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  1. Blue French Bulldogs have a condition known as blue dog alopecia, which is a known inherited condition. In addition to the health issues affecting the breed, a blue French Bulldog is more likely to suffer from inherited diseases. The pedigree of the blue French Bulldog cannot be claimed
  2. Perhaps some of the more serious health problems of French Bulldog breeds include those that affect the spine, causing pain, lameness, and low quality of life for the dogs. Frenchies can suffer from several spinal issues, including intervertebral disc disease, degenerative myelopathy and hemivertebrae
  3. Blue French Bulldog Health Issues. A lot of dog breeds have health problems and will be susceptible to health problems. The Blue French bulldog is a breed that can be susceptible to health problems because of their short body and their flat faces. This means that you just need to take good care of these dogs and make sure that you buy them from.
  4. Blue French Bulldog Hair Loss In addition to the health issues affecting all French Bulldogs, a pure blue French Bulldog is more likely to suffer from a skin condition known as alopecia
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Blue Merle French Bulldog health concerns Like mentioned before - the dog will not suffer any additional health problems just by being a merle, however, the French Bulldog breed is prone to some health issues, and one of the most important ones you should learn about is IVDD. Never heard of IVDD Any purebred dog breed can inherit certain genetic health problems and the Blue French Bulldog inherits several health issues. The Blue Frenchie has a brachycephalic shaped face. This is a typical flat face, shortened muzzle with narrow nostrils, which means that they will struggle when breathing to get enough oxygen into their body That the health issues in the blue color is NOT do to coloring but to poor breeding judgment and inbreeding. My findings lead me to believe that one should be more concerned with the quality of the dog and the integrity of the breeder rather then the dog's eye & coat color Blue-eyed French Bulldogs can produce totally healthy offspring, but there is a higher probability of getting puppies with congenital health issues such as deafness or blindness. Litters from a Marle carrier bred with a non-carrier are less likely to exhibit any health issues Blues (colored like a Weimaraner) have been more of an issue with the breed than any other fad color. This color tends to produce yellow- or green-eyed dogs, which as noted above can lead to..

Blue French Bulldog Health Issues. A pure blue French Bulldog is more probable to suffer from a skin disorder known as alopecia in addition to the health problems affecting all French Bulldogs. This condition may not be evident to your dog when you purchase it as it will not necessarily evolve until they are older The most common health problems were skin problems (17.9%), ear infections (14%), diarrhoea (7.5%) and conjunctivitis (3.2%). List of French Bulldog health issues by prevalence 1. Otitis externa (inflammation of the middle ear) - 14 Deafness, or hearing loss, is an all too common health problem in French Bulldogs. It can be present at birth due to genetic defects or develop over time in older dogs. Fortunately, you can rule out congenital deafness by conducting a test known as the BAER test in puppies as young as 6 weeks old The blue French Bulldog color is in the rare or exotic color price range. It will cost you between 4000-6000 $ to get a blue canine companion. This pattern is very controversial in the French Bulldog community since it can cause severe health issues, if two merles French bulldogs are bred together. A merle French Bulldog should only be bred.

French Bulldogs are not among the healthiest of breeds. They have a well-documented high incidence of allergies, intervertebral disk disease, hemivertebrae, hip dysplasia, brachycephalic airway syndrome, cleft palate, and so on. This begs a couple of questions. Firstly, why introduce further risk factors The blue French bulldog has allergies most of the time, and you will make many trips to the vet with these dogs. They have other issues, such as back and neck issues thanks to their short, curved spines Health problems: all French bulldogs are vulnerable to health problems, as described. Vets say blue French bulldogs are much more vulnerable to such health conditions such as congenital sturdy, which is a genetically engineered hearing deficiency. Avoid warmer climates: Blue Frenchie's do not enjoy it if you live in a warmer climate Blue french bulldog health issues Blue french bulldog is facing more health issues as compared to other dogs due to its wrinkles. Moreover, due to this condition, they face skin problems and skin allergies. Mostly they are facing the challenge of alopecia

