby powder x Sand with silica or clay content. Safe sand in Singapore This is a highly rated choice, that is entirely dust free, and chinchilla sand for hamsters is safe to use. Another good choice is Kaytee Chinchilla Bath Sand*. Its very positively reviewed by numerous hamster owners. There are lots of different types of sand available on amazon, however it is important to read reviews carefully to avoid ending Step 1 - Thoroughly clean the bowl/dish out with an animal safe antibacterial spray. Use a towel or cloth to dry the new bath. Step 2 - Open your chinchilla bathing sand for hamsters and find a table spoon.. Step 3 - Fill the bowl, jar or dish up with roughly 7-10 tablespoons of sand. Make sure you have dried the bowl thoroughly before hand to stop the sand sticking

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Blue Cloud Chinchilla Dust safely penetrates your pet chinchilla's dense fur. Dust particles collect excess oil, dirt and moisture to keep your pet clean, healthy and happy. The Dust particles fall away naturally, taking dirt, and oil with them. Ingredients 100% Blue Cloud Dust Directions: Bathe your chinchilla 2-4 times per week to remove. For this reason, it is advisable to grab your chinchilla by its hair. 9. Chinchillas Bath Themselves. Never make a mistake of bathing your chinchilla in water. Their dense fur has some natural oil. Once you put it in water, you will strip it off. Let them 'wash' in the dust. It helps in keeping your chinchilla's coats silky smooth Chinchilla Dust Bath Schedule . The dust bath should only be made available to the chinchilla intermittently, rather than left in the cage indefinitely. Too much bathing can dry their skin out and if the dust is left in the cage, chinchillas will often sit in the bathtub and/or use it as a litter box

Top 11 Best Chinchilla Cage Review in 2021 and Buying Guide The bedding will be the safest place for it and you must keep the bed absorbent and dust-free. There are a lot of online pet stores where you can buy All hamsters need bedding because it absorbs bodily fluids and hamsters like the bedding to sleep and feel safe. Can hamsters. DIY dust baths are great but if you want to get one that is already made, then you'll want to look for dust baths that are easy to clean and a good size for your degus. Sale Lixit 30-0189-006 Chinchilla Dry Bat Chinchilla sand like Kaytee Chinchilla Bath Sand is a good option. Make sure you purchase sand, not dust, as dust can cause respiratory problems in hamsters. Hamster teeth grow constantly, but gnawing on hamster-safe materials can help keep them from growing too long. A few good options include unpainted, untreated wood chips, hay and twigs PIVBY Hamster Bathing Sand Tiny Friends Farm Chinchilla Dust Bathing Sand Toys for Bunny Rabbits Guinea Pigs Gerbils(2LB): Amazon.com.au: Pet Supplie Hamsters are crepuscular, most active at dawn and dusk. They can learn to wake up earlier in the day if this is associated with treats, but they should be allowed long periods to rest in the day with a nice dark nest box.. Because their teeth grow constantly, Chinese hamsters need items that are safe to chew to wear down their teeth.. Novelty is important to hamsters, therefore it is.

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Pure Comfort - Natural. Soft, safe, and sure to please! Oxbow's Pure Comfort Natural bedding is made of 100% pure, never-printed paper to create a clean, safe, and ultra-soft bedding material for pets of all sizes. Pure Comfort provides superb odor control and moisture absorption, making cleanup easy 30. Show all 3 for $18.25. Description. Your furry friend will look so fresh and clean after bathing in Tiny Friends Farm Bathing Sand! This 100% natural sand works to remove skin oils from chinchillas, hamsters, gerbils and degus. Plus, it's dust-free, which makes it extra safe for your pal's lungs and yours too Other examples are play sand or (you will need to heat it at 350F for about ten minutes before using) chinchilla bath SAND not dust, or Some hamsters will also use their sand bath as a litter box. To setup the sand bath I would recommend using a hide in the bath an filling up the container about halfway up Dust baths can be made at home using a large bowl but cleaner options will be glass fish bowls and specially made dust bath houses for chinchillas. A very small amount of chinchilla dust is needed for your pet to not only help keep its coat healthy but to have some fun rolling around. Dust baths should only be offered two to three times a week 99.9% dust free paper bedding. Twice as absorbent as wood shavings and won't stain habitat. Safe for guinea pigs, rabbits, hamsters, rats, chinchillas and other small animals. Made in the USA! Precautions. Not recommended for the use of baby birds. Animal consumption of any bedding product should be avoided. See all items by Kayte

