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20-Pack 1-1/4-in L x 1/4-in dia Standard Drywall Anchor (Screws Included) Model #50475. Find My Store. for pricing and availability. 8. Hillman. 375-Pack 1-1/4-in Assorted Diameter Standard Drywall Anchor. Model #117110. Find My Store Drywall Anchors with Wall Screws - Wall Anchors and Screw Kit - Set of 260 Pcs - Wall Hanging Kit - Assorted Plastic Anchors and Mounting Screws for Concrete Stucco Dry - Shelf Anchors. $14.99$14.99. Get it as soon as Tue, Jan 19. FREE Shipping on orders over $25 shipped by Amazon Flanged Plastic Anchors with Screw for Block and Brick. Flush-Mount Plastic Anchors for Block and Brick. High-Strength Twist-Resistant Toggle Anchors for Sheet Metal and Wood Screws. These anchors fit a range of sheet metal and wood screw sizes since they form their own threads when installed. Push-In Rivets XFasten Plastic Self Drilling Drywall Anchors with Screws Kit (100 Pieces), Plastic Hollow Wall Anchors with Screws for Wood, Drywall, Masonry. 4.5 out of 5 stars 223. $9.99 $ 9. 99 $13.00 $13.00. Get it as soon as Wed, Aug 4. FREE Shipping on orders over $25 shipped by Amazon A drywall screw screwed into drywall will not hold the shelves for long. They will eventually fall out as the wood screw will become loose. Also, instead of the plastic wall anchors, you can get metal wall anchors that do not crack or split in half like the plastic anchors. Self-Drilling Drywall Anchor, Pack of 2

Conical Plastic Anchors: Plastic Screw Anchors: For lightweight anchoring in concrete, hollow block and brick, solid brick and wallboard applications. Fins on the ridged body prevent Conical Plastic Anchors from turning when the wood or sheet metal screw (not supplied) is installed. Tubular Plastic Anchors: Plastic Plug Screw Anchors, Plastic Plug These anchors fit a range of sheet metal and wood screw sizes since they form their own threads when installed. To install, fold the anchor in middle, insert into a hole, and tap flush. Thread a screw through your fixture and into the anchor. Extended length is the overall length of the anchor when folded in the middle

The common industry term is wall anchor and are designed in wide range of shapes and sizes. They are used to anchor and secure objects and material to surfaces that would otherwise not have the strength or 'gripping power' to retain a screw or fastener. The adjustable hinge in your photo possibly needed an anchor due to the screw becoming loose 1/4 in. x 3-1/4 in. Hex-Washer-Head Concrete Anchors (75-Pack) As the original Concrete screw anchor that As the original Concrete screw anchor that revolutionized the construction world, Tapcon brand Concrete anchors deliver the ease of use, superior precision, and the unparalleled performance that professionals demand. Tapcon Concrete screw anchors draw from its unique ability to TAP its own.

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Screw-It-Again is a screw anchor for stripped holes in wood. Engineered to fix stripped screw holes in all types of wood, MDF, plywood and particle board. Th.. Screws: versatile fastener used for wood, drywall, machinery and other applications. From deck and cabinet screws to machine and roofing screws, we have options for every task. Screw anchors, used with screws, allow you to hang items on the wall without having to find a stud 202-Piece #4-#16 x 7/8 in. x 1-1/2 in. Plastic Ribbed Anchor Pack with Screw These ribbed plastic anchors are intended These ribbed plastic anchors are intended for light duty anchor applications. The ribs prevent the anchor from turning in the hole during installation and expand as the screw is tightened Anchor screws are used for hanging light- to semi-heavy objects on a wall, such as a large mirror, wall shelf, or mirror.Screw anchors are helpful because they allow you to hang items virtually anywhere, without hunting for a stud to sink the screw into. The other great advantage of screw anchors is flexibility: you are not bound to the rigid spacing of studs, typically 16 inches on-center

