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Remove all lingering glitter bits with scotch tape or a lint roller. To clean those final, pesky bits of glitter, use the scotch tape method to remove glitter from the floor, or use a lint roller to swipe the area clean. This method also works for removing stray glitter or smaller spills from furniture or other home surfaces How can I remove the scattered glitter from floor, carpet and furniture. Use a sticky lint brush roller. I would vacuum what I can and use a microfiber rag for the rest. I would consider the simplest to be getting a hand vacuum to clean up the glitter. A vacuum with really good suction, even a shopvac should pick up most of it from floors and.

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To clean glitter from hard surfaces like tables, wooden floors, desktops and countertops, professionals who deal with glitter on a daily basis, like elementary school art teachers and salon nail technicians, recommend using a damp sponge and large bowl of water About Press Copyright Contact us Creators Advertise Developers Terms Privacy Policy & Safety How YouTube works Test new features Press Copyright Contact us Creators.

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Get your life together with the Nifty Organization Journal: bit.ly/2AYkXm2Here is what you'll need!On skin: Apply generous amount of lotion on glittered area.. Removing Glitter with a Damp Cloth Once you've picked up the majority of glitter that's been spilled with your lint roller or vacuum, you can use a microfiber cloth to deal with any straggling sparkles. Lightly dampen the cloth and pat it on shimmery surfaces until all the glitter pieces have been removed Adjust your vacuum's roller for the carpet or rug pile for best results. Go over the floor from several angles to pick up the most glitter. Don't just vacuum where you can see glitter; expand to a couple feet beyond the visible areas so you catch all the little pieces. Use attachments or the hand-held option as needed for smaller areas Removing Glitter Glue from a Hard Surface Step 1 Soak a clean cloth with warm water and dish detergent. Apply it to the glue glitter stain Use a wet cloth on tile and hardwood flooring. Get as much of the glitter up as you can by using your broom. Be sure to rinse your broom bristles out later - otherwise, the glitter will spread. Then soak a cloth with water and wipe down the flooring

Wrap some tape around your fingers with the sticky side facing out. Pat the glittered area with the tape to get the glitter off of your carpet. If you still have glitter on your floor get a wet paper towel. Dabbing the carpet with a wet paper towel should help get rid of any glitter that is left on your carpet The best way to get tiny items off of a hard surface floor is a tool made for tiny spaces and objects. Suck up glitter from tile, stone, vinyl plank, and hardwood floors with the crevice attachment tool on your vacuum. Alternatively, you can use a small handheld vacuum or broom followed with a wet cloth to stick to and grab any stubborn pieces Removing glitter from carpet or furniture You have a couple of options with glitter on carpet or furniture: embrace it as a style statement, or try this: Start by vacuuming, but expect to have to go over and over the same area - the edges on glitter make it a sticky little sucker If your glitter is extremely concentrated you may need to use a lint roller or masking tape to get the glitter off before vacuuming. How to Dispose of Glitter on Hard Surfaces. If you have glitter on hard surfaces like tables, wooden floors, desktops, or countertops some elbow grease will normally do the trick

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  1. Wipe it off with coconut oil and a cotton ball. Real Simple 's Home Director, Betsy Goldberg, adds: When my kids spill art-project glitter on the floor, I use a dustbuster and then wipe the surface with a wet cloth at the end. It gets the bulk of it up but not every single bit, so you have to be okay with seeing a sparkle every so often.
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  3. The hard truth about glitter is that after you've had your fun with it, it is famously hard to remove from your clothes, your house, and yourself—so we turned to the experts and the Internet.
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Glitter flecks can be quite hard to remove, and tiny specks tend to be missed, especially when it is split on a carpet. Carpet : Hoover up the glitter with a small shop vac attachment which will. Unlike carpets, removing glitter from tile and wood floors is a bit different. Start by using a broom to remove as much glitter as you can, especially if you've dropped a pile of it onto the floor. You'll want to rinse the broom after! A broom should suffice but you can also use a vacuum if it's easier for you Pulling floor decals off at 90 degrees makes adhesive residue more likely. Custom floor decals are intended as temporary floor signage. Custom floor decals that have been installed longer than 12 months may be harder to remove as the adhesive hardens over time. Any remaining adhesive may be removed with a product like Goof Off

