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  1. 1968 Pontiac leMans options 4 Answers. A couple years ago I purchased in 1968 Lemans 2 door hardtop 350 2 barrel, no AC, no power brakes, dual exhaust. The color is yellow, originally had a black vinyl top. Interior is black with bucke..
  2. Number Produced: 271,058 (Includes 11,521 with 2+2 option
  3. 1968 Pontiac vehicle identification number (vin) decoder. PONTIAC VEHCILE IDENTIFICATION NUMBER : Production Numbers : 8 Cylinder: 6 Cylinder: 100001/^ 600001/^ Location: On plate attached to the top left of Dashboard. Visible through the Windshield. Also stamped on all engines and transmissions..
  4. By 1970, even the Tempest and LeMans could be had with Pontiac's 400 cubic inch V-8's with up to a 345 hp. Speed was king, and Pontiac was often on the top of the hill knocking off all comers. By 1971, a 455 cubic inch with 335 hp was optional, and the GTO was once again demoted to option status
  5. VIN Codes Decodes engine codes used in Vehicle Identification Numbers (VIN's) for cars starting around 1953. Vehicle History Vehicle History Reports for Classic Cars; Museums 1968 Pontiac LeMans Series 23700 Sports Coupe 1968 Pontiac Tempest Custom Series 23500 Convertibl

The Pontiac Le Mans was a model name applied to compact and intermediate-sized automobiles marketed by the Pontiac division of General Motors from 1962 to 1981.. For 1968 the whole Tempest line received a new engine replacing the 326. This new engine was based on all existing Pontiac engine architecture and using the 326, 389, and 400 engines crank at 3.75″ and expanding the 326's 3.72. The following versions and sub-models of Pontiac Le Mans Convertible were available in 1968: Pontiac Le Mans Convertible 250 OHC-6 (man. 3) , version for North America (up to August) Pontiac Le Mans Convertible 250 OHC-6 Automatic (aut. 2) , version for North America (up to August) Pontiac Le Mans Convertible 250 OHC-6 Sprint (man 1968 Pontiac Tempest. The Tempest was redesigned again in 1968 with a long hood, and taillights placed in the bumper. The Tempest Custom came equipped with all the same features as the Tempest including rear armrests with ball-bearing ashtrays, cigarette lighter, deluxe steering wheel, and a new anti-theft warning buzzer

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Starting in 1965 Pontiac began using a 2 digit letter code. Above the 2 digit code will be the motor unit number, which is either 6 or 7 digits. It is important to note that it is not related to the VIN number. As a general rule, W coded blocks are manual transmission and Y coded blocks are automatics The Pontiac LeMans / l ə ˈ m ɑː n z / is a model name that was applied to subcompact-and intermediate-sized automobiles marketed by Pontiac from 1961 to 1981 (1983 in Canada) model years.Originally a trim upgrade based on the Tempest, it became a separate model.In 1964 the Tempest was available with an optional GTO package that later became a separate model, the Pontiac GTO, muscle car. pontiac engine decoder year code c/i hp tran carb car misc 1962 13b 421 3 m 2 x 4 full super duty 1962 13u 421 4 m 2 x 4 full super duty 1962 bu 421 4 m 2 x 4 full super duty 1962 bt 421 4 m 2 x 4 full super duty 1968 wg 428 375 m 4 full. The 1968 Pontiac LeMans was a model sandwiched between the lower-priced Tempest and the performance-oriented GTO. At the time, even Pontiac struggled for differentiation, using the same art for both a Tempest ad and a LeMans ad!This particular LeMans appears at first glance to be largely original and is located in dry Gallup, New Mexico

2-door coupe 2-door sedan Convertible Tri-Power 389 4-bbl Total Production: 18,422 7,384 6,644 8,245 24,205 32,40 The ohc6 engine was only offered from 1966 through 1969 model years as the standard engine for the Pontiac Tempest and LeMans as well as the Firebird from 1967-69. The sprint option was also offered on these models but was usually incorporated as a package with a standard 3-speed floor shift and heavy duty suspension However, one big addition included a plush Luxury LeMans featuring all Morrokide bucket seats in hardtop versions or notchback seats in other body styles. The T-37 LeMans coupe was dropped from the line-up and the GTO once again became an option on Lemans 2 door Coupes and Hardtops. 1972 Pontiac LeMans Production Numbers and Specification 1968 Pontiac LeMans. Fifth through Tenth Characters: Basic Production Numbers. The sequential starting numbers for the 1968 LeMans start at 10001/up for V8s, 600001/up for 6-cylinders. Free Ground Shipping. Free Ground Shipping on orders over $149 in the continuous United States