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Blue Merle French Bulldogs have very colorful fur, where there are patches of different shades of blue and white all around; Health Issues With a Blue French Bulldog. Even Though a Blue French Bulldog lives up to around 12 years, like any other dog, they do have some underlying health problems that any new owner should be aware of: Their Short. On average you will have to pay $2000-$3000 for a Blue French Bulldog. A pup from a well-documented pedigree can run you well over $3500. Adult dogs tend to cost a bit less due to the decreased demand. Still, they will cost you more than most other breeds at around $1500 to $2000 Another reason was that the first litters of blue Frenchies showed certain health issues such as Alopecia. Nowadays, the gene pool is large enough to select completely healthy Blue French bulldogs that have been cleared from all hereditary health issues. That's why is extremely important to buy a puppy from a reputable breeder Blue French bulldog Health Problems. Ear Infections; French Bulldogs have tiny ear canals, and for this reason, are very unsafe to ear infections. They are also responsive to allergies which can give them these germs. In addition, ear glands grow up to combat diseases and create more extra wax than average French Bulldog Health Issues (The Definitive Guide) Published: July 17, 2016 Updated: October 8, 2018 Even though the French bulldog is considered to be the healthiest bulldog, this breed may also have some health issues you, as its dog owner, should be aware of


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1.0.2 all bulldog owners nееd to knоw what tо look for and whаt соrrесtіоnѕ to take should a nеw pet develop аnу hеаlth issues; October 8, 2018 even though the french bulldog is considered to be the healthiest bulldog, this breed may also have some health issues you, as its dog owner, should be aware of If you notice your French Bulldog's eye have changed color to a blue or cloudy appearance, please consult with your vet immediately. Handy Hint: I've published a list of the 31 health problems that can afflict the French Bulldog breed. Read this guide to health issues and what to look out for. Why are my French Bulldogs eyes red

Health complications in the blue French Bulldog will usually arise as a result of poor breeding practices. And the poor breeding practices are only created because there's demand by buyers. While the chances of genetic and hereditary medical problems will decrease significantly with a reputable breeder, they won't ever disappear entirely The blue French bulldog generally does not develop digestive problems. However, like any pet, they need to be fed properly to keep them healthy and active. High-quality kibble, fruits, and vegetables are great for his overall health In summary, the French Bulldog is basically a very healthy dog breed; the most healthy of the bully breeds. Certainly, there are potential congenital problems and precautions that need to be taken due to their bred-in characteristics, but if you provide reasonable care for your Frenchie, he or she will in all probability live a long and healthy. In addition to the health issues affecting all French Bulldogs, a pure blue French Bulldog is more likely to suffer from a skin condition known as alopecia. Answered By: Rylee Gerhold Date created: Sat, Dec 5, 2020 2:00 A

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The risk of health issues. Perhaps the most polarising argument about blue French bulldogs is the one surrounding health issues that are specifically associated with the blue colour. The blue colour specifically is one that can lead to hereditary health issues within many dog breeds, and this is something that French bulldog advocates lobby. A blue fawn French Bulldog has a light brown coat and a grey mask over their face. Their eyes are usually light brown, green or blue. Blue fawn Frenchies are disqualified from the show bench, but they are popular pets. Unfortunately however, they are vulnerable to significant health problems, which potential owners ought to know about

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Blue Frenchies have a recessive dilution gene that causes that ghostly blue sheen on their coats. That gene has long been associated with health problems, even in the Weimaraner breed, where it is a part of the breed standard. To get a Blue French Bulldog, you need to breed two dogs that have the recessive dilution gene Thus, we are here to provide you all of the information you need to know about the blue merle french bulldog puppy. In this article, we will have a brief discussion about their breed, appearance, health issues, and how to raise one if you want to. We can ensure that by the end of this article you will fall in love with the beautiful Merle Frenchie People should not buy pugs or French bulldogs as a gift this Christmas, a vet has said. An 'explosion' in demand for the popular breeds has left the dogs with deformities and health problems. Blue French Bulldog Health Problems. Major concerns. Brachycephalic Airway Obstruction Syndrome (BAOS) Being a brachycephalic breed, the French bulldog can have some degree of increased work associated with breathing with varying degrees of obstruction to their airways, due to shortened muzzles, elongated and fleshy soft palate, and narrowed.

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Unfortunately, rare French bulldogs can be prone to many health issues and some of them are narrow nostrils, allergies, elongated soft palate, issues with vision, and hip dysplasia. The most popular rare French bulldog colors are: lilac/ Isabella. merle. blue The main reason why the blue French Bulldog is barred from competing in dog shows is that the blue coat color can only occur if the breeder has deliberately bred for the dilute gene mutation. The dilute gene mutation is a recessive gene that is linked not just with coat color changes but with certain health issues 5. Merle French Bulldogs Are More Expensive Than Regular French Bulldogs. Because this type of French bulldog is not natural, its cost is significantly higher. These canines can be priced anywhere from $6,000-$8,000 unlike a regular French bulldog that costs around $1,500-$3,000

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So far, so good - this suggests that a Merle Bulldog is a rare breed, and a great pet for any dog lover. That's certainly what a breeder wants you to believe too. Sadly, Merle Bulldogs are prone to a variety of health problems and should never be bred, especially not for sale There is some controversy about how healthy a rare colored Frenchie can be. If you want to purchase a rare Frenchie, you'll need to be prepared for possible health issues. The most common rare colored French Bulldog that has health conditions is the Blue. Let's have a look at some of the health problems with rare colored French Bulldogs Calvin Dykes, the French Bull Dog Club of America's chairperson for health and genetics, notes that the club has required health tests for member breeders that have improved the French bulldog.