Use plastic wall anchors when you want to hang a picture or other item on a hollow wall, door, or ceiling, particularly if there are no wood studs or beams behind the surface. The anchor will provide the gripping power that you just cannot get with nails, screws, and drywall alone The anchor is driven into a slightly undersized, pre-drilled hole. As a screw is threaded into the sleeve, it spreads slightly to press against the sides of the hole. These are intended for light loads up to about 30lb when used in hollow walls, to heavy loads of about 100lb when used in solid masonry walls ribbed plastic anchor nylon lead wood screw anchor wall plug zamac tapper' lag shield spike strike anchor machine screw anchor drive stud bolt anchor double machine bolt anchor machine bolt anchor sleeve anchor drop-in anchor 175 up to 50 50 lbs lbs up to up to up to holds up up to up to holds up to holds up to holds up to up t The Plastic Screw-In Kind: This is the easiest type of drywall anchor. To set it: Hammer it in to get it started, then screw the anchor directly into the wall with a screwdriver. Just put the screwdriver right into the hole that the screw will go in, and tighten it down until it is set

Advantage 3 - Plastic Anchors are Specialized. Plastic anchors can be purchased without the top rim. This means that you can install the anchor flush with your wall. Plastic anchors can also be purchased with specialized fittings on the head. This means that you can use them with peg board, picture hanging kits, and wire shelf anchors Plastic expansion anchors are made to hold a screw, expanding inside the wall as the screw is driven into them. They look like a jacket with ribs for your screw, and they're often packaged with. Ace Rewards members are eligible to receive free delivery on orders of $50 or more. Free delivery offer excludes same day delivery. Participation and delivery area vary by store. Delivery From Your Local Ace. Our delivery program lets you get the qualifying items delivered from the store to your door by a helpful Ace associate Now you can fix stripped wood screw holes in just 4 simple steps using Screw-It-Again wood anchor and a screwdriver! Learn how this revolutionary new product..

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The cylindrical plastic anchors have a hollow center where the screw is drilled in or a nail is pounded into. Once the wall anchor is sunk into a pre-drilled hole in the wall it will expand to hold onto the drywall. Threaded wall anchors use the threads on the outside of the wall anchor casing to get a good grip on the drywall that surrounds it Features and Benefits. Strongest of all plastic toggle anchors—reinforces the wall or ceiling & leads the load away from the hole. Vibration & shock proof—won't damage walls or ceiling. Can use a screw gun—anti-rotation fins prevent spinning. Accepts greatest range of screw sizes in each anchor. All install in only a small 5/16 hole Anchors and Screws for Wood, 206 Pc. (235) Write a Review. Wall anchors for secure mounting on wood. $449. + Add to My List The conical plastic anchor is a light-duty part that can be used in drywall, concrete, hollow block or brick. It is not suited for applications where holding power is important. For use with self-tapping or wood screws. Material Engineered plastic Tensile & Shear strength* See above table Screw Anchors (Jack Nuts) Versa Nuts; Inserts for Wood. Self-tapping and Knock-in inserts for wood, chipboard & MDF; T-Nuts, 4 Prong Steel for wood, plywood & MDF; Inserts for Metal and Tube. Blind Rivet Nuts in Steel, Stainless; Blind Rivet Nut - Installation Tooling; Kwik-Sert® Inserts; Spring Threaded Tube Inserts; Thread Reducer Insert