The next series of numbers were the assembly line identification number. All V8 bodies started with a 1 and six cylinder cars started with a 6. This worked until plants started exceeding the 100,000 units. On February 18 th the Pontiac Plant exceeded that number and started using 2s, later plants started using 3s As in 1967, Pontiac used the famous 6.5 Litre emblem on the 68 GTO even though it related to the 389 cubic inch engines of the first three model years of the GTO. The 1968 GTO was named Motor Trend's Car of the Year. 1968 GTO Production Numbers: 77,704 Hardtops. 9,980 Convertibles. Total Production: 87,68

History of the 1961-1963 Pontiac LeMans. This car had a very interesting incubation. The powers that be at General Motors had planned for Pontiac to be assigned a version of the rear engine Corvair for sale, and had even gone as far as assigning production capacity for the Corvair transaxles to Pontiac. Pontiac management and engineers alike. The VIN Plate for 1971 is located on the left hand top of the instrument panel, which is visible through the windshield. 1971 VIN Plate. 242671A100001. 2 =Division (Pontiac) 42 =Series Number (GTO) 67 =Body Style (Convertible,2-door) 1 =Year (1971) A =Assembly Plant (A=Atlanta,GA) 100001 =Serial Numbers GTO VIN Decoding. In 1964, the serial number identification plate was attached to the left front body hinge pillar directly below the upper door hinge. 1st digit - Engine: 6 = L6. 8 = V8 (326 or 389) 2nd digit - Series: 0 = Tempest. 1 = Tempest Custom. 2 = Tempest LeMans

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  1. Pontiac GTO, Pontiac Lemans, Pontiac Tempest, The best source for GTO books, GTO parts, GTO pictures, GTO links,production numbers and Vin Decode
  2. Vintage 1967 Outtake: 1968 Pontiac LeMans. While en-route to Chicago in August of 1967, this '68 LeMans passed us on whatever Interstate that we were on. New car introductions generally weren't held until September so I was excited to see this car a full month before it's formal debut
  3. 1968 Pontiac Lemans 4.1. Generation: A-body II 1968 - 1972. USA Market model. Engine: Engine
  4. Mastering GTO Restorations: Engine Guide. April 16, 2015 by Pontiac DiY. All 1964-1974 Pontiac GTOs used some version of what we now refer to as the traditional Pon­tiac V-8. It was produced from 1955 through 1979 and a modified version continued for another two years. By the time the GTO rolled around, the Pontiac V-8 had a decade of.
  5. The block casting number, 9790071, is for a 1968-1969 400 engine. The date code is 4 digits. The first digit is the month, the next 2 digits are the day of the month, and the last digit is the year (6 could be 1966 or 1976). This page will help you identify the year and size of your Pontiac engine

Pontiac engines have block code. This code will tell you the year it was to be used. However, these codes were used over from year to year. Together with the casting code and casting date you can determine where what the engine is. Starting in 1965 Pontiac began using a 2 digit letter code True Pontiac engines were made by the Pontiac Motor Division. Pontiac engines were last produced and used in 1981. Pontiac engines were available in many different displacements, ranging from 265 CID to 455 CID. Components are interchangeable from each displacement, other than 265 & 301, which are only compatible with themselves Stock Pontiac Head Specs * During my searching for information, I found quite a few discrepancies in the sources I was viewing. In light of this, the 'Year' entry, as indicated by the chart below, may actually represent the year that the heads were cast, versus the year that they were actually installed on an automobile