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Because acetone can remove finishes, it is important to test a small, hidden tile first to ensure there are no damaging effects to the surface. If the acetone is not safe fkr your surface, use isopropyl alcohol instead. Begin by cleaning the area as normal and drying thoroughly. Apply acetone or alcohol to the glue and allow it to sit If glitter glue was found stuck to a carpet, use a tool with a dull edge to lift away as much of the glue stain as possible. Then mix a solution of oxygen bleach and warm water. Saturate the stained area and allow the solution to work for at least one hour. After an hour, wipe away with a clean dry cloth Mix together ¼ cup of vinegar and four cups of water into the spray bottle and douse the glue stains with the mix. Let the mix sit on the floor for nearly a minute, and then wipe it away with the clothes that you gathered together First, skip the nail polish remover. It can ruin the finish of hardwood floors and wooden furniture. Instead of nail polish remover, use rubbing or denatured alcohol. Depending on the type of wood, its finish, and other factors, you may also need some fine steel wool to remove all the nail polish. How to Remove Nail Polish From Woo Removing glitter from carpet or furniture You have a couple of options with glitter on carpet or furniture: embrace it as a style statement, or try this: Start by vacuuming, but expect to have to go over and over the same area - the edges on glitter make it a sticky little sucker

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  1. Of course, if you don't spill your beauty products on the floor, you won't have to worry about how to remove eye makeup from carpet in the first place. Therefore, it's a good idea to lay a towel or old sheet down under your mirror or vanity area
  2. How to Remove Slime from Walls. While it is easy enough to scrape slime from a hard surface, the dyes still may leave a lasting impression. Mixing a paste of baking soda and water with a small amount of vinegar. Dab the paste directly on top of the stain and let dry. Protect your floor with towels and wipe up any drips right away
  3. Glitter tends to stick to your skin, tabletops, carpet, or pretty much anything it comes into contact with. Inevitably, as you try to clean up glitter, you begin to ask yourself why it sticks to everything and is so difficult to remove. To answer this sticky situation, we turn to our friends at Live Science. Glitter made of various substances.
  4. An ice cube can be used to remove glue from carpet. Warm vinegar may help remove glue from wooden surfaces. Steam will help remove glue from wallpaper backing. Glue. Cotton balls are helpful when cleaning. Rubbing alcohol may help remove glue from a surface. An X-acto knife can be used to scrape off dried glue

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  1. The dining room floor, with it's intense amount of super sticky glue, took about fifteen hours to scrape. Step One of Operation Reclaim Floors is complete. And, as my husband says, after all this, I'd better love those floors. It'll be worth it in the end, right? On to the next step: Step 2-- Sanding Hardwood Floors Using a Drum Sander RELATED.
  2. Easily Remove Dried Hot Glue (aka Hot Melt): In this video I will show you how to cleanly (and easily) remove hot glue (aka hotmelt) from nearly any surface. I literally stumbled on this while working with hot glue over 20 years ago at a previous job. It ended up being a &q
  3. Remove the plastic wrap and solvent-soaked paper towel. Gently scrape away the glue with a utensil or putty knife. If it is soft enough, it may be possible to wipe or blot it up with a soft cloth. A razor can be used as well, but be sure to use great caution not to damage the surface of the tile. Repeat as necessary until all of the glue is.