The ideal Merle French Bulldog is bred to the AKC French Bulldog standard with sturdy bone structure and a typical frenchie head and expression. HEALTH ISSUES The merle gene by itself does not cause health issues. Merle is a dominant gene. Blue, Chocolate, Black & Tan and Merle. Learn More About Our Moms. Available Puppies 6. With this recessive gene, some particular health problems can arise. It's possible that the dog can suffer from malformed spines or alopecia, on top of the usual health problems French Bulldogs as a breed can face. A Frenchie's adorable snub nose actually causes the dog some respiratory issues. Breathing can be especially difficult for them At the end of the day, is it really worth getting a Blue French Bulldog if these potential and serious health problems may arise? No matter what color, a French Bulldog will be an affectionate and endearing companion for years to come. It really doesn't matter which French Bulldog color you end up getting, that is, unless you decide on blue Strict anti-color enthusiasts like to say that French Bulldogs of DQ (Disqualifiying) Color, like blues, are less healthy or more prone to health issues. This is absolutely FALSE! Traditional black/brindle/seal have the same possibility of having the same health issues as nontraditional colors like blue/brown/cream and so forth

Blue Bulldog health problems are the Blue Bulldog healthy? Blue French Bulldog is quite striking however can be prone to Color Dilution Alopecia or CDA; a recessively inherited condition that causes patches of hair thinning or loss. This is most commonly seen in dogs with blue or fawn coats like the Shar-Pei dog Can French Bulldogs With Rare Colors be Subject to Health Problems?. The short answer is ' Yes, but just as traditional frenchies '. French bulldogs health issues are notorious.. However, the most common French Bulldog fad/rare color that causes health conditions is the Blue Seeks attention. $1,450 - $5,500. Multicolor French Bulldog. Calm and cuddly. $2,000 - $3,000. Lilac French Bulldog. Affectionate. $1,900 - $2,500. It's important to know what price range your budget is and to make sure that you find the exact breed of French Bulldog that you are looking for

Flat-faced, or brachycephalic, dog breeds are very popular - but they do have health problems. Before you buy a bulldog, pug or French bulldog, read our top vet advice and make an informed decision Finally, you'll learn about the common health issues that the Blue French Bulldog faces. The History of the Blue French Bulldog. The Blue French Bulldog, also known as the Frenchie, was first developed in the 1800s. This breed was developed in Normandy, France to be the next best pet companion. Despite originating from breeds that were. Do French Bulldogs Have a Lot of Health Problems? As a short-faced, dwarf breed, French Bulldogs may have some health concerns associated with their spines and noses. The short face can make their breathing less efficient than that of long-nosed breeds, so French Bulldog Puppies have less tolerance of heat, exercise, and stress Pied French Bulldog Health Issues. Brachycephalic Syndrome: Their brachycephalic shaped faces have serious health implications including narrow nostrils, obstructed airways, eye socket related issues, and dental problems. The condition can cause anything from loud or labored breathing, snoring, snuffing to collapse of the airway

French Bulldog health problems. All dogs have what is often called a third eyelid. This provides fluids and moisture to the eyes. Like many breeds, French bulldog eyes can sometimes develop an issue with this, which we discuss later. But it is not generally a big deal and can be easily dealt with either by you or your specialist and usually without the need for surgery How to Avoid Tri Color French Bulldog Health Issues. Pedigree dogs like the tri color French Bulldogs can suffer from health issues due to their restrictedgene pool. This is why they tend to develop recessive diseases.You can avoid a lot of pedigree health problems by purchasing a pup from health tested parents Moreover, they do not get involved in the in-breeding process, but they are very knowledgeable about all the health problems a blue French bulldog can face and help ensure a healthy life for the pups. Furthermore, they provide a comprehensive health guarantee. The guarantee of the healthy puppy after the purchase lasts for two to four weeks. Since the health issues involve genetic, there are things to know about Frenchie health conditions and how to deal with such problems. Common French bulldog health risks. In recent years, the dramatic rise in popularity of the Frenchies is unprecedented. Dr. O'Neill from RVC worried that it was this high-demand was damaging to the French pups The French Bulldog is a breed that faces many health challenges, even before miniaturization. This UK study found that nearly three quarters of Frenchies under veterinary care in 2013 had at least one disorder. The breed is prone to a number of health problems that included ocular, respiratory, neurological, and dermatological issues