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Well, the screw and pliers trick worked on two of the remaining three plastic anchors but the third is well and truly stripped so a screw won't hold. And so a five minute chore continues into the night as the needle nose tugging isn't budging it Tapping Screws. A.K.A. sheet metal screws are threaded fasteners which tap / form their own mating internal thread when driven into preformed holes in wood, plastic or metal. These screws are heat treated for strength and durability. They can be disassembled and reused. The predominant recognized standard is ASME B18.6.4 And plastic wall anchors is morally wrong to do to wood. Occasionally the distance to reach the 2 x 4 will call for longer screws. I have had to use 3-1/2-inch screws to secure a door in an older home I once owned. Leave plastic anchors for plaster and cement. They are too slippery to get a grab into wood Step 2: Screw The Tap Bolt Into The Insert. Tap bolts have an externally driven hexagonal head. This head will sit wider that the threaded inserts head. Before installing the insert, you need something to drive it with. We use a hex tap bolts head as a drive to drive the threaded insert down into the wood Yes, you can screw into Bondo wood filler. It's a decent wood filler for appearances sake; you can paint over it, sand it, and it can even take on stain. But, in my opinion, this wood filler type isn't as strong and tough as its epoxy counterpart

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Wood screw (lead) anchors are wedged into a hole and then expanded for a tight fit with the insertion of a wood screw or similar item. They are used where strength requirements are not as great as when shields are used, and are not threaded internally. Wood screw anchors can also be used in solid masonry and concrete, and are used for light, shallow hold anchoring Related Products; Wood screws. Screws with a smooth shank and tapered point for use in wood. Sheet metal screws. Screws with large threads for use in sheet metal sometimes also used in plastic, fiberglass, or wood

Screw Anchors. Tapcon. Tapcon Blue Climaseal™ & 410 Stainless Steel; Tapcon Maxi-Set Screw Anchors; Tapcon SCOTS Screw Anchors; Tapcon XL Screw Anchors; Large Diameter Tapcon (LDT) RedHead Calculator; Engineering. Approvals/Reports; Anchor Design; Specification; Submittal; Country of Origin; Engineering Services; Media Center; Resources. Meyco's long anchors are 2 1/8″ long give and a great anchor option for Ipe wood decking or other areas where you need a little something extra. Coated Screw Type Anchor One of Mr. Meyer's first inventions, industry standard screw type anchors are included with your cover order

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  1. Drywall: Screw-in anchors. Plaster: Plastic sleeves, #8 X 1-in. panhead screws. Hollow-core Door: Not applicable. WALL-MOUNTED MIRROR (up to 20 lbs.) Drywall: Screw-in anchors #6 1 1/2-in. panhead screws and mirror clips. Plaster: Plastic sleeves, #6 1 1/2-in. panhead screws and mirror clips. Hollow-core Door: Hollow-core door anchors, mirror.
  2. The second quickest fix is to put a plastic anchor in the hole to plug it. The anchor will take up quite a bit of space, and the upshot is the screw will hold better with an anchor anyway. If the anchor is a bit too small, try it anyway. It will expand when you put the screw in. See the photo to the right to see how an anchor behaves
  3. The installed PanelMate anchors are now ready for attachment of panels/shutters. Washered wing nuts sized ¼-20 are recommended for attaching to the PanelMate Anchor after the panel is installed. Removing Your Hurricane Panels: After removing the wing nuts and panels, the PanelMate anchors can be covered with white plastic caps
  4. Put wood anchors into stripped holes so the screws fit tightly. Buy some plastic, cone-shaped wood anchors that match the diameter of the hinge screws. Remove the hinge from on top of the loose holes. Screw a wood anchor into each loose hole until it won't go any further, then bend it to snap it
  5. Conical Plastic Anchors Light-duty wall anchor used with a sheet metal or wood screw in drywall,concrete or hollow brick. • Material: Plastic • Diameters: #6 thru 1/4 • Lengths: 3/4 thru 1-3/8 Machine Screw Lead Anchors Light to medium-duty anchor used with a setting tool and a coarse thread bolt in brick, block, or concrete

10-14 x 1 Lead Screw Anchor 5/16 Drill Size. Fastenal Part No. (SKU) These lead alloy anchors are for use in concrete, block or brick. Use in conjunction with sheet metal or wood screws. Supply Chain Availability Available. The first move is to remove any screws to access the anchor, and then proceed with a method best suited to the particular type of fastener. Threaded plastic, cone-shaped, or expanding anchors can.