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Sadly, 1969 would be the last year for the innovative OHC-6. ENGINE During 1966 and 1967, all Pontiac LeMans models came standard with the 165hp OHC-6, but if you checked option code 332 (the Sprint package) you got the four-barrel Quadrajet version that developed 207hp at 5,200 RPM and 228-lbs.ft. of torque at 3,800 RPM (215hp with 240-lbs.ft. Even though production of the 400 had ceased, 1979 Pontiac models still featured the 400 engine due to large stockpiles left over from the previous year. In 1980, Pontiac decided to use the Pontiac 301, 4.9 V8 engine to replace the 400. Sales and the new engine's performance failed miserably and the 301 was no longer offered by Pontiac after. 1968 Pontiac GTO P ontiac redesigned its entire lineup for 1968, with the image-leading GTO awarded with Motor Trend's Car of the Year award. Its wheelbase was shortened to 112-inches and the body introduced Coke-bottle-inspired 'fuselage' styling with a long hood, short deck stylistic treatment

number on the back of one of his emblems shows 9796828. This part number does indeed exist in the 1968 Pontiac Parts Manual (printed for the new 1969 models), and is listed as a PLATE, hood name (Ram Air). Apparently these part numbers were only in the 1968/1969 Pontiac Parts Book, and were deleted soon after Auction Lot F143, Kissimmee, FL 2014. 1968 Pontiac Lemans styling concept sport truck. Truly of prototype, believed to have been responsible for the introduction of the GMC Sprint Constructed new in 1967 for presentation and review for production by Pontiac Motor Division President. Original build pictures, original newspaper articles Original window sticker prepared for Pontiac 34,000 miles. Enter VIN number for PONTIAC. Pontiac brand was established in 1893. Its founder Edward M. Murphy came up with an idea of creating carriage making company which was named in honor of city where it was based. This is how Pontiac Buggy Company appeared Gateway Classic Cars of Milwaukee is excited to present this gorgeous 1968 Pontiac Lemans Sport Coupe. The LeMans was produced from 1962-1981. Originally based off the Tempest, the LeMans changed the muscle car industry with the introduction of the now infamous GTO in 1964. Spanning over five generations of model changes ranging from a compact to mid-size chassis over its successful run.</p.

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Serial Number 237678P601343#2 = Pontiac#37 = LeMans#67 = Convertible#8 = 1968#P = signifies Pontiac, Michigan as the production plant#601343 = the sequential ID number Well over $9,000 in work done after purchase with receipts to include 1968 Pontiac GTO --Rare and well documented numbers matching engine, low mileage vehicle with a stamped vin on the engine block and tons of documents documenting engine rebuild and all maintenance that was done through the years. The vehicle is the proper Primavera beige with the original engine that came in it.Beautiful highly PHS documented.

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Vehicle Original VIN : 237678B142146 Gateway Classic Cars Las Vegas is proud to present, this 1968 Pontiac Lemans Convertible. 1968 Pontiac Lemans Convertible - Beautiful red and well taken care, paint and upholstery in great condition. Features include: 400 V-8 with a 4 BBL carb and an automatic console shift transmission Royal Pontiac, located in Royal Oak, Michigan, offered a 428/Royal Bobcat conversion of the 1968 GTO. For $650.00. a 390 horsepower 428 cubic engine was installed in place of the 400 cubic engine. The 428 CI engine was disassembled and blueprinted to produce more than the advertised factory 390 horsepower and easily spinning to 5700 RPM's Brief History. After GM forced Pontiac to drop DeLorean's Banshee concept car, Pontiac introduced the Firebird February 23, 1967, to compete with the Chevrolet Camaro (introduced September 29, 1966) and the Ford Mustang (introduced April 1964).. The Firebird was designed from the Camaro's F-Body design and the GTO's A-Body drivetrain with a different rear end, sub-frame, split-grill.

5 Pontiac LeMans from $7,426. Find the best deals for used 1971 pontiac lemans sport convertible. 1971 pontiac lemans sport convertible beautifuly restored. Numbers matching big block 400 4v th40 transmission. This is power top car with console. Of fort lauderdale is proud to present to you this aw