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A chinchilla hammock is a great way to provide your furry friends with some cuddly and soft place they can rest and sleep when not exercising - and a chinchilla hammock works best. It can be a single or double- layer made out of rope or fleece, and they are perfect for making your chins feel more secure in their habitat Chinchilla Wheel Running surface: Ensure that the wheel you get for your furry friends has a stable and safe running surface that's comfortable for their nimble feet. The running surface should also be wide enough to enhance the safety of your chinchillas. Be sure to have soft bedding if your chinchilla should fall off the wheel Helps your chinchilla clean himself naturally and promotes a lush coat and healthy skin. Made with 100% natural volcanic pumice sourced from the Andes Mountains where wild chinchillas thrive. Ultra-low dust so your pal can take baths with less mess, and is easy to pour into your pal's bathing bowl out of the package

My chinchilla was, perhaps, my favorite small mammal pet of all time (compared to all my mice, rats, gerbils, hamsters, & ferrets). To begin with, he was a neutered male--that eliminates a great deal of behavioral issues in male chinchillas and t.. Also, hamsters love this Hamsters can also take a sand or dust bath, which might be an unfamiliar concept to some pet parents but is well known by chinchilla owners. A regular bath in special sand or dust made especially for chinchillas is essential, as rolling around in the sand or dust absorbs oil and dirt from the chinchilla's fur and will. This litter is completely safe for the sensitive respiratory system of your ferret and your whole household because it is 99% dust-free and 100% non-allergenic. Litters that are made into pellets are better in absorption and odour-management

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Bathing Dust for Chinchillas 3kg. in store only. FREE Click & Collect in as little as 1 hour. FREE Delivery on orders over £39. Product Description. Suitable for the following small pet breeds: Chinchillas, Degus. Bathing Dust for Chinchillas by B and D is a mineral absorbent clay powder uniquely designed for the bathing of your chinchilla Now that you know what a right Chinchilla cage entails you can go ahead and buy one that suits your budget and meet your pets' needs. Our review of the 7 Best Chinchilla cages in 2019 will make your search for the best cage a breeze. The cages are affordable, durable and don't compromise on your chinchillas' safety, comfort, and health Hamsters can fill their cheek pouches and get stuck in the tubes and suffocate. Ovo Habitrail tubes are considered safe, also 3+ PVC or ABS plumbing tubing from the hardware store is a good choice. Chinchilla dust and Tiny Friends Farm Bathing Sand are too fine grained which can lead to respiratory issues; Calcium sand is dangerous if ingeste Some hamsters love a little extra help by way of a dust bath, but you need to make sure that the dust you provide doesn't irritate their eyes. Chinchilla dust is excellent for this purpose. All you need to do is put a little of the dust in a sturdy container that isn't going to move around all over the cage

Hamsters, Rats & Mice, Gerbils, Chinchilla, Degu Hamsters (never cedar or pine shavings as the phenols are toxic to rats and mice). A nest box and safe toys (cardboard tubes are great). Running wheel for mice (no open rings). A specially developed chinchilla dust is best a couple of inches deep. This should be made available. Chinchilla Sand - Made from the highest quality materials. 100% Safe for Pets. Keeps your dwarf hamsters entertained for hours. Check Price on Amazon: FATPET Hamster Bathroom - Ideal for dwarf hamsters and other small furry animals.Made with hamster safe material. Easy to clean and resistant to odors Is this sand safe for hamsters? It says safe for aquarium use and it's obviously not a sand bath like chinchilla sand, but is it safe for use in the cage? 4 comments. share. save. hide. report. 100% Upvoted. This thread is archived. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast Hamsters under 6 months need: 20-24% protein. 4-7% crude fat 6-15% crude fiber. Cleanliness: Hamster clean themselves like cats, and only need a sand bath in their cage. Only use unscented chinchilla sand, not dust or scented sand. Some tried and tested sand are Vitakraft Sandy, Versele Laga, and Tiny Friends Farm Demodicosis in gerbils, hamsters, and rats *Keep animals in a warm draft-free location after dipping. Flea powders, sprays, and foams approved for cats are usually safe . Lice, fur mites, fleas in guinea pigs, rats and mice. Thoroughly clean and sanitize the pet's environment prior to returning it to that environment