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Woodscrew anchors are designated by the size screw they are used with and the length which is measured from end to end. Wood screws. Screws with a smooth shank and tapered point for use in wood. Screws with large threads for use in sheet metal sometimes also used in plastic, fiberglass, or wood. See also; Safety glasses The anchor won't function properly unless this is done, even though it might feel strong when it's screwed in. The wings are pulled firmly against the wall after the screw is installed. Plastic anchors should be installed carefully to prevent them from being damaged. They can hold between 25 and 35 pounds each when used in drywall

A wall plug (UK English), also known as an anchor (US) or Rawlplug (UK), is a fibre or plastic (originally wood) insert used to enable the attachment of a screw in material that is porous or brittle or that would otherwise not support the weight of the object attached with the screw. It is a type of anchor that, for example, allows screws to be fitted into masonry walls A drop-in anchor is a two-piece, internally threaded expansion anchor with four equally-spaced longitudinal slots extending from the bottom end of the outer shield, inside of which sits a pre-assembled dilating plug. The bottom lip of the drop-in anchor is tapered This anchor set is perfect for mounting a wide variety of objects in drywall and other surfaces where simple fasteners are impractical. This set includes six sizes of sturdy polyethylene wall anchors. Simply drill a hole the same size as your wall anchor, push the anchor in and insert a screw into the anchor Select the proper anchor screw. This can only be done if you know ahead of time what type of material the anchor will be screwed into, the approximate weight of the object being hung, and angle of the anchor (as in the case of a ceiling). Plaster wall: anything under 20-pounds can be hung with a plastic expansion anchor.Use a molly bolt for anything weighing more than 20-pounds

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330pc CHIP BOARD SCREW ASSORTMENT. Contains 12 Popular Sizes. Plastic Anchor: #5 26pcs #6 16pcs #7 8pcs. Wood Screws: #4x11 50pcs #6x16 40pcs #6x25 20pcs #10x32 10pcs. Fiber Nails: #3x16 65pcs #3.5x16 40pcs #3x20 20pcs #3.5x25 20pcs #4x30 15pcs. Set Comes Complete In Plastic Storage Container. THANKS FOR LOOKIN HOW TO ANCHOR GREENHOUSE PLASTIC : Materials used to anchor greenhouse plastic. The Tools Needed to anchor greenhouse includes a ladder, Hacksaw, Hammer, PVC pipes, staple, plastic-material, some Wood lath, Nails and a pair of scissors. These materials have their specific uses, though they can be replaced by a close substitute Hollow wall anchors are made of high quality plastic and used with galvanized screws to give you a better use experience. Product details: screws -- 30pcs Hollow wall anchors -- 30pcs Instructions for use: 1. Mark where anchor points need to be installed 2. Insert the wall anchor into the hole 3. Turn the screw into the anchor

Expansion Fasteners & Concrete Masonry Anchors Expansion Bolts and Masonry Anchors Come In All Styles and Purposes. Some of the Most Common Types of Anchoring Fasteners Include Expansion Wedge Anchors, Lag Shields, Drop In Anchors, Hammer Drive Anchors, Sleeve Anchors, Plastic Conical Anchors, and Expansion Machine Screw Anchors How to Properly Anchor a Shed: The Only Guide You Need Drill or dig the holes, tamp some gravel into the bottom. Slide a sonotube in to form it up. Level it to the needed height, and fill it with concrete. Set a galvanized anchor bracket in before the concrete sets. Align and level the brackets and you're all set to secure your shed For Wood, Vinyl or Aluminum siding, drill a 1/4 diameter hole through just the siding. Be careful not to drill into the wall. For a Wood wall, drill a 1/8 diameter hole, 1 ¾deep into the wall. For a Masonry or Brick wall, obtain a screw anchor for a #10 screw. Follow installation instructions given by the anchor manufacturer E-Z Ancor® E-Z Ancor® Twist N Lock #8 Self-Drilling Nylon Drywall Anchors Screws, Heavy Duty, 10pcs . E-Z Ancor® Twist N Lock Self-Drilling Anchors are designed for optimal holding in drywall (gypsum). Deep threads provide strong engagement in 3/8, 1/2 and 5/8 wallboards. Twist N Lock design splits and grips easily and provides a strong hold Screws and fasteners View All > Screws. Furniture Assembly. Bolts, Nuts and Washers . Anchors Anchors Anchors View All > Hollow Wall Anchors. Universal Anchors. Masonry Anchors. Hollow Door Anchors. Concrete Concrete View All > Wood Railing and Stair. Material. Hot-Dip Galvanized Steel. Stainless Steel 18/8