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The OHC-6 was the standard engine for the 1966-1969 Tempest and LeMans, as well as 1967-1969 Firebirds. It was an economical and reliable engine, and quite sophisticated. OHC-6 and Sprint 6 engines accomplished something that no one could have predicted a mere 5 years earlier. Pontiac was now mentioned in a discussion of world class overhead. Blue 1968 Pontiac LeMans for sale located in O'Fallon, Illinois - $30,500 (ClassicCars.com ID CC-1322100) OE quality parts from top original equipment and aftermarket manufacturers The finest quality at a great price. $26.56 - $37.89. USA Standard Gear® Manual Transmission Input Shaft Retainer. 0. # mpn4703982840. Pontiac LeMans 4-Speed 1968, Manual Transmission Input Shaft Retainer by USA Standard Gear®. This product is made of high-quality. After GM forced Pontiac to drop DeLorean's Banshee concept car, Pontiac introduced the Firebird February 23, 1967, to compete with the Chevrolet Camaro (introduced September 29, 1966) and the Ford Mustang (introduced April 1964).. The Firebird was designed from the Camaro's F-Body design and the GTO's A-Body drivetrain with a different rear end, sub-frame, split-grill front end, six.

According to Car Craft Magazine, the Pontiac 350 cubic-inch was manufactured from 1968 through 1979, but the HO engine was only produced in 1968 and 1969 for certain Tempest and Firebird models. Since the Pontiac 350 HO is in demand and a rare find, locating and verifying certain casting numbers and production codes is necessary for proper. What Makes the 400 Pontiac Special. Pontiac grabbed a 389 block used in the high-performance Catalina, as well as the Lemans and GTO, and punched it out to an even 400 cubic inches. They found that the engine provided massive amounts of low-end torque and rock steady high RPM power output. The 389 posted numbers in the 330 horsepower range with. By 1969, the name had been plastered on Pontiac's formidable mid-size sedans, coupes, convertibles and wagons. Available with GM's durable 350cid V8, the engine produced a solid 265hp in 2bbl trim. Just in time for summer drop top cruising-this 68 is up for worldwide consideration

The original stock wheels and rims are also available. VIN: 237678B141035. VIN decodes as follows: 2=Pontiac 37=Lemans 67=Convertible 8=Year (1968) B=Assembly plant (Baltimore, Maryland) 141035: Last six digits are production numbers for 8 cylinder car For sale or trade. We welcome trade offers for other vintage vehicles 14 new and used Pontiac Lemans cars for sale in LeMans67 Convertible7 - 1967 model yearP - Assembled in Pontiac, MichiganXXXXXX - Sequential production number COWL TAG:03D Assembled during the fourth week (D) of March (03), 196767 1967 model year23767 Pontiac (2) LeMans (37) Convertible (67)PON Assembled in Pontiac, Michigan2262 Sequential. This 9790079 block is a 1968-1969 350 casting. Depending upon the application, Pontiac sometimes ground off several or all of these numbers and stamped others into place. The basic block features a relatively tall deck height of 10.24 inches, which is measured from the crankshaft centerline to the deck. The deck surface is very thick and rigid Featured is a fine looking 1965 Pontiac Tempest. The Tempest was introduced as an entry-level compact in October 1960 at the Paris Auto Show. The car came out for the 1961 model year. The Pontiac Tempest is an automobile that was built by the Pontiac Division of GM from 1960 to 1970.The model came back to production from 1987 to 1991.The 1965 Pontiac Tempest was a second generation model

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Fifth through Tenth Characters: Basic Production Numbers. The sequential starting numbers for the 1968 Tempest start at 10001/up for V8s, 600001/up for 6-cylinders. Free Ground Shipping on orders over $249 in the continuous United States. Save up to 55% on huge clearance deals on hundreds of items 1965 Pontiac LeMans for sale (PA) - $19,000. 1965 Pontiac LeMans for sale (PA) - $19,000 '65 Pontiac Lemans 2 Door Post Sedan 45,000 Original Miles, Clean title.... Doylestown Pennsylvania Cars 19,000 $. View pictures Dimensions included a wheelbase of 112.0 inches, overall length 200.7 inches, width 74.8 inches.Curb weight 3,350 lbs.The new car price for the convertible GTO was in the $3,000-$3,100 range.. Total 1968 Pontiac GTO production was 88,680 vehicles. Out of that number 9,980 were convertibles.. Related Auto Museum Online articles are found on the links belo Pontiac For Sale. Scroll the list below to find classic Pontiac Star Chief, Chieftain, Catalina, Safari, plus Pontiac muscle cars such as GTO, Firebird, Trans Am, Bonneville, and more. Not only will you find classic original Pontiacs, but you'll see customs, resto mod Pontiacs and Pro Touring cars as well. See thousands of photos now