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Ask a store associate for details. Chinchillas are closely related to guinea pigs, and many Pet Parents find that their soft fur, lack of odor and clean habits are a few reasons why they make great pets. They keep their soft fur clean by taking a dust bath 2-3 times per week. (It's really fun to watch, too! Hamster balls can collect dust inside, and hamsters will often soil them with droppings and hamster food as they use them. Therefore, hamster balls should be wiped free of any material that has accumulated inside to prevent harmful bacteria or other infectious or toxic material from building up and affecting your hamster's health Short answer: no. Although it may hurt, especially if the animal latches on for a long period of time. But with a little soap, warm water and cotton wool, you'll be able to clean the wound in no time. If your pet isn't vaccinated, it might be best to see a doctor, especially if the wound is deep. However, this is pretty rare Hamster safe bedding November 17, 2015 November 17, 2015 jojorun. You can put a hamster potty in this corner with Chinchilla bathing sand in. Sand is another contentious issue - it must be sand and not 'dust'. There are hamster potty litters available, but again these can clog and cause digestive issues if eaten..

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Chinchilla dust bathing has three phases. In the first phase, the paw phase, they bring the dust to their bodies. Next, in the cheek phase, they rub the dust on their faces. In the final phase, the spin phase, they roll their bodies in the dust. The longer a chinchilla has gone without a dust bath, the more it will spin in the dust. Source: Pixaba Coarse sand (but not dust) can be safely used in your hamster's cage and can help your hamster's cage feel more like their natural habitat. Something similar to this: Chinchilla Bath Sand (Amazon, #CommissionsEarned) is suitable for your hamster, or sand designed for Chinchillas is also safe

A chinchilla needs a place to sleep/hide, multiple safe ledges, chew toys of wood, pumice, and other safe materials, an exercise wheel or flying saucer, a food bowl, a hay rack, a safe water bottle (glass), and a place to take dust baths. Expect to spend $300 or so at first, on top of the cost of the chin itself Give your hamster a bath! You should never put your hamster anywhere near water! Some people also use non toxic baby wipes. You shouldn't do that either. Many hamsters are very allergic to baby wipes. One bath option is a chinchilla sand bath. Sand is very safe for your hamster, and most hamsters will definitely enjoy rolling in the sand Chinchillas should never be bathed in water. The fine chinchilla dust provided for a dust bath penetrates the thickness of the chinchilla's fur and absorbs oils and clears away dirt. Not only do dust baths keep their fur in tip-top shape, but chinchillas also seem to enjoy having a vigorous dust bath. 06 of 08 13 Posts. #7 · Jan 21, 2014. if you're talking about chinchilla dust bath/sand then i personally wouldn't use it on my hedgehogs because the sand is used to absorb oils from the chinchilla's fur since they cant be bathed with water due to chances of fungal infection-etc, and hedgies can get dry skin really easily so it will be bad. i'd stay. Hamsters will use that same sand bath to urinate in. They will stop cleaning their fur in the sand when it becomes too dirty. Sand for the sand baths can be purchased in a pet store. It is often sold as aquarium or reptile sand. Be sure not to buy chinchilla dust, which is too fine and can cause respiratory issues

Chinchillas are easily bored so put lots of stimulating toys and safe items for them to chew in their housing. Any ledges, shelves and toys should be made from untreated, safe woods and plastic should be avoided completely. Dust baths. Chinchillas need access to a dust bath to wash at least 2-3 times a week for a short amount of time Safe Cage Interior; Food; Chinchilla dust bathing must be completed two to three times weekly. hamsters, mice, skunks, and rats! If you are wondering why chinchillas are primarily active at dawn and dusk, think for a moment about how they adapted to survive in the wild. Chinchillas are a preyed upon animal, and many predators hunt. 6. Clean and wash your hamster's space regularly. There's a happy medium between keeping your hamster's home clean and comfy and creating undue stress by cleaning it too much. In general: Clean the toilet area daily. Spot change bedding as needed (when soiled/wet) Wipe out their food dish weekly Lixit Blue Beauty Dust is a very fine, natural powder with no glass or sand content. It makes an ideal medium to provide a safe, clean, healthy dust bath for your small pet. Just place it in a dry bath and watch it your chinchilla play and frolic! Safe, all natural dry bath dust for small pets. Great for chinchillas, gerbils, degus and hamsters Designed for small pets and hamsters the carrier features a revolutionary design that allows you to have an eye on your pet while your chinchilla feels sheltered and safe. This is possible thanks to the one full clear side of the carrier which also allows your pet to enjoy the view while being safe