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  1. The anchor is made from strong ABS and features a 15-inch shaft with a screw-like tip for easy installation. The opening can be adjusted to fit any pole with a diameter of 1.5 inches or less. At 12.2 ounces, the anchor is also lightweight enough to throw in your beach bag or tackle box without noticing the difference
  2. Insert a screw into the anchor and tighten it with a drill with a screwdriver bit or use a screwdriver. Leave the head sticking out of the stucco far enough to accommodate what you want to hang from the screw, such as wire or a plant hanger
  3. The screw will expand the sides of the anchor out, securing it in the wall. Toggle-Style Anchors A butterfly or toggle bolt has wings that open once behind a wall, securing it in place
  4. Compare E-Z Anchor #8 Twist-N-Lock Drywall Anchor with Screws - Plastic - 225pc . E-Z Ancor® E-Z Anchor #8 Twist-N-Lock Drywall Anchor with Screws - Plastic - 225pc (9) $61 And. 24 Cents / each. Compare 8-12x1-1/4-inch Yellow Plastic Anchors with Screws - 10pc . More Options Available
  5. In this case, no need for an anchor. Use a coarse drywall screw and secure directly into the stud instead. Sink A Self-Drilling (Threaded) Anchor. Mark your hanging point with a pencil; Tap the pointed tip of the anchor into the wall with a hammer; Once the tip is in the drywall, with a screwdriver, screw the anchor in until it's flush to the.

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  1. Instead of having to find the right screws to match the drywall anchors, the Quallihome 200-piece kit includes 100 #10 x12 x 1-inch anchors, 100 #10 x 1¼-inch screws, and a ¼ x 4-inch masonry drill bit. The sturdy plastic case has two compartments, so you can keep your anchors and screws fully organized for quick access. Pros. High qualit
  2. When screws stop holding within a wood joint, it is usually because the wood fibers around the screw threads have torn away for some reason. Screwed joints get their strength because of the way the threads wedge themselves into the wood fibers, and if wear-and-tear or sudden stress on the joint causes those wood fibers to tear free, the result is a failed connection
  3. Three points nylon speed anchors: E8/14*41mm 50 Pcs. Self tapping screws: #8*1-1/4 50 Pcs. 2. Usage method:. a.Place #2 Phillips screwdriver into recess of the anchor. b. Press into drywall while turning the anchor clockwise until it is seated flush with wall. *A pre-drilled 6mm hole may be required for denser plasterboards. c. Place fixture.
  4. While standard self-drilling plastic anchors can safely hold up to 50 pounds, the still have relatively low pull-out force. To combat this, the best drywall anchors for medium-heavy items actually split (on purpose) once you insert the screw. These anchors support as much as 75 pounds per anchor