How to remove paint from tile depends on the extent and tenacity of the paint in question—but we've got 3 methods that'll get the job done. Expert advice from Bob Vila, the most trusted name in. 3. Seal the slate tile with a stone sealer. Stone sealers are available at hardware stores. Use a mop to apply the sealer and cover the entire floor. Allow it to dry completely before walking on. Techniques for removing glitter glue from washable fabrics vary, depending on if the glue is wet or has dried. See instructions below. Remove Excess Glue . If the glue is dry, use a dull knife or the edge of a plastic credit card to remove as much of the dried glue as possible, then treat following the next steps, which are used for wet glue.. The process used for removing Rust-Oleum is similar to removing any other type of paint and allows your new coat of Rust-Oleum to look fresh. Advertisement Step 1 Spray household cleaner over the entire surface and wipe it down with a scrub brush. Remove any dirt, grease or other debris from the area When dry cleaning isn't enough to remove dirt and debris from your floors, it's time to step up to a wet cleaning solution, but do so with care. Laminate flooring isn't the type of product that you can wet mops like vinyl or tile. Instead, it must be cleaned while slightly damp but not soaking

After letting it sit, remove the towels and rub the remaining layers of glue off. If there are still a few pesky spots left, you can use a spatula or floor scraper to gently remove the remainder. 4. Heat Gun. As seen in the tip mentioned above, the use of heat is a great way to remove glue from wood. This tip expands upon the third method by. The Best Thing to Use for Removing Mod Podge. My overall choice, however, would be the dish soap and water combo. 1. It is safe on almost any material. 2. It doesn't smell yucky 2. It's something you can find in pretty much every sink area in North America Behold: My easy trick for removing glitter (or really dark) nail polish in just one swipe. Here, this nail is encrusted in about 8 coats of OPI The Living Daylights (I wanted to make the sequins.

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The removal technique that will work best largely depends on what you used the epoxy for, but here are some guidelines you can follow. Removing Epoxy Adhesive on Skin 1. Vinegar. Source vinegar on Amazon. You can use vinegar to remove cured epoxy adhesive from your skin Steps to Clean up the Glitter: If the glitter is sticking to the surface, use a dryer sheet to sweep it into a pile. Use a vacuum hose to pick up the pile of glitter or the bulk of a glitter spill on a carpet. Use a lint roller to remove the remaining bulk of the glitter from any surface In fact, concrete grinding contractors normally charge around $0.75-$2 per square foot for light concrete sanding. This makes the floor ready to install a new floor covering. Moreover, check out the ranges for different types of glues or mastic removal: A thin layer of epoxy paint, VCT glue, or mastic: $1 to $1.2 per square foot

Clothes: Glitter can haunt you for months, says makeup artist Troy Surratt. If any of it transfers to his clothes or furniture while he's working, he uses a masking-tape lint roller to remove. DIY Remove Black Stains from Hardwood Floors. October 24, 2013. This blog is coming to you by accident, of course. I don't know if I've mentioned it much on this blog, but I have two pitbulls. I know, a lot to handle, and one of them is a puppy. She is horrible sometimes, but I can't help but love her Our Self Install Kits include your entire floor cut down, labeled and ready to install. Our industrial latex printed floors are gloss laminated offering amazing shine and durability and with our 9mil thickness makes installation a breeze to install. Our dance floor wraps all have a low tack adhesive making removal of the wrap very easy to remove How to remove glue from concrete. All-purpose adhesives, like Loctite Go2 Glue, create durable, water-resistant bonds with concrete. Barring a precise application, you might end up with unwanted glue on your concrete. Fear not, removing the glue is easy. Begin by physically removing the hardened glue with a putty knife, or similar dull edge

Soap scum is chemcally calicium salt of fatty acid, which gets formed when soap reacts with Calcium present in Hard Water. Use baking soda solution if you want generic answer, else there are many marketed products available for this like Harpic Ba.. Slime recipes vary due to their immense popularity, and you can get everything from traditional green slime to glitter-infused ones. However, along with the slime comes carpet stains that can be difficult to treat. How to Get Slime Out of Carpet. The easiest way to remove slime from your carpet is to use vinegar and warm water Step 1 - Clean the Small Spots. Pick up some adhesive remover on Amazon. Continue reading below Our Video of the Day. If there's just a small spot of glue on the tile, you can use nail polish remover to remove it. Put some of the liquid on a cloth and rub the spot. It will soften the glue and afterwards you should be able to remove it by. You can fix this, though, by removing the object with a pair of tweezers, or with a wooden stick, while the epoxy is still wet. How to fix an uneven epoxy finish . An uneven hardening of your epoxy resin can lead to dull, or even tacky spots. To fix an uneven epoxy finish, wait until the epoxy has dried thoroughly, and then sand it lightly with.