Jan 7, 2021 - Explore Mike Booker's board 1968 pontiac gto on Pinterest. See more ideas about 1968 pontiac gto, pontiac gto, gto One Off 1968 Pontiac LeMans Sport Truck Concept. This 1968 LeMans Sport Truck was originally built as a GM prototype design proposal and then passed onto a Pontiac dealership. 34,439 is believed to be the car's actual mileage, and its 350 CI V8 is said to run well in combo with a column-shifted TH350 automatic For 1970 the LeMans (built in Canada) replaced the Beaumont in Canadian Pontiac-Buick showrooms. The Acadian (based on the Chevy II / Nova) was built in Oshawa for model years 1962 to 1967, and then in Michigan from 1968 to mid-1971 P----This code tells you what plant your car was built. (P=Pontiac, Michigan). 123456----This is the sequential production number portion of the VIN. Decoding a 1965-1971 Model Year Pontiac Example: 223679N123456. Look for the letter in the middle of the VIN sequence Every car manufacturer is obliged to mark all its vehicles in this special format. This online service allows a user to check the validity of the car and get detailed information on almost any VIN number, search for Pontiac LEMANS car parts and check the car's history. The VIN also allows a user to get a build sheet of Pontiac LEMANS

This is the document Pontiac sent to the press, and it details important or notable changes to the 1968 Firebird line-up. New options, equipment specifications and more are covered, but not comprehensively. It's meant to tease interest in Pontiac's offerings that year. Pontiac Firebird Production. A 7 page document that lists production. PONTIAC GTO. 1965 - 1968. The Pontiac GTO is regarded as the first muscle car ever build, being manufactured until 2006 although the production was stopped between 1974 and 2004. The first model.

For 1968, Pontiac released a new 350 cid engine for the Tempest and Firebird. It was created by boring the 326. It was created by boring the 326. Never seeing the light of day was Pontiac's only really new 1969 engine, a 303-cid small-block V-8 that never got too far beyond the prototype stage The final production numbers of the 2006 Pontiac GTO are 13,948 cars, an increase from 11,069 from the previous model year. The last Pontiac GTO, which was also the very last Monaro-based coupe produced, came off the assembly line in Australia on June 14, 2006 How to find the Pontiac V8 Cylinder heads casting numbers and Production date. Casting Number. The number is usually cast at the center or the right or left exhaust port. Some heads may have the number cast below the spark plug or below the valve cover. The casting on the outside of the head was composed of 6 or 7 digits for early heads 5. 1964-1974 Tempest, Lemans & GTO General Discussion. Anyone interested in 1967 GTO Le Mans parts? Channel hardtop original, taillights including the housing, all sorts of trim.etc all original. jcole8132 · 4 d ago · AZTempest replied 3 d ago It cannot be a factory-built '68 LeMans Camino by Pontiac Motor Division for a number of reasons. 1. The Pontiac 350 V8 (and the 350s from Chevy, Olds and Buick) was not offered with a 3-speed automatic transmission in 1968 - the only automatic available with the 350 V8 or OHC 6 that year was the 2-speed Buick-built Super Turbine 300. 2

Numbers are Matching Fort Lauderdale showroom of GatewayClassicCars is proud to offer this 1968 Pontiac Lemans. The Le Mans was introduced as the top-of-the-line version of the compact-sized Pontiac Tempest toward the end of the 1961 model year on GM's new y body platform Special Notes: 1 Although never shown in production figures there were approximately 25 to 35 factory built 1966 ram air GTO`s (XS package). It is estimated that 300 dealer ram air packages were sold for 66 GTO`s. A 421 cubic inch motor could be ordered and dealer installed in a 66 GTO, but there were no factory built 421 GTO`s 1968 Pontiac Lemans a Solid AZ Car 64K org Miles that still has the original interior . Pontiac 350, & Hydramatic Trans, Posi. Engine and drive train are numbers matching, but pro rebuilt making a True 420 HP! Power Brakes, .Ceramic Headers and Stainless Exhaust..alumn radiator. 12K spent in performance parts 1969 was part of the third generation - introduced in 1968 and produced through 1972. The Tempest line received a minor styling update for 1969, with new taillight and grille treatments. The Pontiac Tempest LeMans was available as coupe, hardtop, convertible, and a 4-door hardtop. The most popular was the 2-door hardtop which saw 82,817. All specifications, performance and fuel economy data of Pontiac Tempest Sports Coupe 250 OHC-6 Sprint (160.3 kW / 218 PS / 215 hp), edition of the year 1968 since September 1967 for North America , including acceleration times 0-60 mph, 0-100 mph, 0-100 km/h, 0-200 km/h, quarter mile time, top speed, mileage and fuel economy, power-to-weight ratio, dimensions, drag coefficient, etc