Forum Home > General questions concerning your hamster > Chinchilla dust ; Nikki. Member Posts: 22 I bought some chinchilla dust about June for my robo because his fur was going greasy. But all he seems to use it for is the toilet. It says on this website: They'll work out what the bowl is for eventually. but it's been about five months and. Chinchilla Cages When budgeting the cost of a chinchilla as a pet, you have to account for the cage and other additional costs associated with owning a chinchilla. A standard chinchilla cage will cost about $200. However, chinchillas need a great deal of exercise, and a simple cage will not be enough Chinchilla Bathing Sand Dust, Hamsters, Degus 1.5kg Description. Supersoft bathing sand, suitable for chinchillas, hamsters & degus, chinchilla sand safely grooms chinchillas fur by absorbing excess moisture & oil from their lush fur coat, leaving it shiny & soft maintaining a healthy coat. 1.5kg Hamsters need bedding. One of the unavoidable duties of owning a hamster is to provide them with that bedding. This shouldn't be a problem unless you or your hamster are allergic to the bedding. The two types of allergies most pet owners have an issue with are dust allergies and wood allergies

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Description. The Kaytee Ceramic Critter Bath promotes natural grooming and bathing behaviors in small chinchillas, gerbils, and dwarf hamsters. Giving small pets access to a dust bath several times a week helps prevent their hair from getting matted from natural oils and keeps their coat healthier Chinchillas have slightly longer bodies and fluffier tails than degus. Also, chinchillas have rounder eyes, while degus have eyes that are shaped more like almonds. Some people liken the chinchilla to guinea pigs and the degu to hamsters. At a Glanc 4. Niteangel Hamster Sand Bath Dust Free Box. Wooden Critter's Shower & Digging Sand Bathtub for Small Animals Like Hamsters Mice Lemming or Gerbils. Niteangel is a brand registered in USA. They have an online shop with a wide variety of products for hamsters, rabbits, Chinchilla, Guinea pigs, birds and reptiles Supersoft bathing sand. leaving it shiny & soft maintaining a healthy coat. Lazy Bones Hutch Cover for LB329 Hutch ONLY. Lazy Bones Hutch Cover for LB328 Hutch ONLY. Lazy Bones Feeding Cube For Small Animals Large Find many great new & used options and get the best deals for Chinchilla Dry Bath Dwarf Hamster Bathroom Hedgehog Sand Room Small Animals Bath at the best online prices at eBay! Free shipping for many products

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If your hamster isn't great at keeping themselves clean you can either purchase a hamster specific sand bath or a chinchilla sand bath. Are dust baths safe for hamsters? Dust baths are not recommended for hamsters as dust is a lot finer than sand is. This can potentially harm your hamster by getting stuck in their throat, mouth or nose Find chinchilla dust bath containers and bathing dust, which is also suitable for gerbils, hamsters and degus. Regular dust baths, from twice a week to daily, will help keep your chinchilla's fur clean and soft. From ferret shampoo to rabbit brushes, nail trimmers to grooming wipes, we have your small pet covered - literally - from head to toe KSPL Aspen Shavings Bedding for Hamster, Guinea Pig, Rabbit, Gerbil, Rat, Mouse, Python, Snake, Tortoise, Bird, Chinchilla, etc. Dust Free Bedding -1.7 KG Pet Centre Chipsi Classic Wood Shavings Bedding/Litter for Small Animals (3.2 kg Features :â ¤100% natural volcano dust and is totally free from bacteria.Great chioice for chinchilla,bunny hamster bath.â ¤ It is the choice of ma.. Supreme Tiny Friends Farm Chinchilla Bathing Sand. This bathing sand comes recommended by gerbil owners for bathing. Kaytee Chinchilla Bath Sand. This nearly dust-free sand is made from volcanic ash and comes in five premeasured packets. Oxbow POOF! Chinchilla Dust . Dust is an alternative to sand you may want to try. See which one your gerbil.