French Bulldogs are generally more prone to health defects than most other breeds for their flat noses and breathing problems, but the Double Blue Merle French Bulldog has the highest health risks of them all. Common problems include blindness and deafness as well as chronic allergies, immune disorders, heart murmurs and hip dysplasia Common Health Issues. As mentioned, French Bulldogs are a brachycephalic breed, which means they are susceptible to Brachycephalic Syndrome. This affects dogs with that classic short head and narrow nostril combination and can result in all that adorable snoring and grunting that Frenchies are known for French Bulldog Health Concerns. A healthy French bulldog weight is between 20 to 28 lbs. for a male, and 16 to 24 lbs. for a female. And while we're talking about body type, the average French Bulldog size, for a full-grown French Bulldog, is between 11 and 12 inches tall. Sometimes abnormal behavior can signal the onset of health problems in. The Lilac French bulldog can mimic a blue Frenchie's coat when he is born. As it matures, its color is brighter and its Lilac color is clear. This type of dog requires a particular form of breeding to prevent any health problems. This is why rare French individuals are pricey and their prices vary from $5,000 to $15,000

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Our Top Picks for French Bulldog Pet Insurance. Keeping all of the above in mind, we've compiled a list of the best pet insurance for French Bulldogs to help you choose the right company and coverage for your Frenchie. ASPCA Pet Health Insurance: ASPCA Pet Health Insurances offers coverage for accidents, illnesses, hereditary, and congenital. Those were some of the common health problems that French bulldog puppy face. Most of it is a direct cause of its anatomy. It is just the fate of the animal! How To Prevent Those Health Threats. However, you can maintain your canine's health by taking certain preventive measures. 1. Book An Appointment With The Ve French Bulldog -- Profile -- Health Issues -- Frenchies Info you can use The French Bulldog is a loving, loyal, one-master lap dog. Learn much more; health issues, trainability, likes, dislikes, etc... Some health issues can be avoided via testing but the French Bulldog has a number of problems relating to its body structure. Firstly, French Bulldogs may suffer from a type of dwarfism called chondrodystrophy which can put dogs at risk for intervertebral disk disease (IVDD). Dogs with IVDD have discs that formed abnormally during growth The French Bulldog (French: bouledogue or bouledogue français) is a breed of domestic dog, bred to be companion dogs.The breed is the result of a cross between Toy Bulldogs imported from England, and local ratters in Paris, France, in the 1800s. They are stocky, compact dogs with a friendly, mild-mannered temperament. The breed is popular as a pet: in 2020, they were the second-most popular.

This, of course, is the very root of many French Bulldog health issues. French Bulldogs often have a blockage of airflow to the trachea, which causes them to have a tough time cooling down. Once their body temperature ramps up, they have a difficult time regulating enough airflow to stabilize. Similar to human anatomy, if the heatstroke is. Complete list of French Bulldog health problems. The French Bulldog has a lovely personality, but unfortunately breeders have made his physical structure grossly deformed in two ways: His dwarfed legs and long back are chondrodysplastic and his short pushed-in face is brachycephalic. These deformities are associated with a host of health problems Common Blue French Bulldog health problems. No dog breed is free of health complication risks but researching a reputable breeder that is not just in it for the money can help reduce some of the risks. These dogs are brachycephalic which means that they have a flatter and shorter faces when compared to other dog breeds Here are the most common French Bulldog health issues: 1. Brachycephalic Obstuctive Airway Syndrome. BOAS stands for Brachycephalic obstructive airway syndrome and affects dogs with a smushed face. These dog breeds are popular and include the Frenchie, all types of Bulldogs, Pug, Boxer, Pekingese, Lhasa Apso and the Shih Tzu etc Health Issues Surrounding Blue Eyed Frenchies. While the blue eyes of your Frenchie are stunningly beautiful, your pet might be at risk of developing significant health problems. Let's discuss some of these. Deafness Or Hearing Loss. Your beloved blue French bulldog might develop hearing loss

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Health. Blue French Bulldogs are prone to many health issues. Dog Alopecia - Blue French Bulldog is prone to this skin disease which causes him to have partial or complete hair loss. It can impact the endocrine system, lymphatic system, and immune systems as well Even the healthiest French bulldog will eventually face health issues, like all brachycephalic (short-faced) and dwarf dog breeds. In fact, 72% of the French bulldogs studied had at least one disorder, according to the Royal Veterinary College in London