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Hold the nut and insert the anchor body through the products hole and into the base material. Tap the anchor with a hammer until the nut and washer are flush with the fixing. Hand tighten the nut firstly. Once installed with a tool, sleeve anchors can't be removed so it's important to hand tighten first to make sure you're happy with the. Insert the anchor into the hole, threaded cone end first. Insert the setting tool into the anchor and strike with a hammer until the lip of the setting tool meets the top of the Machine Screw Anchor. Set the fixture over the anchor and insert the properly sized machine screw or machine threaded bolt through the fixture and into the anchor Grattan Fastening Products | 12825 Carmentia Rd., Santa Fe Springs, CA 9067 For even more load-bearing capacity, the WingIts - Master Anchor uses a set of three plastic legs to spread force evenly over a wide area. The legs are flexible, so they also absorb more shock than other fasteners without slipping. If you need to mount a grab rail, television, or some other piece of hardware that absolutely has to be secure, drilling into wooden studs is always a must Plastic screw anchors are some of the most common wall anchors, and they can perform well for many small jobs. Our expandable plastic screw anchors come in a variety of shapes, sizes and colors with larger options accepting larger screws to give you a little extra strength. These plastic screws anchors, like all anchors, are best used when you.

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DAP Plastic Wood Solvent Professional Wood Filler dries fast and hard providing strong nail and screw anchoring without splitting. Ideal for repairing furniture, doors, paneling, molding, plywood, and other wood surfaces. Available in several popular wood shades, and also stainable to match any wood shade. * When compared to white pine Hillman 6-8 x 3/4 in. Blue Conical Plastic Anchor with Pan-Head Screws and PHP/SMS, 5061. SKU: 107132199 Product Rating is 0 0 (0) See price at checkout Was Save Free In Store Pickup Same Day Delivery Eligible Compare Find in Stores 444978 [ ] { } Hillman #10-12 x 1 in. Blue Ribbed Plastic Anchor with Screw, 41404.

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  1. Reusable plastic case; For use in light duty hanging; Combination hex, philips and slotted head; Plastic anchor with collar; For use with concrete, block, stucco, wood, stone, drywall, and more; Plastic anchor with collar; Multi-purpose anchor ki
  2. Screw Anchors are suitable for use in vacuum and rotational moulding applications as its flexible grip range can accommodate fluctuation in the moulding process, sometimes known as Jack Nuts Jack Nut - Screw Anchor Packs of 10
  3. Hohmann & Barnard's Thermal 2-Seal™ Wing Nut (for metal stud) and Thermal Concrete 2-Seal™ Wing Nut (for concrete, CMU, wood stud construction) Anchors are innovative single screw veneer ties. .The anchor features a dual-diameter barrel with factory-installed EPDM washers that seal the face of the insulation AND the air/vapor barrier, and unique Thermal Wings that are designed to decrease.
  4. Plastic Panel Fasteners Press-Loc Thumb Screw Knobs Strain Reliefs Threaded Products Wall Anchors Washers, Spacers and Insulators Wire Positioning Xmas Tree Clips Plastite® Precision Shoulder Screws REMFORM® Screws Rivets Screw Machine Products Sex Bolt Spacers Spring Steel Fasteners Stampings Standoffs TE-CO Spring Plunger Products Thread.

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We also have many anchors ideal for heavy-duty concrete and masonry projects. Our selection of anchoring adhesives and accessories will ensure your heavy-duty masonry and concrete projects will have a strong bond. Anchor bolts are used to securely attach structures to concrete. Lag shields and expansion shield anchors are designed to anchor lag screws into concrete, brick and block Fixing of loose screws may always seem to fail for being tedious. For this; you can use the wood anchor of screw-it-again which has a threaded body to penetrate wood without breaking as it expands for a superior grip. Its tapered design will let you fix any stripped hole for screw sizes from number two to sixteen Plastic & Nylon Fasteners - wide range in stock including plugs, cable ties, cap nuts, spacers and screws. Custom sizes to order and we also manufacture special products to customer drawings. Worldwide delivery from leading UK suppliers of standard and security fasteners