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Just because you make a mistake applying heat transfer vinyl to a shirt doesn't mean you can't remove it with the proper tools. In today's video we're going to show you what the process of fixing that mistake and saving that garment with our Stahls'® Letter Remover Solvent. With this product you won't have to add another shirt to the discount line or rag pile by simply being able to remove. Photo about: How to Remove Iron On Vinyl, Title: How To Remove Iron On Vinyl 11 Lovable Lightweight Hardwood Floor Vacuum Reviews, Description:. , Tags: how to end a letter,how to kill a bird,how to kiss,how to make money online,how to pet a cat, Resolution: 853px x 1280p It is even safe to paint your baby or toddler's piggies. Also, safe to use during pregnancy. How large is a bottle of Piggy Paint Nail Polish and Remover? Piggy Paint Nail Polish is the size of a normal bottle of polish (0.5 fl. oz./15 ml), yet has a skinny brush that works well on small nails. Our remover is 4 fl. oz./120 ml Reuse a dryer sheet to remove stubborn glitter nail polish with less scrubbing. All the glitter will slide right out and your hair will be Pass a lint roller over a glitter spill on the floor

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Loose pigments are a recipe for tent-floor disaster. So if you're planning on sleeping in there for a week, use a brush to minimise mess. Sophia from Go Get Glitter suggests applying your adhesive first and then dabbing the glitter on top with a brush. The glitter will stick immediately and there won't be much fall-out Using grinding as a Surface Preparation, we can remove any old flooring, like epoxy, black mastic, vinyl tiles adhesive. Concrete grinding can level the slab below and, at the same time, create a perfect surface for a new floor. In fact, sometimes, you need to remove old residues of adhesive after scraping an old vinyl floor The concrete floor was finely coated with what appeared to be crushed moonbeams. The forklift winked with shiny crimson flecks. Because glitter is difficult to remove completely from an area. Some folks use Mod Podge, others used floor finish, polyurethane, or even regular Elmer's Glue. However, most of them failed to mention anything about how their newly-glittered vases hold up with normal use, let alone when housing water, so it was time to do a little experimenting of my own. To transport all the extra glitter back into. How to Remove Epoxy from Wood or Concrete. Floor finishing with epoxy is a popular use of the product, but sometimes the resin can get in places it's not supposed to go.Avoid alcohol and paint.

Removing grout from the tile surface is easiest to do when the material is still wet. If this is the case, you only have to use a damp sponge to wipe off the grout. However, because the grout dries so quickly, some people need to know how to remove dried grout from tile. There are a few solutions available for you to consider How to remove popcorn ceiling When we first looked at the house we now live in, we looked up at the ceiling and were a little taken aback by the sparkles. There are little flakes of glitter embedded in that popcorn-looking texture coating that can be blown onto ceilings to hide flaws Apr 15, 2017 - Explore Gill Ward's board Adhesive removers on Pinterest. See more ideas about adhesive, how to remove adhesive, how to remove They will not only remove the glitter, but also the protective finish coat from your tableHow can you remove glitter from a wood table? It will come off with a sander or sand paper. You can also try using oven cleaner on it. Googone. Or sandpaper and polish. Googone is better, though. Remove the wood first and then the glitter will no longer be.

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Can you remove glitter from Tumbler? Make sure the case (or whatever you are de-glittering) is submerged completely in the water. After it has set for at least 8 hours, you should be good to pull all of the glitter off. Can I glitter over epoxy? There are several ways to add glitter to a custom tumbler - I went with the Mod Podge method Dust tends to get muddy and cleaning wet hair from the floor is like cleaning glitter - a huge headache! Save yourself some time by taking care of this upfront. Bonus Tip: Grab a razor blade to easily remove hair that may be caught on the drain. You'll want to do this before cleaning to make sure water flows freely down the drain while. The glitter in the paint catches the sun and gives a little sparkle effect almost like they were granite not concrete slabs. Sadly it is only visible in full sun and that's when the camera doesn't really like to cooperate with me nor with my plans (so you just have to trust me on that) Best vacuum cleaners 2020: find the best buys at the best prices; 2. Start to clean the slime out of the carpet. There are various different cleaning solutions you can use to remove the slime - but always do a patch test first to ensure what you use doesn't damage the carpet (we suggest trying it out on a patch beneath a permanent piece of furniture, such as a bed or sofa)