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1975 Pontiac Lemans 2 door. Forming a sub-series all by itself was the Style Number 2AF37 LeMans-Sport two-door Notch Back Hardtop, or Colonnade Coupe. It features an egg crate style grille and the windowless rear quarter roof treatment. It was designed as a sporty-looking model and a GT option package was provided at $257 extra This is the Pontiac VIN decoder. W = Willow Run, MI 1968 Pontiac GTO. This number contains vital information about the car, such as its manufacturer, year of production, the plant it was produced in, type of engine, model and more. Model Year. 0 = Tempest The new GTO used GM's new split wheelbase A-Body. If entered the year from VIN will be. 1968 Pontiac LeMans This vehicle is no longer available for sale. $21,00

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This ultimate resource on the 1964-1974 Pontiac GTO provides critical data about the highly collectible car, including engine and transmission codes, rear axle identification, exterior and interior colors, options, production numbers, and VIN decoding. Possessing this much data is a surefire way to become a GTO expert 1968 Pontiac GTO. The numbers-matching 400ci V8, a stylish color combo, and some great features make this 1968 Pontia $38,995. Dealership. CC-1475374. 1968 Pontiac GTO. Gateway Classic Cars of Milwaukee is proud to present to you this gorgeous numbers matching 1968 Po $65,000. Dealership

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This is a completely all original 3 owner 1968 Pontiac La Mans matching number 350..... 4spd with an 123k miles. Model: Lemans (37) Colors: Solar Red/ Ivory Top/ BlackSTYLE: Convertible (67) ENGINE: 350/325HPYear: 1968 (8) TRANS: 4 Speed Muncie M21/ ManualBuilt in Michigan In September 1967/Pontiac Dealer was: Birginal Pontiac-CadillacRhinelender,WI Still on on Stevenes Street/HWY17 I have the. 1968 Pontiac GTO. For the 1968 model year, the entire GM A-body platform got a complete redesign, and the GTO was no exception. With a sleek new shape that featured a body-colored Endura front bumper, the '68 GTO was awarded Motor Trend Car of the Year, with 1968 marking the second highest year ever for GTO sales. 1969 Pontiac GT 1968 Pontiac GTO. Numbers matching car! Bought it out of Iowa where it's been since day 1. Beautiful car with a 7 year old restoration with about 500 miles on that restoration. The original Engine has about 40,000 miles on it. VIN is stamped on the front. Turbo 400 transmission has been rebuilt with shift kit about 500 miles ago. Under hoo

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Pontiac 400 428 455 Engine Codes — Patterson Coachworks. This is a quick block ID for junk yard hunting, etc. You must find the date code at the back LH side of the block first. The letter is the month, next 2 digits are the day and the last digit is the year. Here are 2examples The 1968-72 Pontiac A body. (Tempest,Lemans,GTO) Clutch Bellcrank is. a multi-piece unit made up of the 9792271 Countershaft, 9791016 Link, 9797165 Lever assembly, (2) 9791017 Pins, (2) 3702807 Washers and (2) Cotter pins. The Engine side. is attached using part # 9427314 bolt, going through. part # 9791018 bearing (bushing) in the lever Year: 1968 Production run: 90,152 coupes, all versions combined. 16,960 convertibles. Only 2,638 HO versions with automatic transmissions were built; 3,784 with manual gearboxes were made.