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Wood Screw Anchors used with wood screws, lags and tapping screws for light duty applications in brick, block, drywall, masonry and concrete. Lead wood screw anchors can be used in solid masonry and concrete, ideal for shallow hold anchoring. Lead wood screw anchors can be used in solid masonry and concrete, ideal for shallow hold anchoring. As it expands, lead flows into any irregularities in. - The flexibility of the plastic composition of the anchor acts as a cushion against wall gouging or breakage. - For all of the TOGGLER plastic toggle anchors, use a 5/16 drill bit. In very hard materials, like ceramic tile, use a 3/8 drill bit. - Where a drill is not available, a #3 blade (1/4) screwdriver, when rotated, will make a 5/1 In less than 1 minute you can repair loose or stripped screw holes utilizing our Screw-It-Again™ Wood anchors (Watch How it Works). It was voted Product of the Year during the 2019 DIY Awards week held in Europe and it has earned the Judges Choice Awards as well in the same week. Try our new, Screw-It-Again™ Masonry Anchors plastic screw anchors. plastic toggle anchors. sleeve anchors. snap toggle anchors. spike anchors. split drive anchors. toggle bolts, toggle wings. wedge anchors, inch. wood / deck screws stainless. counterbore screws. thumb screws. square head set screws. screw driving accessories. magnetic bit holder. phillips insert bits

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  1. R-OCR-55/63 Zinc flake self-drilling screws up to 6mm; R-ONR-55/63 Zinc flake self drilling screws for composite panels; R-ORR-63/70 Zinc flake self-drilling screws for composite panels up to 18mm; R-OTR-63/70 Zinc flake self-drilling screws for composite panels to concrete and timbe
  2. plastic anchors. concrete screws (tapcon style) lead wood screw anchors. tie wire acoustical eye screws. stud assemblies. wej-it ® epoxy anchors and accessories. epoxy screens. wej-it ® cracked concrete seismic anchors. wej-it ® center pin drive anchors. wej-it ® power-drop wedge anchors
  3. The best affordable tile screws are made from stainless steel. This material is naturally rust-resistant throughout the entire piece. When the plastic anchor forms around it during your installation, it creates a waterproof seal (if done correctly) that protects your wall, floor, or backsplash. Stainless steel screws and anchors set
  4. No. Wood filler has no structural capacity. It's only cosmetic. If you are looking to fix a stripped screw hole, take some small pieces of wood, some white PVA glue, and dump a bunch of glue in the hole, then jam in the pieces of wood. Matchsticks..
  5. Plastic Wood All Purpose and Plastic Wood-X can be used for both interior and exterior wood repairs. Make sure to paint or coat exterior wood repairs for long-term durability. Overfill the Repair Slightly. Overfill the repair slightly when applying the wood filler so you can sand it down to a smooth, flat finish when dry
Toggle Bolt, Home DepotNail-in anchorsMount a Screw in a Hollow Door - Extreme How-To BlogHow to Hang Your Art - Learn how to safely and securelyInstalling a Vinyl Stair RailingSelfdrilling screw for hard wood MDF

CLOSER LOOK INSIDE THE WOOD POST ANCHOR. Use with 4x4, 4x6, 6x6, 8x8 wood posts on wood or composite decks, stairs, patios, concrete or any other hard surfaces. You're going to love it. Attention: The 8 deck screws that are sold separately are for wood or composite surfaces, not concrete. Please use either Tapcon or GRK concrete screws, sold. Anchor screws can be used for wood, concrete, and masonry. These screw in anchors require no prespotted holes, resist vibration, and can be used in cracked or uncracked concrete WOOD HARDW ARE Once the bracket position is determined, use the bracket mount as a guide to mark the location on the wall for anchors or screws (see illus 1B). If using plastic expansion anchors, pre-drill holes using 3/16 drill bit. If drilling directly into a stud or wood trim, pre-drill holes using 3/32 drill bit. Attach the mountin 15 Pack 5/16 Long Lag Screw Shields. COBRA ANCHORS. # 2184-445. 2 Pack 3/8 Short Lag Screw Shields. COBRA ANCHORS. # 2184-426. 10 Pack 3/8 Long Lag Screw Shields. COBRA ANCHORS. # 2184-448