How to remove mod podge from WOOD: If you like to decoupage on wood but want to get rid of an old design, start with an old wash cloth and water. Soak the cloth in warm water and wring it out, then place it on top of your decoupaged wood surface. Cover the cloth with plastic wrap and put something heavy on top, like a stack of books or a box Instead, use our 30 grit DNA Satellite pad on the bottom of a low speed buffer or propane burnisher and run the pad wet. This pad will minimize the deep scratch and also leave its own profile in the floor that allows the sealer to bite. YouTube. Concrete Floor Supply. 884 subscribers The Results of My Painted Vinyl Floor DIY: We decided to forgo the glitter top coat. The folks at the paint store did some testing, and in the end it was a problem with the paint and clear coat. They provided another gallon of clear coat free of charge, but I never did tackle the glitter floor because in the meantime, the solid grey really grew. About XPS & Subscribe. By guaranteeing a floor for life, Xtreme Polishing Systems specializes in turn-key, one-stop-shop products including floor grinding machines, floor polishing machines, diamond polishing pads, concrete densifiers, concrete sealers, epoxy resin coatings and protective urethane topcoats, concrete dyes, stains, and much more to assist you in completing a concrete floor from. Whether it be oil based or water based gently scrape the heaviest of the paint from the tile with a sharp paint scraper or a new Stanley knife blade , then using a cloth and thinner for oil based and water for water soluble paints such as emulsion..

Use On - Adhesive, gum, crayon, crazy glitter, glue and more from tables, floors, counter-tops and glass Removes Glue & Tape - Excellent for removing tape from your surfaces New (21) from $4.52 FREE Shipping on orders over $25.00 shipped by Amazon Removing everyone's favorite molding clay from your child's tresses is super simple and painless. We like this variation from eHow: Comb the hair out until you get to the play dough. Pour some hot water into a bowl and add a little dish soap. Soak a washcloth in the hot, soapy water and then use it to grasp the clay Apply Furniture Polish. After you've manually removed excess adhesive from the wood surface, try furniture polish to remove the glue. Spray the polish directly on the sticky stuff and gently rub it with a cloth. It might help lift the adhesive or glue off, and you'll be done with the task. The Spruce / Ulyana Verbytska Cut Away the Grout. For small areas, use a grout removal tool with a carbide blade. The blade is harder than the grout and will cut it away (Image 1). For much larger areas, use a rotary tool (Image 2). Make sure the bit is the right size for the space between the tiles, and adjust the bit to the proper depth. Work slowly (Image 3) The orbital sanders are also suitable to remove paint from hardwood floors, plain door frames, or even metal surfaces. If the project is a molded baseboard, it will need to use chemical paint stripper so the sanding process will not destroy its contours. 2. Prepare Surface of Sanding Project

July 28 at 2:37 PM ·. Removing Popcorn Ceiling Texture?? It looks like cottage cheese & you should. Unless it has glitter. If it does, leave that lay! #GlitterMakesBetter 1. If the crack stretches to the edge, take a saw and cut along the crack (or on either side and remove the piece cut out). If it is in the center of the piece, cut into it with a saw, router, chisel, or dremel and hollow out the area of the crack. 2. once it is a hollow area where the crack is/was, you are able to sand and pour just like.