Pontiac GTO front view. The Pontiac GTO is an automobile built by Pontiac Division of General Motors in the United States from 1964 to 1974, and by GM subsidiary Holden in Australia from 2004 to 2006. It is considered an innovative, and now classic muscle car of the 1960s and 1970s. From 1964 until midway through 1973 it was closely related to the Pontiac Tempest/LeMans and for the 1974 model. Every car manufacturer is obliged to mark all its vehicles in this special format. This online service allows a user to check the validity of the car and get detailed information on almost any VIN number, search for Pontiac CATALINA car parts and check the car's history. The VIN also allows a user to get a build sheet of Pontiac CATALINA 1968 Pontiac Catalina. O Fallon, IL 62269, USA. 5,370 Miles. O Fallon, IL. $35,995.00. For sale at Gateway Classic Cars in our St. Louis showroom is a Pro Touring 1968 Pontiac Catalina convertible. Power for this one comes from a 2004 GTO LS1 engine. The LS engines are known worldwide for their reliability and ease.

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1966 Pontiac Tempest Le Mans Sprint: The Tempest Le Mans Sprint is a rear wheel drive coupé motor car with a front mounted engine, manufactured by Pontiac. The 3.8 litre engine is a naturally aspirated, single overhead camshaft, 6 cylinder unit that produces 207 bhp (210 PS/154 kW) of power at 5200 rpm, and maximum torque of 309 N·m (228 lb·ft/31.5 kgm) at 3800 rpm GTO Parts. 1964 - 1974 GTO. The Pontiac GTO was an automobile built by Pontiac from 1964 to 1974, and by General Motors Holden in Australia from 2003 to 2006. It is often considered the first true muscle car. From 1964 until 1973.5, it was closely related to the Pontiac Tempest, but for its final year it was based on the Pontiac Ventura

1968 Pontiac Firebird Convertible Recently restored, straight solid rust-free body and floors, slick Solar red paint, 350/265hp V8 engine... [Maryland] [Maryland] 1968 Pontiac Firebird 400 Convertible Red, black top & interior.. 1968 Pontiac LeMans Convertible for sale in Canton, Ohio. $24,500. Share it or review it. Here is a perfect example of a true classic 68 Pontiac La Mans Convertible, like new. Adult driven its whole life and in need of someone else to take care of this beautiful classic. All original parts, automatic 350 Engine that sounds good everywhere she goes The first generation Firebird was an American muscle car introduced to the world in 1967. Pontiac created the Firebird to compete with the Ford Mustang & Mercury Cougar. This Firebird came in two body styles, the 2-door coupe, and 2-door convertible. The first generation Firebird was in production from 1967-1969 1968 Pontiac Firebird Race Car. #1768-HOU. $46,000. INVENTORY. See for yourself! This sleek Orange 1968 Pontiac Firebird Race Car For Sale is equipped with a 565 CID V8 and a 2 Speed Automatic and is ready to hit the road for just $46,000 ~ 9 Available ~ Read More.. 1968 Pontiac LeMans Oil Pump. Change Vehicle. Review Fitment Notes. We have 5 oil pump products to choose from for your 1968 Pontiac LeMans, and our low-cost options range from $60.43 up to $128.98. Change Part / Brand

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VIN Decoder: 2 - GM Division: Pontiac 37 - Series: Tempest LeMans 37 - Body Style: Hardtop Sport Coupe 5 - Model Year: 1965 P - Production Plant: Pontiac Michigan 183479 - Sequential Production Numbers Trim Tag Decode: 65-23737: 1965 Pontiac Tempest LeMans Hardtop Sport Coupe TR 218-B:. 1967 Pontiac LeMans Custom 2DR HTFresh Engine Rebuild w/ 7.000 Miles.'70 Pontiac 350 V8 bored .00030.4-BBL... Cars Co Bluffs 22,500 $ View picture 1967 Pontiac LeMans. 30122, Lithia Springs, Douglas County, GA. new. This 1967 Pontiac LeMans Convertible is one compelling classic. It's a strong driver that's ready to hit the boulevard with no delay and once... $16,990. 49,052 Miles. Year 1967. Report 1972 pontiac gto clone lemans project barn find(US $3,600.00) 1967 pontiac lemans 326; 1972 lemans prostreet (racecar) 1968 pontiac lemans base 5.7l; 1977 pontiac grand lemans very good condition-runs great! 1971 pontiac lemans sport 350 automatic only 23k miles all original(US $31,000.00) 1971 pontiac lemans base 5.7