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Blue French Bulldog Facts & Complete Info. Blue French Bulldog is a small-sized dog and its temperament of this dog is different from a typical dog. Blue French Bulldog is a better companion and is not a protector dog. This dog came into existence by crossbreeding local ratters in France and the English bulldog ancestors The 9 Most Common French Bulldog Behavior Problems For the most part, Frenchies are pretty well behaved- they're not big barkers, they're smart, and they love to make their owners happy. While behavior problems aren't necessarily specific to any breed, these are 9 of the most common Frenchie behavior problems afflicted by it, prone to Staph infections, or even MRSA. In some breeds blue dogs can suffer from. an immune linked disorder which can cause puppies to die within the first few weeks after birth. Over 100 years ago early breeders of French Bulldogs worldwide, noted all of these factors, and. declared Blue, Mouse and Grey to. Blue French Bulldog. Blue French bulldogs can thank only to their genes for having such an amazing fur color. There are common misconceptions about blue-colored Frenchies that they usually show dozens of health issues in the future. As a reputable French bulldog breeder, I must say that it's not true at all

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Size. The Isabella French Bulldog is a small pooch that should not exceed a weight of 28 pounds and with a height of between 11 to 13 inches.. Physical appearance. Lilac Frenchies are fascinating to look at with amazing colors that look unreal. They have large round light-colored eyes with colors such as yellow, green, grey, and even light blue A blue merle French Bulldog is often called a blue-gene breed. However, it virtually has a diluted black coat that looks to be blue. We understand that the crossbreeding required to make the captivating merle French Bulldog leads to health issues. However, it's absolutely as much as every character to decide if shopping for a merle is a. Overall, the French bulldog is a great breed. They tend to do well with other pets and the whole family. But any purebred dog is likely to have health issues. You just need to be aware that Frenchies are more prone to health problems than many other breeds

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Blue French Bulldog & Other Colors of the Breed. The French Bulldog is a compact, firmly built dog with good bones, a square head, broad chest and short, muscular legs. Expressive bulging eyes, large erect and snub nose on a flattened muzzle give the animal a special charm. The tail should be short from birth and not too long Characteristics of a Lilac French Bulldog. The Lilac French Bulldog has similar characteristics to the typical French Bulldog. Its only difference is their coat and eye colors, the reason why people breed and buy them. Their coat coloring ranges from blue to silver hues, having white markings around their face and chest sometimes There is no doubt that the merle French Bulldog is a stunning breed. There's a lot to consider when it comes to this special pup: health issues, cost, and caring for them and now you have all the information needed to make right decision for you. For information on another rare breed, check out the Blue French Bulldog The French Bulldog breed, when bred irresponsibly, can be tied to many health problems. All of our dogs are extensively Health and DNA tested & AKC registered. Our passion lies in the rare colors

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At the request of the French Bulldog breed clubs, the Kennel Club has agreed that it will no longer accept the registration of any merle French Bulldogs from 1 January 2013. Coat colour in the French Bulldog is complex because a range of colours is acceptable Finally, despite these health conditions, French bulldogs are still some of the toughest and healthiest breeds in the Bulldog family. If you are buying a Frenchie for the first time, ensure your preferred breeder provides a certification that the puppy's parent has been screened for some common hereditary issues

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The merle gene itself, does not cause any health issues. Merle dogs will usually have bright blue eyes, or odd looking eyes (heterochromia iridum). Heterochromia Iridum is a difference in coloration of the iris. Merle French Bulldog colors are rare and of course in the higher price range. Platinum French Bulldog Colo The only concern with non-standard colors are if they have any link to health issues. Blue - When a French Bulldog is said to have a blue coat, blue covers the entire body. This color is caused by Color Dilution Alopecia, a genetic disorder found in some Frenchies. Blue Frenchies are possibly the most popular and the most expensive The Blue French Bulldog may be undesirable. A French Bulldog with a blue coat is really dilute black. To the eye, this color looks grey or gray. Some French Bulldog coat colors are linked with genetic health conditions. Blue is often avoided even though the bad health links are disputed by many French Bulldogs are prone to having problems with their skin. Fortunately, there are several ways to help your dog from experiencing the symptoms of these skin conditions. The Most Common French Bulldog Skin Problems The most common skin problems for French Bulldogs are food and environmental allergies and fleas. If your French Bulldog has skin allergies, it's common for secondary bacterial. Why Is There Controversy About Rare French Bulldog Colors? Health issues are the main argument against breeding for rare colours outside the kennel club standards. In certain instances, genes for specific colours are related to genes that cause health issues. The alopecia associated with dogs carrying the blue gene is usually overlooked