Citra Peel is a nonflammable, water based acrylic coating remover for use on concrete floors, paving blocks, etc. to safely remove the acrylic sealer. It's low odor is ideal for interior use and Citra Peel's should be used to strip off old acrylic sealers. If a color change is desired on concrete, like that of our Acid Stain System; Citra. Be sure to remove all oil stains from the floor. Even an old, seemingly not dangerous stain may jeopardize the whole process. Oil won't allow for a good grip between the surface and your sealant. Use paper towels to remove excess moisture and cleaner residue. If using a drying cleaner, skip this step

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Posh floors Ltd is one of the premier floor restoration and maintenance companies that render its restoration, cleaning and polishing services for all the types of natural and man made stone surfaces. Our working location is the destination where your search for a result-oriented and professional cleaner comes to an end It's fairly easy to do, though. Simply mist water and white vinegar in a spray bottle and spray the mixture lightly in the floor. Use a microfiber dust mop to buff the floor up and keep it looking shiny. Cleaning The Grout. You may have shiny tiles, but if the grout's dirty, it's going to affect the whole look of the tiled surface

Step 2—Scrub Grout. Using a microfiber type mop or hand brush, scrub the grout. Use a solution of warm water and a neutral cleaner. Stay away from bleaches as well as cleaners with a high acidic or pH level. This will not only ruin the grout but also ruin the travertine floor. An excess of cleaning solution on the floor will also streak the. First, identify the kind of material that got stained. Then use these stain removal methods to get rid of glue spots: Advertisement. Non-washable fabrics such as Acetate, Fiberglass, Rayon, Silk, Triacetate and Wool. Washable fabrics such as Acrylic Fabric, Cotton, Linen, Modacrylic, Olefin, Polyester, Rayon and Spandex Rust-Oleum Specialty 1 qt. Iridescent Clear Glitter Interior Paint (2-Pack) Model# 323860. (65) $ 43 16. /case. $ 43 16. /case. Free delivery. Set your store to see local Instructions. Spray the floor with a 1:1 ratio of water and Neutra-clean in a plastic sprayer. Spray the floor with water and scrub it with a push broom. Use a shop-vac to remove any water. Repeat the process until the floor is clean and remove as much water as possible. Let the floor dry completely

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A bottle of tangerine nail polish recently jumped from its shelf in the medicine cabinet, breaking and splashing the (fake marble) floor, (white painted) walls, and (fluffy neutral) bath mat in. Clean glitter off carpets. This stops the pieces getting caught in the brush portion of your vacuum head, and it going back onto the floor next time you use it. Remove sticky tape from carpets Removing Glitter Nail Polish. Every time we paint our nails with glitter nail polish , we love it until it comes time to remove it. To save yourself frustration and hassle, try the tin foil trick After 24 hours, you'll notice that a light haze has appeared over your recently grouted area. Using a fresh sponge, repeat the process of cleaning your tiles once more to remove any excess. The process of cleaning grout haze can take a day or two, but don't worry — that haze won't stick to your tiles

How to Avoid 'Hot Tire Pickup'. Good preparation is essential when installing an epoxy floor. The concrete needs to be clean and free of any contaminants such as oil grease, paint and dirt. It also needs to have been profiled with a mechanical grinder to ensure that the concrete surface is open. Epoxy needs to mechanically bond to the. Remove all the firewood and logs from your home. Keep your yard clean and remove dried leaves and organic debris from the grass. Furthermore, keep your yard maintained ad trim overgrown foliage regularly. Reduce clutter from the house by removing extra piles of old papers, newspapers, cardboard boxes, bags etc Pour a small amount of Glitter It or Pledge Floor Care into the glass ornament. Swirl around making sure to wet the entire inside. Pour the remaining liquid out into a cup or sink. 2. Sprinkle and pour a generous amount of glitter inside your glass ornament. You may want to use a small funnel or make a paper cone Step 1: Prepare Your Ornament For Glitter Transformation. In this episode of HGTV's Celebrity Holiday Homes, designer Robin Baron transforms the home of ex-NFL star and CBS Sports Radio Host Tiki Barber, into a holiday wonderland. DIY glitter ornaments step 1: remove the cap from the top of the glass bulb

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To remove loose glitter, you can use a vacuum, but you need to avoid contact between the wand and surface area. Once the first glitter layer is applied and cured, you cannot change it. Another fun idea is to paint your surface with a dark color, which will ensure that the glitter really sparkles brightly in contrast

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